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Liberty is the Virgin Queen who was raped by foreign investors, her children then stolen to fight their wars, so they could make a killing, her reputation besmirched to satisfy their addiction for raw sex, devoid of feeling. Send these investors to their holes in the ground, and seal the openings. They do not deserve to breathe fresh air, they polluted, enjoy lakes and rivers, they filled with debris, produce of our farms and gardens, they poisoned, beauties of nature, they claim as theirs.

If USA is Babylon, they made it so, with their abominations. Babylon is a state of mind, of those who say that they are in control, and openly brag that we are losers if we fall by the wayside, because they played monopoly with our resources.  

This site was taken over last year without Ben's permission, and Nancy Ahrens was evicted for calling attention to how that happened. I saw the sales pitch, claiming Russia will lead armies to take USA over, after sending a secret weapon, to turn the lights out, darken the nation, spit on the Statue of LIberty as final insult to those millions who have come to Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, which now says "no more immigrants" to its shores because they might terrorize.

Terrorists are already here, shepherded by Rothschild Satanic Cult from Central Asia, not from Middle East as claimed, terrorizing Middle East from their safe haven, in occupied territories of Israelites and Palestinians, not natural enemies, fires of animosity and hatred artificially stirred by their common enemy, to control Suez Canal that Rothschild financed.

This will be confirmed a month from now, and nations of the world will do what they have planned, evict Babylonians: banker thieves who own central banks, world-wide, to rip off those who earn honest wages with honest work, not the manipulations of other's savings to feed insatiable urges, as lost souls, for what they see but can't have: belonging to something greater than themselves, because they don't know how. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."   

These are the last holdouts, after many lifetimes gone amuck, unable to learn 1st lesson: LOVE FOR GOD AND SELF. 

Until that happens, it's not possible to learn the rest: LOVE FOR FELLOW MEN/WOMEN, upon which salvation rests.

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August 21 to preteen grandchild, c/o dad, streamlined with a comment at the end:

A month from now Pope Francis will come to America, talk to President and Congress in D.C. then to world leaders in New York City, about what is happening to change our world, to make it safer for kids.

For centuries there have been wars, because people can't forgive each other for wrongs. Nations go to war in anger to settle disagreements. Children, who didn’t do anything wrong, die or go hungry.

Anger is like a demon that takes hold of people, makes them do things that hurt others, makes them hate instead of love, do hurtful things because of what was done to them.

This has been going on for so long, people think it’s human nature, so Jesus came to show us another way, taught his followers to go among the people and show them how to forgive, so they could get along. 

When I was little, I saw anger in my family, much of it at me because another child died before I was born. They didn’t know any better. An angel told me I could not change their minds, but if I forgave them, it would help me feel better.  

That’s what I did for next two years while going to school, because mom let me go early, thinking it might make me a better kid. I never smiled so she thought I didn’t like her. She didn’t know, I was sad because she didn't smile at me.

Then one day, with blue morning glories outside my window, I told God how I felt, didn’t want to be here anymore. 

God promised that “in ten years time” things would be better, then asked what I would do for Him. I couldn’t think how a little kid could help God. Then he told me I would do something “in 20 years” to help everyone.

When the time came, I was given a message to give to a future President, on how to get along with nations we didn’t like, and he did what was asked, but was hated for it, had to resign, after haters tricked his staff, to bring him down.

God wasn’t done needing help, asked me to try again, with another instruction about forgiveness:

Next lesson on Forgiveness: Matthew 17:19-20, Jesus Heals a Boy with a Demon

19 Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, "Why could we not drive it out?" 

20 And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. 

God asked me to go to China and USSR, which is now Russia, to restart talks to end the Cold War.

Family still think I’m crazy, said they were just vacations, but I wore a bullet proof vest when I went to China in 1982, because terrorists were hijacking airplanes, then poisoned in USSR the following year, because agents thought I was doing something wrong. By then, a friend of Nixon’s was President, listened to him but didn’t tell his staff - so no one would try to trick them into doing something wrong. 

Politics is peculiar, in that regard. The Pope’s Mission, a month from now, is still a secret, because there are evil men, possessed by demons, who can’t change their minds about mischief they are doing to cause never ending wars, but President has replaced them all with new generals, who agree with him, that wars should end. This just happened!

The world is changing, and everyone who listens to God will trust God’s plan for forgiveness, so that wars can end, and little children can feel safe.

I’ve written to people who might help your dad decide, he doesn’t have to hurt others to get what he wants because of what he learned, in his career. I’ve written to him about a way to gain your trust, so both can enjoy your time together. 

It’s 5 am, I just noticed. I’ll think of something more, to reassure you. Whatever happens in next few days, your dad might realize that returning you in time for school, and making peace with mom, will make all of you feel better. 

By end of year, judges will be under orders to treat all people with respect, or resign, no longer protected by something called Maritime Law from the dark ages. Angels will be recognized as our Brothers and Sisters, more evolved than we have been, until now. Our DNA is being upgraded, so that we can forgive each other and live in peace.  It will be explained to us why it took so long. What was written to United Nations last year, was copied to Pope Francis, not knowing what he would do. Looks like he's on board.

Miracles occur when those God asks for help agree, with faith the size of a mustard seed, to do as asked.

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