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I am a working clairvoyant living in nelson new zealand. I have lived here five years were i emigrated with my family from the uk. I have been working with spirit for more than 20yrs. I work with Lord ashtar and the ashtar command light beings the ascended masters. I am also a trance medium/channellor and work with pleadians arcturians and all beings of the light including angels and archangels. In England I taught special needs kids and am a granma.

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love wayne dwyer my guide solar the pleadians, arcturians to many to mention

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    Welcome to Ashtar fellow Pleiadians. *S*




    Hi Laura & Mike,

    Nice to see you on AC : )

    I love beautiful Nelson,

    I'm a Dunedinite with family up there

    so I spent many wonderful summers in Nelson

    & met the love of my life there,

    he's also on AC under the name KingGreg : )

    I hope you've been getting plenty of rain,

    we sure are down here!

    Many blessings to both of you...




  • Pleased to see that things in your life are now back to flowing in a postive direction. I hope you will be sharing your channellings with us soon.
    Much love and blessings to you both.
    Sue <3
  • thank u for that. It is a time when great gatherings across the world should take place starseeds from across the universe need to gather together to bring great love like we have never known b4 to the earth plane. it is not the responsibilty of one race but all as we are all aspects of the same energy we know as love. it is time to release this to the world and rid her of her suffering. we need starseeds to band together now and meet up and share there energies wherever they are in the world to make this a better place. I am in nelson nz anyone like to connect its time
  • Hi Guys

    Its Tracy
    Love to hear your channellings my daughter is an Indigo
    Blessings love and light

  • Hi Laura and Mike thank you for adding me as a friend. I look forward to getting to know you both and realising the value of our connections. I'm really excited to be here, although I'm feeling that it's going to take me some time to get to navigate my way around such interesting material. Love and peace Sue/Arisingmoon xx

  • Welcome Laura ,
    May your light shine within the Ashtar Command .
    You are also invited now to the Sister Ashtar Galactic Command site below here in the USA on Ning.
    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,

    Ashtar Galactic Command
    Uniting Our Star Family Ground Crew.On Spiritual Mission To Earth. A Community Of Lightworkers Co- Creating Heaven on Earth.Welcome Home
  • Blessings I am a Lightworker and I find i meet other lightworkers through their eyes its funny i can just tell?? welcome to ashtar command
    Namaste Tracy
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Yesterday the 18th June I was lucky enough to make contact with a very tall blue being. Not unlike the beings in Avatar in appearance who spoke to me about the new energy about to enter the earth on the 23 June when the moon is nearest the earth. He…
Jun 18, 2013
Laura and Mike left a comment on Starseeds From Pleiades
"Hello there fellow plajeans. My name is Laura I am a pleadian walk in who lives in New Zealand. I channel the energy of Solar a beautiful light being amongst others. I came to this planet to help humanity and spread the word of love. It is good to…"
Jun 10, 2013
Laura and Mike commented on Karma's Helper's blog post About Walk-Ins ~ Aruna Byers - January 20, 2013
"Hello there good that you brought up this topic as it is long overdue. I am a walk in from the pleades.This has happened to me twice in my life both times after a traumatic illness. This was confirmed to me several times independently and a lady in…"
Jan 20, 2013
Laura and Mike replied to Laura and Mike's discussion solars message for 2012 and the 21st DECEMBER 2012
"yes it is good to get positive news to many work on the fear factor if we are to ascend into this wonderful energy what do we have to fear
Dec 19, 2012

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