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i am currently at 217 of my previous lifes, my order consists of microbial, plants, insects, animals and humans. let me tell you a little about me, i consider myself as a sirian a being, because that's where i used to live before i came to this planet. after living 2700 years in a female body, i descided to come to gaia sophia's world, to help others and to gain spiritual growth. i was a 6th dimensional beautiful lady with long white almost yellow hair, i looked like i was between 27-33 years of age, extremely healed and just stunningly gorgeous like any other being on sirius. everyone there is a collective consciousness, and we are our own wish and needs. in order for me to grow into the 7th dimension and above i descided to have 4 lifetimes as human here on this planet. first i wanted to experience how china was, since most people on this planet live there, it's a great way to experience the earthly energies there, for a starter. there i got to be 42 years in a male body. then i lived as a woman in usa, since that was a place of great worldly influence, i lived there for 76 years. i was also very fascinated with japan while living in the states, so that's where i chose to incarnate into the next male body there, i became a samurai there. i got to be 86 years of age there, after that i wanted to live a easy and relaxed life here in norway, witch i'm doning now. i chose i male body yet again because i have so much experience with the female way of living on sirius, and this body that i have now created is also going to be my home for the next 2-3000 years if not more, since it will be a lightbody. when it has become a lightbody, you can actually live forever in that body, we'll just see how long i want to have it. in this life i have also done some martial arts, it came so easy for me because of my previous experience with martial arts in japan, i have done nanbudo and kickboxing. i have also been a travel guide for a company called startour, cus i love to travel :) right now I feel proud of my life as a lion in Kenya, and it is present in my current lifenergy. cat's seem to be addicted to my energy as a result of me giving them the visual / telepathic image of me as I presented myself when I was a lion. they give me pure love like never before after I woke up to that life =) I also get along great with dogs and they listen fully to me because I am in contact with them the same way. my telekinesis and psykokinesis "powers" are very strong compared to that of last year, I can now move psi wheels from 15 meters or more away, I am in contact with objects in the room, have to send a part of my soul energy to the object, it's felt with my third eye, and I can change it's densety and alter it sligthly. sending soul energy to an apple for instanse, will keep it healthy for an extended period of time, try it for yourself, it's genius :) if you don't know how to do this now, you will at a later time.

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you are all my teachers, and i want you to love everything around you. don't forget to say hello to gaya sophia every ones in a while. thank her for being able to live on her beautiful planet :)

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  • I must have synchronistically stumbled upon your page since I needed to hear this wonderfully forgotten song! It made me feel so peaceful, a peace that I have not felt for a while. I love it - quite a impression you have made. I was wondering about your findings or knowledge of your past...how did you come to know of it? When did you come into your awakening or knowledge of it. I have the star of Sirius in my astrological chart, but I am not in contact with anyone in regards to it. I am definitely still in the throws of awakening to my truths. Just harmlessly curious. Do tell if you have a moment. Thanks muchly!

  • Hi LOVE* miss u!!!
  • Oh hello! How are you? Living in the US is pretty good. Never lived in any other country, as far as I can remember. ^_^
  • hello lione

    nice to meet You:)

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  • .:.*(I Love You)*.:.
  • Blessed Be CommentsAbsolutely, yes I can easily envision that memory. The mysterious ways of life =) Memories intertwined captured in moments in time* What a beautiful thing!!! I stand amazed, honored, and satisfied at where this day has taken me. Bless You!!!
  • Have a good night! Namaste Love you!!! Had a great day =) time soon to go to the astral~*
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  • I was in Antarctica...

  • See it's Magic*
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Lion of Sirius A posted a video
i once partied for two months, but that was in a 6th dimensional body on sirus a.
Nov 2, 2020
Lion of Sirius A left a comment for Wade Hutchinson
"or inside, i mean, the inside is solid"
Nov 19, 2009
Lion of Sirius A left a comment for Wade Hutchinson
"thanks bud, you have lived on jupiter in a previous life, welcome to that truth."
Nov 19, 2009
Lion of Sirius A replied to Jason's discussion (How do you know if the soul can be destroyed.)
"when not in a body, an extremly highly evolved soul may choose to end it's consciousness into nothingness. it has happened and the opportunity is there for everyone, but this is of extreme rarity and is something you can not descide to experience…"
Nov 18, 2009

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