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  • Hey Louise,

    Avatar is really amazing isnt it a movie to inspire us about how we are killing ourselves when we kill our mother earth
    Love Light and Blessings
    Tracy x

  • WOWOWOWOW!!! how powerful!!!! Sounds AMAZING....seeing the Golden city of Shambhala!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!
    In Devotion to the One.......
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love you so much, el'elia
  • Fabulous!! I see many of the same people from all over the world that were in Mt. Shasta!! I'm not great at remembering names but I see them!!THank you SOOOO much for sending me that photo!! AWESOME!!!
    love you so much, El'elia
  • Wow!!!! Sounds AWESOME!!!! Unbelievable!! So happy for you and all of Gaia!! How is Saranya? Who was there from our Mt.Shasta gathering?? I know that Lynn was going! Was Alidah there? I get e-mails from her everyday and she is connected to some of my other friends in Australia with the Divine University, and the Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness in Byron Bay. So great to see you here and to stay in touch. You sound so HIGH and BLISSED OUT!!! Yeah!!! Sending you much love always, El'elia
  • Great to see you here!! Did you go to Yellowstone this September? Was it awesome? How are you doing? How is life? sending you much love, Deborah El'elia
  • Hi Louise

    Thanks for the info on the Unicorn book.

    Love Light & Blessings

  • thanks Louise,
    I find my self to get very un grounded and confused sometimes when I ask these questions i also see my guide as a blue orb do you see your guides as well?

  • Hi Louise,

    That sounds interesting what is it about I have a unicorn with me when I meditate.

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June 15

About Yourself

Right now, just back from Yellowstone national park and lightbody activation/physical ascension. Finding miracles happen. Looking forward to what's next.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Alton Kamadon Sarany Zaveri and the Gaiadon Hearts

Louise replied to 2y1mzdhwmreze's discussion I LIVE IN HELL!! The constant screaming is difficult to deal with.
"How peculiar, I haven't been by here in ages, and I am reading a novel The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho...."
May 18, 2012
Louise replied to Felizitas's discussion Saw this symbol in my eye a few weeks ago.....need opinions please!
"Hello Felizitas,
That was a great experience!  The interesting or wierd thing about the shelll of the Nautilus, which is what your picture is of, is that it is grown by the creature who happens to be a relative of the octopus, and each chamber,…"
Feb 20, 2012
Louise left a comment for Starseed
"Hello Starseed!
I've been busy and not often on this site for a while.  in 2009 we talked together about Diana Cooper and unicorns and orbs.  Well Diana Cooper loves orbs to, most of those she sees are her unicorn friends.  She has videos on You…"
Feb 20, 2012
Louise left a comment for Starseed
"Dear Tracy,

My friend has an Avatar body suit. It transforms him completely!
It is possible to make our experience on this Earth dimension hellish or pure hell.
We have to choose. In choosing Unity Consciousness we make heaven present and the light…"
Nov 27, 2010

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