April 29

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I am a 46 year old musician(includes band leader, composer,producer,teacher,sessionplayer and teacher) and full time parent .My interests are music in all forms esp healing sounds,skyview astrology,nature,the Universe in all dimensions,Yoga philosophy,Taoism,mysticism,Buddhism,Gnostic Christianity,Ascended Masters,Wicca,Earth magic,Angels,Nature spirits,meditation,dance,drumming and other natural instruments,frame drum,didg etc reading,mantras,trees and much more!

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My beloved Guruji Subramanium,angels,ascended masters,my children,my friend Ashana who brought me here and Life!In fact i regard everyone and everything as my teacher.

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  • ta for doin' that mate; judging below our mate Jorge was successful, LOL

    ha ur mate bouncers sound well funny, kickin pple up the tosh and them tellin everyone else the goss, thats funny :D  i find it amusing too;lol  but c'mon pple do get lairy once they had a few drinks sumtims.... so sumtyms they do ask for it lol

    is their drinkin restrictions in cz? cant buy alki here after 5pm !!! cant buy alki on a sunday... they hide the ciggies away from kids... man, its like holy heaven, LOL

    england compared is like an anarchy  zone... haha!! still love it tho :) :)

    oh wow, never knew u was part time bouncer too@ gigs; darn.... ur multi skilled ha!

    yay tell me all about judi's book once your done reading it... :)

    hope your havin a great time, msg us when ya back online n tell us all the goss!! :)

    groovy groovy!! lol

  • Hi Marc!

    Thanks a lot for the advise!

    I took it and singed up in soundcloud's page. I just uploaded one of my works, I hope you have the time to listen to it. The link is http://soundcloud.com/orionsmusic I wish you like it.

    I listened to your first three songs, "The Peace of 2012" is beautiful, much relaxing, creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, with the gross sound of the bass that keeps you anchored to the ground. "The Gift of 2012" is much like the first, but the sound of the voice gives it a very intense mood, very beautiful as well. "Now U R Gone" is just another thing, rockish style, which I like too!! I play drums in a band and sing the lead, and our repertoire is made of sixties and seventies' rock by groups as The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, so I liked you song very much. Congratulations!! You're he bass player, aren't you?

    Keep in touch my friend and thanks again.


  • Hi Marco, Star gave me your address because I'm a musician and I'd like her to listen to some excerpts of my music but I don't know how to send her the music files for I'm new on this kind of technology, so she told me to write to you asking for some help in doing so. Could you please help me indicating what to do so she can have a music file of mine? Thanks a lot, and if you'd like to listen to it as well I'll be delighted to send you too.



  • p.s mate im gonna send my friend Jorge to u, to ask how u paste music? cos he's a musician and needs a little help. am not sure. so im refering him to u :) :) :)

    hehe :)

  • p.s hope ur coping with this solar energiessssssss!!

    we got rain over here today, mother gaia is cleansing!! :)

  • hey mate!!

    haha... u cracked me up about london; yeh they chuck pple out of bars for little reasons.... lol i bet cz, is more laidback!!

    ooo goodluck with judy liking the music, am sure she will , its relaxed melody :) :)

    u must tell me how her new book goes?!!! u must must!! LOL

    the assignements im doing are related to a 4 year course i was doing; on literature; because im a writer i thought i should do this course; i write articles; books, etc

    it keeps me well busy!!! :) :)

    hav u finished the house jobs then?

    well am havin a cuppa coffee now n working :D

  • hey marc!!

    hows it going?!

    how was the drunken gig... hehe ;)

    yes i love the earth vids on my page too; love all things nature related :)

    ive been good; just doing my spiritual workouts, as well as 3d stuff like finishing my assignments, busy busy!! i went to 2 partys ova weekend; so rune and i are tired... but they were good parties :)

    btw, i heard your music, great for relaxation / mediation!! is judy using that one then?

    okey, look 4ward to ya reply matey! have a fun time!!

  • awwe hope u recover soon mate! take it easy n listen to some musica!!


    i finishing up my assignements ova here, my tutor loved the last one!


  • hey hey!!

    wow party sounds fun.... gosh i had a busy weekend too, am absolutely knackered i tell ya, LOL

    hope things your end are going well; & u managed to have a gander @ them articles lol


  • have fun banging the drums u gotta tell me all about it ;) aha


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Dec 3, 2012
Marco100pc replied to STAR*'s discussion Chakra's, Implants &amp; Angels! in The Ashtar Paranormal Group!
"Nice post!Everyone needs to know this con!I recently learnt all this from a londoner,John Harris.I am a man not a number!"
Nov 30, 2012
Marco100pc replied to STAR*'s discussion Chakra's, Implants &amp; Angels! in The Ashtar Paranormal Group!
"Well done!U beat me to it,i was gonna suggest u post what u wrote to me...and u did word for word!Once again i have to say how much i agree with u and how clearly you descrbe the whole thing,excellent!Gotta send this to mate.Take care and keep up…"
Nov 30, 2012

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