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  • Hola Mar, muy buenas tardes/noches aqui en Bélgica, acabo de entrar, tenia muchisimo de no venir,

    el anio pasado estuve enseniando espaniol aqui y tuve un anio muy completo con intenso trabajo, de dia y de noche,

    como pasador de almas, haciendo meditaciones, con visitas y sigue y sigue habiendo mucho que hacer, he estado en México el mes de octubre y noviembre un mes donde visite nuevo Vallarta, en Nayarit,

    el tiempo se ha ido volando.

    y a ti como te ha ido, todo bien?


  • SUperb love and energy!!! love is all!!!! we need!!!



  • <3 I LOVE YOU MAR <3 so so so MUCH!! I'm thinking of you while you're in recovery!! I am sending you so much ENERGY & LIGHT for a fast recovery!!!!! HUGS!!!!!! xo xo xo Melissa <3 xo <3 xo xo
  • soon you and i... things are getting better!!! keep being you... good luck at the forest!!! it sounds amazing!!! and unique.... in the middle of the huracan!! you are something else!! Enjoy!!! LOVEJOY!!
  • All the energy created with bad intentions will be returned to the caster... only LOVE is accepted here... if someone is resented with his own life... let it go... just repeat HOPONOPONO and it will be ok....


    TE AMO!!! simplemente esto es una activacion de tu cuerpo cada simbolo una intencion..AMOR!!
  • Hola!!! Hey you are blessed!!! you are an amazing being of light!! pure and divine!! Strong you are! Peace Love Joy Dance all as one in you... i love you!! remember who u are... and u are transformed with the new energy frequencies, only love energy are accepted in your body...bodies... we are here to love... we care about you because we know who you are... and we know that u are part of the balance... The Knights are always with you, transforming all to light love, in all its frequencies, your system is protected and unique and impossible to enter by any other being, including me,
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February 8

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Mar left a comment for Indigo
"Hello how are you!?? i was reading your profile, i dont speak english very well but when i read it i understand perfectly and i think you are amazing, thank you for your friendship, and i agree with all the things you put on it! i think that way…"
Oct 31, 2010
Mar left a comment for kineticUPgrade
"all my love with u for now and ever"
Oct 31, 2010
Mar left a comment for kineticUPgrade
"my love!! i have to tell u something!!!! hope to see u soon i miss u like crazy i love you with all my soul!!!!"
Aug 19, 2010
Mar left a comment for kineticUPgrade
"Hello i miss u i love u!"
Aug 18, 2010

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Yes you got my point! Holding the factor of who is presently funding ANTIFA constant (which I did), ANTIFA becomes just like 'Twitter', with its literal meaning intact. There is nothing 'capitalistic', 'anti-sexism', 'antiracism' etc in…"
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"Dear Friends,
Time is the Great factor..
Wisdom of a person has no value at certain time, when can't think when some serious problem comes !
Many opinions and it disturbs the situation more !
With Calm Mind and Peaceful Heart we can find the…"
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"Dear Friends,
People are still afraid of Corona Virus...
Now there are so many remedies and the person can survive and comes out from the illness very easily...Nothing to worry about !
Dr Sohini Shukla"
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"Dear Ben Arion,
This website is for New Age People to learn the New Things from Scientists and Alchemists or the people who have develpoed Spiritual Sciences !
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"Roaring, I agree that one must alter plans in geopolitics, rather than stick to a particular "enemy." Today's enemy can be tomorrow's friend...Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of the late 1930s, which in 1941, got totally overturned by operation…"
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"The coronavirus itself can kill people and has, BUT, mainly vulnerable people, with compromised immunity to anything and everything...Those who cannot manufacture T-cells, such as the very elderly...
Indeed, some patients on prescription drugs, have…"
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"That assertion that 'viruses donnot kill' does not come from any observation but is reasoned from Neo-Darwinism! That small pox virus killed over 300 million pple and HIV does the same shows how just blind to facts Darwinists are when they conflict…"
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"I did not get Coronavirus infection or something with any Monkey. Maybe it's because I'm allergic. My imun system reaction is maybe different. This should be investigated, why there are people who are not ill with it or at least did not have a…"
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