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I want opinions on this possibility - waking up people


I know this may sound strange but today my guides said to me I would be able to do a good work trying to make people feel energy for example if they do not feel it or to teach how to awake

I must say I have NO studies, just experience in my own process and know now how to distinguish LIES even from good guides

So my problem is now if it is really a good idea to work with people on this area if you feel energy you can start to feel things you do not understand and usually "I know" what is going on but I have no backup  of study... I will NOT charge for this I pay my bills with my usual studies so money is not my persue and I will not feel bad if most tell me I stay better as advicer not as an awaker

advices are very wellcomed

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I have a free week now

Ashtar command crew


if you like to chat I would be able to do it the whole next week


we can manage to do it by yahoo Messenger is what I use


my yahoo mail


letme know if you wanna chat with me


love jeanna

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