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Member of the Church of Light, past member of BOTA, enjoy researching Hermetic and Spiritualistic texts. Also part of the shuttle of my life...simple living, herbs/ food as medicine, meditation, art, gardening, cooking, farmer's markets, flea markets, bloodlines - secret societies - Christian/Judeo mysticism, collecting antique dictionaries/antique bibles, genealogy, and enjoying company of like minded individuals.

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Jesus Christ, Dr. Usui, St. Germain, Stephen Lovering, Pat Chalfant

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"Hi Averi,
Thank you for the friendship request.
Jan 28, 2010
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Nov 18, 2009
Kymeth replied to Marique's discussion Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent says Obama
"If disclosure does happen, then all should be prepared to make sure that it isn't a false flag - ie; Project Bluebeam. The fact that Pres. Obama received the Noble Peace Price could be suspect to ushering in a galactic peace union of sorts- is this…"
Oct 28, 2009

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"I believe Rowan Atkinson foresaw the decline in humanity's intelligence; after Black Adder he created Mr. Bean and it worked, like in the movie Idiocracy LOL"
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"Over the top, chaps....!!!

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"Fair enough Roaring...You have your list of do's and don'ts...We all do....I must suggest to you though, that "dark" does not mean evil...it simply means hidden or unknown, in the shade...For example, we call the dark cabal that, because, like a…"
3 hours ago
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But you must understand that I always tell pple not to used words in such a way as to cause ambiguity. I have wrote here over and over against:

1.) Using 'energy' to mean 'spirit'
2.)Using 'love' to mean 'God'
3.)Using 'heart' to mean 'part…"
3 hours ago
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"It is good to see Acute Observer back. Of course I disagree with him about the "cure." Please do tell us that you had both covid shots and intend taking a booster shot, every year, in perpetuity.....?? lol"
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