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Yes i have total belief in GFL,AC etc they are here to guide and inspire us but WE have to do the work..labour of love!

Because of free will,we agreed to incarnate to anchor the light onto Earth.

Its v simple but not easy!Just 3 steps....

1.To raise our individual vibration,stay grounded and connected to source and cleanse our bodies...DAILY!We must BE the change we wish to see.The outer world is a reflection of our inner world,so it makes sense to start from within!


2.To send healing,light and love,to the Earth,the atmosphere and all beings DAILY!One of our biggest threats now are chem trails,we must collectively get rid of them...Violet Flame,prayer,visualisation whatever method is best for us...we must cleanse the outer world.


3.Get actively involved in spreading truth,signing petitions,going on marches etc...being aware of what is going on for better or worse so we can do something about it!


I right all this as a reminder to myself...and a promise to myself that i will do these 3 things daily...many are already doing this work and my wish is that so many people do it that we will reach critical mass and things will shift v quickly...and THEN we will meet our cosmic ancestors!

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