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    When Irish eyes are smiling,
    'Tis like a morn in spring.
    With a lilt of Irish laughter
    You can hear the angels sing.

    Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter
    Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after.
    Poems and songs with pipes and drums
    A thousand welcomes when anyone comes.
  • Namaste' dear one,
    May your journey continue to enlighten & lead you to the full understanding of Unconditional Love.
    Brightest Blessings to you
    Love & Light
    Lady Kira
  • ~ Love & Light ~
  • just joined and angel group and loved your goldenman picture. I called it refined gold angel in my saved pictures. I like to think that as God refines with fire that the dross is burned away and only the gold remains. A wonderful visualization and you had it in a picture. Thanks a bunch!
  • Thank YOU so much for the beautiful artwork you left on my page. Love Love Love to YOU and ALL. :)
  • Thank you for the badge I am very honored with the title Namaste
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  • Hello and Thank you for the divine friendship, i really look forward to feeling your cosmic nature always from now and onwards :) x

    i bring forth Love, Light and Blessings and i share it with you dear one ~*


    Oen ~*
  • Thank you for the add my brother light
    Blessings to you
  • thanks for add me, soulfriend. peace and love,heli
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Tracy, CA

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I AM on the journey with so many others to discover the love and light within ourselves, and within the universe.

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I try learn from all that IS.

Light.Essence posted a blog post
My little angels have come a long way in their understandings. They are definitely indigos and crystal children, they are so bright and loving that they teach me and mama things on a regular basis! They have decided to try an exercise in…
Jun 22, 2012
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Sep 20, 2010
Light.Essence left a comment for Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy
"Namaste' Goddess

Love and Light to you..."
Apr 27, 2009
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Apr 18, 2009

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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"I would not go to hospital now even if I shattered my femur"
3 hours ago
SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"My brother works in the nursing service and has reported that there were patients who had nothing, were always at home, tested negative, at home and in the hospital and then death allegedly died of coronavirus from the hospital. This happens a lot…"
3 hours ago
SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"I have already mentioned several times that the so-called pandemic is a distraction. It serves to hide the financial crisis. The coronavirus is not the reason for the Finance Crisis. The Government want us to believe that. This my thoughts about."
4 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Moreover, it is always better to find the most simple explanation to a problem first, before looking for "Tesla ray guns," UFOs, lizard people, et al....

This pandemic 2020-21 is fake, because it is based upon fake medicine and fake science...

5 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Logic must inform you, SAN 不滅 and also your intuition....I will suggest that as you seem unable to go within for answers, we are here to help with clarity...

The salient point is that STATISTICS can be manipulated to suit hidden agendas..

6 hours ago
SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"It is striking that many people come to the hospital because of another disease and died there in the end of a coronavirus infection. I don't know if you can prove that the patient actually died of this coronavirus infection, but who contradicts a…"
6 hours ago
Drekx Omega replied to Drekx Omega's discussion Russia Celebrates Victory Day Over Fascist Evil...
"As my nation becomes a resurgent power, especially since Brexit I notice how Russia likewise becomes resurgent, especially with Putin at the helm of that great nation...
My nation, Great Britain, is, of course, a great historical rival (sometimes…"
7 hours ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"SAN- Hospitals are literally murdering people for money

This is not an overstatement

Ask yourself---why do no people die of covid outside of hospital?"
8 hours ago