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January 27



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I am a mother of 5 children and 4 fur kids, I am a freelance photographer, Avon representative, Youngevity distributor for colloidal minerals, and a Rosicrucian student. I can only work from home as I have a degenerative spinal condition which causes much pain and paralysis at times.

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Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Francis Bacon, and Oprah :)

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  • Hi Lynette,
    did you find out about the Reconnective Healing? There is traing on how to do this in August in Sydney if you are interested.
  • Hi Donna,
    did you look at the information on Reconnective Healing? I hope you found it interesting if you did.
    Love n light
  • Hi Lynette,
    I am not sure if there is a link on this website but you can look at www.TheReconnection.com
    I attended the course with Eric Pearl and there is something about it I can't put into words other than to say you can't mistake it and it is there for everyone who wants to interact with it. I feel it in my Hands and Body since coming into contact with it and would love to see where it may take me. There is also a book called "The Reconnection" written by Eric Pearl and I recommend it as good reading. People have even felt the effects just by reading the book. I will leave it up to you to decide.

    Love and light
    Darren :)
  • Hi Lynette,
    I decided to visit this website tonight and to my surprise I clicked on your pic to find you are from NSW :) I see you are interested in Healing so you might want to have a look at Reconnective Healing :)
    best wishes
    Darren :)
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Lynette Donna Day replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Australia
"Lynette Donna Day
Falls Creek, NSW, Australia
(also working on 2012 survival groups-we're expecting lots of earth changes!)"
May 7, 2009
Lynette Donna Day left a comment for Darren
"Thanks for the info on the website I will have a look! Sounds most interesting :)
Love and Light,
Mar 4, 2009
Lynette Donna Day left a comment for Darren
"Hi Darren! Thanks for that info. Where exactly is Reconnective Healing? Is it in Ashtar Command or a site on it's own? I'd love to check it out :)
There's lots of interesting info on here. I'm looking forward to looking into everything.
love and…"
Mar 1, 2009
Lynette Donna Day commented on Ben-Arion's event Ashtar Command Online Meditation
"Thank you for the invite Ben-arion! I look forward to this :)
Love and Light,
Mar 1, 2009

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