January 8

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I am a 33 year old Mother from New Zealand. A fellow worker of Light, Who like many is doing what they can to raise the consciousness of human kind. I work extensively with the Liquid Crystals and spend allot of my spare time running groups. I work alongside the Arcturians and Beings of Light for my own personal growth and for others.

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I have had various mentors over the years. And some of my main influences are not just people but various cultures. H.P Blavatsky, Ancient Egyptian and Atlantien remembrance would be my top three.

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    Like a living crystal, you sparkle with the light of the universe; allow your many facets to sparkle through for all to see. ~Dave Kenyon

  • 8115557487?profile=original"We need less posturing and more genuine charisma.
    Charisma was originally a religious term,
    meaning "of the spirit" or "inspired."
    It's about letting God's light shine through us.
    It's about a sparkle in people that money can't buy.
    It's an invisible energy with visible effects.
    To let go, to just love, is not to fade into the wallpaper.
    Quite the contrary, it's when we truly become bright.
    We're letting our own light shine."
     ~Marianne Williamson

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