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I am a member of Universe.. 3 KAN. Being here to be in connection with the ones who need to give hand , with who give hand to others.. All Do's and Ki's .. I am reiki.. Connected with other universal energies.. I know who I am and where I came from and why I am on earth. Lets share..

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Nov 2, 2020
Lale left a comment on Spiritual & Physical Detox
"Thanks a lot creating this precious group and inviting me in it dear Ben... It is not some coincidence to join this group in these days for me, cause I am trying to be a vegetarian and also I am just nearby to quit SMOKING.
After a serious accident…"
Aug 10, 2010
Lale replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Nassim - Unified Field Theory

Thanks for sharing Nassim Haramein's videos that I have been met months ago..
After studying Flower of Life from Drunvalo Melchizedek, it was quiet easy for me to understand the matrix we are in..
One must watch..
Jun 28, 2010
Lale left a comment for Barron
"You are welcome, as the song on my page ( Wind...) brought you dear Barron...
What we think happens , I believe...
May 3, 2009

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 Blessed Beings, as you move forward within the density of Earth, you are breathing with the cycles of Time, with form and with the collective. What may seem like Restriction is an experience of movement.Linear reflections are immersed in the cocoon…
3 hours ago
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When you’re right, you’re right, and you know you’re right, and then there it is: the Truth for all those who didn’t know.BREAKING: FBI Official Who Investigated Trump Russia Collusion Arrested for Colluding With RussiaWhat “seems like” ≠ what is.…
3 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 What we are all about to go through is going to be very painful. We are being prepped for something unimaginable on several different fronts.Many people who are still completely asleep are about to learn that their entire lifetime and generations…
3 hours ago
nami replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion UFO seen hovering above an active volcano in Mexico, which is said to be home to a “alien base.
">The fact that I can explain something using science does not mean that it is not 'spiritual' or 'ET'. There is realy no such a dichotomy!

Yes I agree with that too.
I don't think everything can be thought of as a dichotomy!
Surface doesn't always…"
7 hours ago
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"Totally convincing 🤓"
8 hours ago
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"😂So this moronic, low-IQ yob, Jordon Walker, is supposed to be the Pfizer Director Worldwide R&D Strategy Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning..?


WELCOME TO THE LOWER ASTRAL PLANE......We truly live in the twilight zone....This…"
11 hours ago
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"What I also find in common is that everyone says that oats are healthy, although this actually only applies to cold-pressed oats. Nobody is told that the oats are heated. There are no more vitamins in the heating of oats, but they are so important."
11 hours ago
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"Before you diet, you should detoxify your body. Sometimes the metabolism isn't right either and you should perhaps have your thyroid values ​​checked to see if this organ is working normally or isn't working properly without you noticing. The body…"
11 hours ago