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June 19

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Have taken the odyssey & experienced many things... I forgo religiosity and thank the Gods for the writings of Sylvia Browne on Mystic travelers, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Mother God, etc... Gemini am I: May 21 – June 20 Traits: Gemini is an air sign and Geminis are known for being avid talkers. With Geminis, you want to say, “But…but…,” but you never get a chance. They will talk to you for two hours on the phone and all you’ve said is three “buts.” Geminis are very reticent, however, until they’re CERTAIN that they have you in their pocket, so to speak. They are CAREFUL about giving you their allegiance and are probably the most CAUTIOUS sign of the zodiac. Geminis are very expressive with their hands, more than any other sign, often with highly exaggerated gestures. They also have a tendency to watch themselves a lot [Yep!], always concerned about their pose and their poise. They want to look good at all times. Geminis are also very concerned about learning. Geminis are often moving toward some far-off, unreachable dream. They will get channeled into one thing, then the first thing you know, they are into something else. The ancient symbol of two faces is used for Gemini. What Geminis do have, though, are very changeable natures, so you don’t know what face they are going to wear. And they can do so many things at once. They’re very multifaceted and seem to be able to take on different faces and aspects daily. Others find it difficult to keep up with Geminis, often feeling like they’re on a pogo stick. They are highly mutable and versatile and know so much about so many things because they’ve had a whole lifetime of jumping around. Geminis really are the “INFUSED KNOWLEDGE” sign and the echo sign. You will get all finished saying something and they will repeat the same concept back, and you’ll say, “That’s just what I said!” They reply, “Well not exactly. You did not fill it in right, you see. Now, I have said it correctly.” Geminis can change loves, careers and geographical locations and be perfectly happy with all of it. They are the wanderers of the world often changing whole cultures and structures because they’re so fluid. They become fascinated with races, cultures and sociological structures and are the experimenters of the zodiac [indeed]. Even though they seem to live on the surface of the world, they do have great depth. And if there is any sign that walks around saying that “life is a bowl of cherries,” it is the Gemini. This can really help cheer everyone up. Geminis can be totally immersed in grief and sorrow, yet 15 minutes later, they’ll say, “Let’s have a partee & partake!” They are the exuberant sign of the zodiac and nothing bothers them. They could be 58 years old and say, “Let’s go to the amusement park.” Or they could be in a wheelchair and the Gemini is the first one up the roller coaster – wheels and all. Most of the Geminis I’ve known, male and female, don’t sustain long-lasting relationships. They can have a totally ingrained family structure and then suddenly they’re divorced, off on a boat with someone new, married again and are perfectly happy with two more kids. This is because they scatter their love so much - their children, parents, teachers and whomever throughout all of the rest of the zodiac. The best sign for a Gemini is a fire sign because they’re very stable and also burn bright. The fire sign can sustain this bouncing type of lifestyle and provide stability. Fire signs are normally not too restrictive because they like a lot of space themselves and thereby allow air signs to channel their energies independently. Ruling Planet: Mercury Parallel Sign: Sagittarius Element/Characteristic: Air/Mental

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Have read their material and been greatly influenced by: Edgar Cayce, Sylvia Brown and more recently...Helen Demetriou.

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  • Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for asking me as your friend.

    I read that you are a Gemini.

    I can tell you that I am also a Gemini.


    I hope to see you much around here.

    Love,light and laughter,

    from your Dutch Gemini-friend



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    ( A Fellow Gemini )

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