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Well ... considering I am choosing all that I expierence, then I guess I am teaching myself..... but always learning from everyone else at the same time.... we all learn from each other but I have been into mystical things for a long time.... oh and a lost weekend in a hotel in Amsterdam many moons ago ... that can be considered a Spiritual teacher for sure ... still havent fully recovered !

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  • Thank you for your friendship and this lovely cat!


  • Any time, MoL.....even at the End of Time.... ;-)

    Same goes to you Drekx... Thanks for sharing your insight as well..:-)

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  • Thanks for your Friendship Luke Skywalker



  • OK Luke,

    You will not see a fireworks display to cheering multitudes on the Winter Solstice, galactic planar alignment...Indeed, the effects will be subtle ones, primarily....BUT, they offer maximum opportunity for spiritual growth, as we will be at an energy max in relation to the galactic plane and the central core...which is ALWAYS pulsing this solar system...

    That opportunity is offering the Divine Plan and it's associated agents, divine right timing for a process which commenced on 11/11, completed on 12/12 and will tie the knot completely on 21/12.....Namely the end of time and the consolidation of the works of the Timelords....and the timesplice.....Rendering Earth upon a singularity timetrack of infinite grace....a lighted timetrack beyond the mischief makers...

    To show you that I have already discussed this topic, with sobre moderation (unlike many) and made BALANCED predictions about 21/12/12, I will paste this quote from a message sent to Kel, on her wall....

    In Light, Drekx Omega


    The timesplice is targetted to fully complete on the 21st Dec, a process which started with "comet Elenin's" visit to the system, in late 2011...Using the stargate (aktaiwa) of 11/11 and another on 12/12, the Timelords will be able to "tie" the formally disparate timelines more firmly into a true synergy of singularity.....One which is destined for planetary ascension, without a dark mischief, every present, to overturn our plans...

    Gregorian dates, in themselves, possess no particular esoteric power, but are chosen (with reference to earth consciousness) by the devas, Hierarchy and GFL to open stargates between the dimensions, with earth human willingness and support...Earth lightworkers place great emphasis on such dates...A bit like the focussed intent invoked by 11/11 on rememberance sunday....Likewise, Gregorian dates are opportunities for displayed intent, which the higher powers respond to...

    One occult truism of note is that as we near the galactic alignment of the solstice, it will allow every greater streams of cosmic energy to enter earth directly from the core...Thus a maximum opportunity for growth, far beyond most others...albeit, growth continues always, as a principle...the evolutionary impulse is ever present, but is speeded up even more so in these types of events...

    So you can tell your friends not to be in fear of the solstice, but in joy... ;-)

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  • Thanks Luke, and kinda just hopped off the Ashtar train for a while.. Im back a bit more mature, dont really know what to think of these discussions anymore.. some just seem so fake and silly.. But regardless here I am. :)

  • Thank you for your warm welcome here and for your friendship. :) Blessings ~ Mystic 

  • Hello Luke...8114044070?profile=originalI LOVE you my brother...my friend!

  • 8114561054?profile=original

  • LoL ... Luke ... ;)


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Nov 2, 2020
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"Drekx, its nice to see you too ... I just typed a fairly long reply but it didnt upload properly ... my computer is jamming at times ... .I will return later to your post here my brother ...."
Apr 23, 2014
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"Hi Liona, it sounds interesting ...
Invoke the Violet Flame into it .... or rather, put the Shaddow people into the Violet Flame ...
its all just a product of your thoughts anyway ....."
Apr 23, 2014
Luke Skywalker replied to Drekx Omega's discussion Witless John Kerry and the Ongoing Propaganda War in Ukraine
"I can barely believe these people are still trying to control the world ... one day, soon hopefully, the entire population of the world will see these goons for what they are .... how on Earth can people still vote them into power? .. albeit, false…"
Apr 20, 2014

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