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  • Hi Marco100pc, Yes I know Audacity, and even have this software on my Mac. I use it for other jobs, not for tuning conversion because it does not work in batch-mode, only one by one file. But there must be batch software out there. I keep looking and tell you when i've found it, okay?

  • Hi Marco100pc, Very nice to hear that you got the Korg tuner and switched to 432Hz tuning for your guitar.

    It will indeed lift your concerts to a new dimension for the audience and for yourself!

    I still am looking on the internet for software (for Apple Mac) to batch-convert my iTunes library  of music (both mp3 and apple.lossless files) from 440 Hz to 432 Hz, but up till now I only could find a program to convert mp3s one-by-one and that will take quite some time because my library is 14500 songs and 194 GB  Did you find such software already?

    There are also 432Hz meditation-YouTube movies which also work wonderful, just try them out! Best wishes, Mackie

  • yo yo marky marco hehehehe...

    <3 love!!!


  • 8113997290?profile=originalfunky triangle hehe!

  • Hey matey!


    Your welcome for the msgs and pics….i love sending them to you! ;)


    Whats a homeopathic detox? Whats that entail? Omg why do they make things illegal, you’re the parents you got right to choose for the kiddies…this world is so messed up. Geez, doctors are bloody thick too, lol

    Wow you’ve been releasing too, gosh I can imagine kids can bring up stuff and issues, but you seem to be coping good!

    How are your bandmates like? Do they believe in the stuff we believe, hehe…or do they think we are nuts… lol

    I guess u all must be musically aligned to create good music.


    Yes AA Michael is great to call upon for protection & help…. Yes I have been sleeping much; but rune too; then we can stay awake for hours either going out into the nature/shops / walks talking about all this stuff, or indoors, star gazing, and looking at the ocean… its so serene really…. In one way im glad I don’t have kids cos it means im free to do what I have to do; I don’t wanna seem selfish lol

    But this ascension stuff can be tiring… low energy I got, esp now its my time of month lol


    Hows wifey? I hope she’s better and you too; wishing you a relaxed day


    Love ya marco my greek ole buddy of cz, lol!



  • 8114137480?profile=original

  • hey marc!!

    ows it going!!??

    awwe lucky you with plenty of choccies.... mmm yummy easter lol

    the vaccine thing has alot to do with why the kiddies get sick,

    Rune stopped his nephew from having vaccines and that kid does fine and healthy lol

    Rune says that in vaccines they put quick silver and substances that promote cancer also nano/micro chips are in them ;) Rune's so anti vaccine lol

    he wouldnt allow his kids to have it, from what we've spoken about it. I think i agree cos my vaccines never did shit all lol

    I always see those little cousins of mine at home, sickly kid most/ all the time too... so your reasons are justfied.

    If  i had children i'd keep them away from tv, and junk food, vaccines and 3d people... well i can only try my best lol

    Its so nice you got your aura chart done; im a bit worried getting one incase i get nutty mad colours show up lol

    im fiery as you are, hehe!

    have you composed any new songs lately or had any spiritual experiences?

    lately ive been releasing old karma/past/people places things

    in order to transcend. I dont know if you had to do that?, but its hard lol

    i guess its a painful process but eventually clears for better things and a better life!

    so thats 1 thing im working on; releasing !

    oh yeah, in one way im happy i dont have kiddies cos it means i can sleep when i want, and rune too.... we've both been so damn tired, we slept til 8pm today after watching some u tube vids on ascension, hehe!

    i guess if one has the chance to do it, do it, because in the future it may all change ;)

    <3 love to ya marco, have a fab day mate! <hugs>


  • Happy Easter - Glitter Graphic

  • oopsy i meant (below) that our souls not made of fire,BUT

    our physical makeup as et's was made of fire... dh! lol

    Thats a theory I heard anyway lol

    Oh as for crafts... there's plenty of pleadian / plus ships hovering about, i will ask em to pay you a visit someday, lol

    <3 love!!

  • Hola matey!

    ows it going?! lol

    awwe, poor son of urs...hope he is better.

    ---and its so lovely to hear you and your wife are compatible on aura also

    -so share with me, the secret of everlasting love then? lol dont u guys ever bicker? or is it always hunky dory?

    i like a little fight to drive passion sometimes lol must be a starseed thing ;) we all have some fire... i heard our souls are made of fire.

    I'm doing fine; altho today rune and I were very tired (asc symptoms) so we been sleeping alot; lol

    we didnt even venture out, his dad and bro came to visit

    and i was speaking to my guides/higher self; i still have area's i am working on. I want to be the best i can be :) but we all got issues right? lol

    well i not sure how long , but i wanna be here for the summer to partyyyyyyy lol

    i love the nature here, its absolutely blinking gorgeous! beats london only cos its nature and not so low vibing :)

    i dont miss london tbh.

    Runes been a good lad too, lol

    <3 love to ya buddy!



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April 29

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I am a 46 year old musician(includes band leader, composer,producer,teacher,sessionplayer and teacher) and full time parent .My interests are music in all forms esp healing sounds,skyview astrology,nature,the Universe in all dimensions,Yoga philosophy,Taoism,mysticism,Buddhism,Gnostic Christianity,Ascended Masters,Wicca,Earth magic,Angels,Nature spirits,meditation,dance,drumming and other natural instruments,frame drum,didg etc reading,mantras,trees and much more!

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"You need to see this band to believe how much sound, power and energy from just two people!" Marco Frangos 100% - ONE...
Nov 2, 2020
Marco100pc replied to STAR*'s discussion Chakra's, Implants &amp; Angels! in The Ashtar Paranormal Group!
"Nice pic!Check out John Harris on youtube,u will be bl,own away,its all about the system with proper theories,FACTS on how the system we live under is a con...i looked into it and he is spot on!Will try and locate vid 4 u,this info is…"
Dec 3, 2012
Marco100pc replied to STAR*'s discussion Chakra's, Implants &amp; Angels! in The Ashtar Paranormal Group!
"Nice post!Everyone needs to know this con!I recently learnt all this from a londoner,John Harris.I am a man not a number!"
Nov 30, 2012
Marco100pc replied to STAR*'s discussion Chakra's, Implants &amp; Angels! in The Ashtar Paranormal Group!
"Well done!U beat me to it,i was gonna suggest u post what u wrote to me...and u did word for word!Once again i have to say how much i agree with u and how clearly you descrbe the whole thing,excellent!Gotta send this to mate.Take care and keep up…"
Nov 30, 2012

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