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I'm an Italian guy, almost 22 years old... I've always believed in extraterrestrial life, I've been taking a lot of pictures of the sky since when I was 18. I've also captured on slow motion a small ship, but I've never put it on youtube because I think that it would be useless. I'm purely convinced since when I'm 8 years old (more or less), that I've something different from my other friends and familiars... I feel like i have a task here, but I've never understood what task... When i finally came across some of your videos on youtube, and when i found the site www.ashtarontheroad.com , I've started to make my path brighter... Now, I KNOW what i have to do.. I've always wanted to meet an ET Being, but I've always been conscious that if I met an "Alien" (Hope you don't get it as offensive), I would have fear of it, maybe in the deepest night, so I didn't even try to establish a contact, since i thought i didn't deserve to meet such a High kind of Being.... But Now I AM Ready, or i should say , I Would be ready to meet You, if you will ever allow me to... my Cosmic Brothers ! But what matters now, is that you opened my eyes, and from now on I will be spreading LOVE to every kind of person i meet. I will try not to get angry anymore, i will try to not be feared anymore, I will try to have only 1 thing inside of me, and that is , of course, LOVE for everyone, everything. What else can I say about me? Well, I am a Music lover, a Music player (Piano), and a Golf Player! Peace to Everyone. Namaste, Beloved Ones.

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Marius posted a video
Nature is living just like you all do!You have to Love Her and respect Her :)In the law of Nature, the more you give, the more you're given!Video and Music ...
Nov 2, 2020
Marius replied to Jarvie's discussion December 2012...?
"I think it's when the world's population will discover that we're not alone and finally we will have to live knowing that they're there.
Our government wanted us to believe that there are no other living beings so the strongest one with power on…"
Jul 1, 2010
Marius left a comment for Hindya
"It's wonderful to have met you Hindya!
I Wish you a life full of Love , Happiness and Joy !
Thanks for adding me :)"
Jun 18, 2010
Marius left a comment for Kachina Aimee
"Im very glad to have you as friend, Kachina! Blessings of Love, and stay in Peace with the universe, always!
I see you play piano too! I've been playing that wonderful instrument for 14 years now, and everyday there's still much to learn!!
I wish…"
Jun 14, 2010

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