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St. Germain and The Violet Flame

In the name of my Beloved I AM THAT I AM, my Beloved I AM Presence and on behalf of all of Humanity's Beloved I AM Presences', I call upon our Beloved Violet Flame. Blaze, Blaze. Blaze Beloved Violet Flame. Surround Mother Earth and all upon her, enfold all living creatures, things and Beings within and upon her, in all Kingdoms known and unknown. I ask that you permeate and transmute all negative energy, all negative karma and all darkness back to our Mother/Father God for Light and Liberation. Blaze, Blaze, Blaze Beloved Violet Flame. I ask that any voids left be filled with Love and Light. Beloved Violet Flame, Beloved St. Germain we are more that Blessed, More than Grateful for all that you do to release us from the darkness. You are So Loved! We Bless You! So It Is!

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