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July 22

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  • Hi,


    I have asked our geobiologist GiRa about the 'predicted California earthquake' message described in the article of Goddess some days ago.

    Seemly, since October, there is 'trouble' in the ground region California.

    Among GiRa, we can do a lot (reduce any possible earthquake) by performing on collective scale some energy work (sending 5 to 15 minutes energy).  But, we need more people for it than just the core GIRA team.

    Further instructions (shaman techniques) that can be performed, will be given later on.


    So, this is a call for all people who are interested to help California.

    Please, do contact us via the following website: www.earth-healing.com

    --> contact form --> title: California energy sender


    We need people worldwide who are willing to sacrafice 5 to 15 minutes of their time, especially people from California!


    Thank you!

  • Namaste Lightworker777,
    This was a true experience of mine: A long time ago, I dreamt that I was asking myself what God looked like. A brilliant white Orb appeared. I asked the Orb, "What is God's Name?" I heard this powerful sound that echoed from the heavens: "AAUUUMMMM".
  • AUM...
  • Lightworker777, much Love to you, too, and may Divine Light guide you on your journey.
  • Lightworker777, thank you for your uplifting message on Help Centre. You are blessed.
  • Dear Lightworker777,
    I love your new profile photo!
    You are abundantly blessed.
  • No I am cool the car is a bit damaged but salavi such is life
  • hi there been off line for a while hope you are well, blessings
  • Hello (name) brother. Thanks for the add.

    I noticed that you named your teacher "En Lak Ech".... could it be the Mayan "In Lak'ech" you mean? (=I am another yourself)

    Have a a LOVELY day in continuous of being Love sharing LOVE. Salu!
  • Dear Lightworker777,
    I have just joined one of your groups -- Help Centre. Meet you there!... I'll check the others out. Divine Light & Blessings to You.
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Lightworker777 left a comment for Starcat
"Thank you for the friendship and I am really feeling your page. Love and Light to you Infinitely."
Aug 16, 2010
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"Message from The Council of 12
2012 & Beyond - Pivotal Moments in Time
Copyright 2009 by Selacia * Selacia.com

Today, as humanity stands at the edge of the 2012 window, increasing numbers of people are realizing that these aren't ordinary times.…"
Nov 7, 2009
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"Hello, good to hear from you. I hope you are not hurt from your accident. Much Love and Light to you, Peace"
Oct 1, 2009
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"Thank you for the add, 1 Love and Light to you.!"
Sep 4, 2009

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"Second and final part of Chapter 7 of UFO Contact From The Pleiades which continues talking about others who have had contact with the Plejaren. https://youtu.be/l4ChH1DAn2k?si=IZa0mIsI0q6pypJt"
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The Federal Reserve will have the transiting planet Neptune in Conjunction (within one degree) with it's Midheaven (Mc) placement this summer. This is a major transit, and it strongly suggests some very difficult decisions are going to be made this…
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"First part of chapter 7 here talks about other people across the world who have had contacts with the Plejaren and for some reason we get the song called hot hot hot played at the end of this video lol.…"
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