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June 12

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  • May our god keep you safe, I am good and well thank you.
  • Interview with a Zeta-Hybrid about coming Earth changes and the Reptoids
    (they are connected to the -Illuminati- and our socalled -Governments-)

    The coming -swine flu- vaccinations are not really vaccinations at all,
    but an excuse to give all of us a NANO-MICROCHIP, when you get THIS
    you could say goodbye to all privacy as they would have total control.

    Please spread this video far and wide and watch it fully, it might be the
    most important video you will ever see in your life

  • Namaste Mystic star!
    Many thank for you freinship here.. I am deep humble.
    We are the oness and we are love and we are light..

  • Namaste Mystic star!
    Nice profile and bless you heart.
    Love and light.

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Maakheru Ra left a comment for Larry V
"Peace be unto you Larry. Wuts good with you peeps."
Aug 30, 2009
Maakheru Ra posted a photo
Rest In Peace Dear Brother.
Jun 28, 2009
Maakheru Ra replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Michael Jackson has left Planet Earth
"I was told that Michael Jackson crossed into the light very quickly. He is at peace and is VERY happy. Long Live Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jun 27, 2009
Maakheru Ra left a comment for Aquarius
May 26, 2009

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...What are Hybrids? Who are Hybrids? Hybrids vs Starseeds? Why are Hybrids here? All your questions answered to the best of my knowledge at this moment. You are not seeing this by chance. This is an activation for you and I hope this serves you.…
5 hours ago
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"New blog for anyone who is interested. Part 2 of this blog should be done in a few days a week at most. https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/all-about-the-alta..."
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This blog here will get into the people who live in the Altair region in our galaxy. These beings are a mix of Humanoid along with some Dinosaurian and Reptilian hybrids. All info here comes from Sheldan Nidle's book Your Galactic Neighbors. Present…
9 hours ago
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"Thanks to the good datas................At home....Some Difficult .............................."
9 hours ago
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