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Well ... considering I am choosing all that I expierence, then I guess I am teaching myself..... but always learning from everyone else at the same time.... we all learn from each other but I have been into mystical things for a long time.... oh and a lost weekend in a hotel in Amsterdam many moons ago ... that can be considered a Spiritual teacher for sure ... still havent fully recovered !

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  • Here is some of my answer to your question.

    As I reach out to this invisible energy of a powerful never ending flow of wisdom and security an awakening takes place which can be understood as consciousness.

    As I remember my great connection to divine consciousness, I begin to fly with joy, trust and wisdom within this lifetime.

    As I evolve within touched by spirit, my awareness to be one with all things around me catapults me into conscious thoughts that allow me to grow and blossom.

    As I see with new eyes, I am able to go through my lessons feeling an inner to peacefulness.

    As I move with the power of the I am with that of a conscious universal pool of wisdom, I begin to understand what my mission as a star seed is.

    And lastly as I connect to the truth of a conscious connection that knows no boundaries my gifts and abilities to channel return and grow everyday so I can feel harmony and touch others. 

  • LMFAO!  Ha ha you are so witty my friend!  If you are of a scholarly bent check out the shamballa city site that Qan Dek recommends- much less ego. So glad you are staying, but can you believe some of these postings?  argh.  oh well....  

    Much love Pan!  I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend!

  • lol, mmmm indeed
  • Thank you sweet Pan. Sorry I haven't been touch, I've been keeping as busy as I can to keep the anxiety at bay. I'm off out again shortly, but I'm keeping the Faith that the darkness will pass in the very near future (or preferably now!!) Have a lovely day. Much Love. Sxx
  • haha thats cool Pan! Brother from another mother!! x
  • Hi Pan,


    Wishing you a wonderful day filled with all the blessings of God.


    Your friend,



  • heee...I LOVE it here... I Though there was a wacky photo (animation) of the Pope here B4 - I came to steal it....must sleep NOW tho..Peace & HUGzzzzz!!:)
  • hello Pan. hello perfect manifestation: i loooove what you've done with the place.. the space.. excellent vibrations in here..

    i pushed the button. lol.. i ACCEPT. xoxx be seeing you then.. be seeing me..

    thank you for the inspiration! very groooovy. ;0)
  • Hi Pan!

    On frontpage; under the Blogsection......

    CU there.

    Light 2 U!

  • Pan...? is this You from GRT (previous)...?

    Hey - (if so) We started a new Ning Network - Tara,Rama (no Beth)..


    Happy Fing New Year Brother!:D~Cinzia

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Apr 23, 2014
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"Hi Liona, it sounds interesting ...
Invoke the Violet Flame into it .... or rather, put the Shaddow people into the Violet Flame ...
its all just a product of your thoughts anyway ....."
Apr 23, 2014
Luke Skywalker replied to Drekx Omega's discussion Witless John Kerry and the Ongoing Propaganda War in Ukraine
"I can barely believe these people are still trying to control the world ... one day, soon hopefully, the entire population of the world will see these goons for what they are .... how on Earth can people still vote them into power? .. albeit, false…"
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