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  • Hi Pan!

    On frontpage; under the Blogsection......

    CU there.

    Light 2 U!

  • Pan...? is this You from GRT (previous)...?

    Hey - (if so) We started a new Ning Network - Tara,Rama (no Beth)..

    Happy Fing New Year Brother!:D~Cinzia

  • ~me encantado!~ :0) so nice to meet you (again!) i had been away from this site for a bit.. finding my way back around the fire again. 
  • :) Thank you for the friendship and comment.

    It is indeed a pencil. Elven ears don't suit my temperament right now. :P


  • Hello my adored Brother.  I am just stopping by to wish you an awesome holiday time.  I love your sense of humor, that has uplifted me many a time.  I think you are wonderful!


    Peace and Joy to you always


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  • Thank You so much Pan. Happy holidays for you too (:

  • Hey Lovely Pan. Thank you for your messges. Last night I had a big panic attack and nearly called an ambulance. I spoke to a Dr this morning and she said it sounded like one. She wants to see me for a check tomorrow tho'. I'm going to stay with friends tonight and then go to my Mum's tomorrow for the Xmas period and back probably on Sunday. She doesn't have internet, so I won't be around for a while other than in Heart. Even tho' we have only known eachother a short time, I feel I can call you Brother and say that I love you greatly. Thank you once again. It's hard to go thru this when so many are feeling happy. I truly want my Joy back and I have no doubt it will return when I have travailed this Dark Night. Although my Heart feels heavy and veiled, I KNOW it lives in Light and Love. I hug you and wish you (and everyone here) Peaceful and Loving holidays. With Love Brother. S

  • My precious,loving brother Pan,the experience of loving is very much a direct response to the experience of being loved.And when I think of you my brother,I must thank you for adding to my loving experience.It is forever true...Love is reflected in Love!! In Love,Light,and Service,


  • Hello lovely Pan,there is no need to apologize for not visiting my page in a while.You visit me in spirit every time you communicate with love to any of our brothers and sisters.And for that I thank you.And I also love you for being that part of me only you can be!Keep spreading love,and stay blessed my friend.


  • ์Hello

    Nice to meet you

    God bless you love&light8113723653?profile=original


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Well ... considering I am choosing all that I expierence, then I guess I am teaching myself..... but always learning from everyone else at the same time.... we all learn from each other but I have been into mystical things for a long time.... oh and a lost weekend in a hotel in Amsterdam many moons ago ... that can be considered a Spiritual teacher for sure ... still havent fully recovered !

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Nov 2, 2020
Luke Skywalker replied to Drekx Omega's discussion Witless John Kerry and the Ongoing Propaganda War in Ukraine
"Drekx, its nice to see you too ... I just typed a fairly long reply but it didnt upload properly ... my computer is jamming at times ... .I will return later to your post here my brother ...."
Apr 23, 2014
Luke Skywalker replied to Liona's discussion What are black and white shadows?
"Hi Liona, it sounds interesting ...
Invoke the Violet Flame into it .... or rather, put the Shaddow people into the Violet Flame ...
its all just a product of your thoughts anyway ....."
Apr 23, 2014
Luke Skywalker commented on d'tewa's blog post Spiritual Websites Under Attack and Censored!
"Everything is alright ... no worries ....
love and peace to you ..."
Apr 22, 2014

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"Would there be mass suicides? Torture comparable to what is done in the bases has been going on in Asia for ages, run by the same companies that make our phones, and people turn a blind eye to it despite there not even being a cover up."
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The Agent replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion WTH Is Going On...The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI
"What could they have offered this man to willingly do this to himself. Was power enough of a promise for him to undergo the "transition"? or was he offered more?"
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