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  • omg your pretty, if i was other worldly I would defiantly talk to you aswell :)

    have a nice day.

  • hey lex I would love to hear about your dreams etc they are real they are true and your  soul is part of you let it shine to the world and it will help the old world out you are part of the shift the change and the new world blessings you are a wise and special soul xx

  • Drake's interview with David Wilcox on March 28, 2012 regarding Imminent
    Mass (12 parts)

    Click to Listen

    What to Know, What to Do, and What Not to Do

    NOTE:  The above is an image or screen shot that was sent to us.  We apologize for the typographical errors, but are not responsible

    for them.  In the title, the word "Immenint" should be "Imminent" and in the first column where it speaks of "marshal" law, the word
    should be "martial"
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  • Hello neighbor!
  • And thus is why you are here I know its hard but imagine life the way the others see it

  • You rock Lex I can see you are not from here my dear one shine your light babe

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Gilbert, AZ


March 21

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Im a musician, and artist/painter, i enjoy reading and discovering new things about this and other worlds. i spend alot of time by myself learning meditating.

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LexL replied to LexL's discussion late night visions, strings and orbs
"Oh interesting! That sounds very similar to what ive been seeing that's really great to hear someone else has shared this experience. I started researching the string theory, and how it connects us with other dimensions. They all explain string…"
Jul 10, 2012
LexL posted a discussion
I've had no luck with google in finding any help with these things I've been seeing so i thought id see if anyone has had similar experiences.I've always had vivid hallucinations at night. Let me start off that ive always been able to see those who…
Jul 10, 2012
LexL left a comment for Starseed
"I'm so excited to have found this community!! I feel like a kid in a candy store :) Were not alone!! Much love and light my friend!"
Mar 31, 2012

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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"I recommend this.

It is Arcturian DNA code repair"
26 minutes ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"You can download meditations for these that you can do at your leisure. If already repaired, the stress on you during mass transmission will reduce"
27 minutes ago
Wandercloud posted a status
Having spent a whole week in retreat I must go out tomorrow for basic shopping.
47 minutes ago
Wandercloud left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hellen - did you read my note about the insomnia and strange energies, how they change at about 4 pm and 4 am- thank you Market dragon for your comments - this answers lots of questions, but I do wish they choose a time during the day. I've not…"
51 minutes ago
San 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"I had felt very good on some days when I got up in the morning. I felt very healed or yes, repaired or something."
4 hours ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"3am to 4am is when Arcturus and Pleiades are sending DNA repair & chakra clearing frequencies. Also most likely time to get downloads from your higher selves and guides"
4 hours ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"Something is disturbing my sleep patterns I felt this the early morning hours between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM. this very strange then it stopped at 5:00AM. Usually feel different kinds of energies throughout the day especially in the mornings. Could…"
4 hours ago
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