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I am part of this world and the world is part of me. I move around alot,because i like to feel free. My spiritual interests are.... Hard to say.I feel there is more, how to explain. We are one, we people have been mislead for a long time,including myself and now I am busy creating my own world, because I beleave more and more that we create our own reality.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I don't believe I have teachers so much, but I have met inspiring people along my way in life. Good old Dave/lightworker is one of them.. Had some alot of interesting times with him in St.Maarten :) On internet I've searched alot for interesting views of people. David Wilcock, Drunvolo Melkizedic are a few to mention.

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    The Timex2154 is a conceptual watch design that took runner-up in the global watch design competition sponsored by Timex and Core77. First place was a sundial. This particular concept was designed by a stoner (hence the 4:20) and fastens to your nail. You push the end to scroll through the different modes and change your color options. My girlfriend is so stupid she would probably nail polish right over it. Hey Timex, if you decide to manufacture this thing can you do me a favor and make a fingernail calculator too? I'm failing algebra because the teacher doesn't let us use calculators. Well, that, and the guy I chose cheat off of is apparently an idiot
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  • thanks for friendship! <3


  • Hey dear Martin!!! thank you for the friendship!


  • ok Martin welcome aboard my good friend great to see you with us here

    I will make a post about you



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Martin replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Some very big event has yet to happen in 2012... ACC Members what do you think will/or should happen
"I believe we will reach a higher awareness, but I am trying not to wait for it.. I say trying, because i also expecy big thing to happen, but don't want to wait for them, because you might just keep waiting while the world around you changes... We…"
Jun 15, 2012
Martin posted a discussion
Has anyone heard of Jose Silva? Look him up if you like :)He is responsible for bringing out 'the silva methode'.. I have been looking into it and it's pretty interesting.. He has given it away free in the passt so it circulates  on different sites…
Jun 15, 2012
Martin replied to Lightworkersxm's discussion Frequency Tester : The Ultimate Lie Detector : There are limits to this technology from Royal Raymond Rife : Readers contribution requested
"Sounds awesome Dave!
I'm am curious to how this machine works and looks like.? I do get you with seeing who lies and tells the truth.. I believe we are already able to read this if you trust your own intuition. But we hav forgotten how to use it..…"
Jun 15, 2012
Martin replied to Lightworkersxm's discussion Light Workers &amp; starseeds Please welcome my very good friend from Holland, Martin From Utrecht
"I feel very welcome afterall these messages. :)"
May 18, 2012

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