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    ~Channeled by Fran Zepeda~

    Yeshua: “The ways of the world are precarious at best. It is up to you to ‘man the steering wheel’ for your own lives. Through that, the world falls in tow.

    With your Higher Self as your trusty navigator, you will not be lost.

    Just as a star lighted the way for my birth, so the bright star of your Divinity will light the way for your rebirth into your new way of Being in this world.
  • I am delighted to welcome you to Lightgrid.

    Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You every day, Steve
  • Thank you for your welcome message 🙏🏼
  • You are here for a reason or many reasons....It is no coincidence you arrived and found us...Blessings and feel right at home...You are invited to go through my blogs if you so desire...
  • ✨✨✨Thank you so much✨✨✨
  • Welcome to Ashtar Command.
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Milwaukee, WI


June 15

About Yourself

Spiritual seeker, sound healer, massage therapist.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration from my I AM Presence, Sananda, St Germain, my personal Guides. And oh yes, inspiration from my life experiences.

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"Thank you for your welcome message 🙏🏼"
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Blue Eye Cat left a comment on Comment Wall
"I have a question for the Main Concil. What are so-called brain waves? Can it be used to control people? Can people be made sick with it? I think the so-called dark Side is useing Technology to create so called Brain
waves. Coronavirus is a Brain…"
13 minutes ago
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"Have you also experienced that the corona test are not completely clear? In many people, different test results arise in the same person. It is often enough to get a second opinion and the result is different. This is how case numbers are created…"
16 minutes ago
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"I have noticed that many public shops and also railway stations are increasingly being rebuilt. Everything is then in black design. As if shadows want to change the world into grey and black. In my place the sun rarely shines, it is mostly grey in…"
29 minutes ago
Blue Eye Cat left a comment on Comment Wall
"Many people die from the coronavirus? Does this virus really exist? Are we being forced to vaccinate? Do all those who refuse to come to so-called camps come? What does the government do with those who refuse? I think they're being deprived of…"
39 minutes ago
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Hello there, my Light friends. The title of the last channeling was ‘The wait is over!’ Clearly, it’s not, as there was no announcement made … and you were so sure. What happened?Dearest Blossom, and All of Light that come to this place to hear or…
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
"My point is that if meditation was there long before Marxism, then there is another use of meditation other than as a Marxist tool to pacify masses. We don't need to do away with meditation altogether. We need to be careful with it. I think this…"
2 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
I believe we shared the following video a couple of years ago but it’s excellent and apropos for the current situation in America so more people will be interested at this point—and it’s coming from the military—which lends credibility.Americans…
2 hours ago