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“We could put the whole world’s knowledge in 4 grams of DNA”
2012 09 21


21731DNAbook_2.jpg While not the first project to demonstrate the potential of DNA storage, Church’s team married next-generation sequencing technology with a novel strategy to encode 1,000 times the largest amount of data previously stored in DNA.

The researchers used binary code to preserve the text, images and formatting of the book at a density of 5.5 petabits (1 million gigabits) per cubic millimeter. “The information density and scale compare favourably with other experimental storage methods from biology and physics,” said Sri Kosuri, a senior scientist at the Wyss Institute and senior author on the paper. The team also included Yuan Gao, a former Wyss postdoc who is now an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

And where some experimental media — like quantum holography — require incredibly cold temperatures and tremendous energy, DNA is stable at room temperature. “You can drop it wherever you want, in the desert or your backyard, and it will be there 400,000 years later,” Church said.


Read more… Snatam Kaur has released her first music video for the song Earth's Prayer from her new album Ras. Inspired by her deep love and sense of responsibility for the environment, Snatam says, "My intention for this song and this video is that it will help all of us awaken to our role as stewards of the planet." Directed and photographed by Robin Layton with music produced by Thomas Barquee.

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1. A self-portrait of NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, combining nine images taken by the rover’s Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) during the 34th Martian day, or sol.

2. Curiosity used a camera located on its arm to obtain this self portrait. The image of the top of Curiosity’s Remote Sensing Mast.

3. The left eye of the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Curiosity took this image of the camera on the rover’s arm, the Mars Hand Lens Imager

4. A photo of the calibration target for the Mars Hand Lens Imager aboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, taken by that camera on Mars.

5. A view of the landing site of NASA’s Curiosity rover, including the highest part of Mount Sharp visible to the rover.

6. The reclosable dust cover on Curiosity’s Mars Hand Lens Imager was opened for the first time during the 33rd Martian day.

7. A chapter of the layered geological history of Mars is laid bare in this colour image from Curiosity showing the base of Mount Sharp.

8. A photo taken by the Mast Camera highlights the geology of Mount Sharp, a mountain inside Gale Crater, where the rover landed.

9. A close-up of track marks from the first test drive of the Curiosity rover on Mars

10. On 28 August 2012 Curiosity drove about 52 feet (16 metres) eastward. The drive imprinted the wheel tracks visible in this image.

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Rebuilding Foundation, Work in Progress

by Lisa Renee - September 2012

This summer has been leading us through another one of those spiritual ascension developmental phases of feeling that your life is “under construction” or being continually evaluated in stages during a long “work in progress”.

Many of us have had to stand back with detached observation and stay behind the enforced construction site “yellow tape”, while the demolition derby came into your reality with a wrecking ball and a bulldozer.

For others, we have been waiting patiently for the right time and the right place to join into the new energy stream. This has had a massive impact in many ways to our life circumstance in any kind of relationship, (personal or professional) within any kind of organization, or any other type of dynamic that has been running an obsolete energy system.

These energies, astrologically, cosmically, planetary or otherwise, are forcing transformation into a new base setting of which we operate from. For some of us this is a real testament to our ability in “letting go”. We are being forced to let go of obsolete relationships, power imbalances and their emotional patterns, and that is not generally a fun experience, albeit, it is necessary.

We have to move out from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stagnation, and if something or someone is a suppressive influence on your spirit, that situation is being dismantled. Most people have a hard time with endings, so good behaviour is not always present. It is especially difficult when we have formed bonds with other people we love, generated stories that include them in our future landscape and then one has the realization that story is not going to happen. 

This time cycle is similar to a hard-drive reset, we are rebuilding the inner foundation and outer foundation of which our lives are based upon or around. Any interactive dynamic between people, places and things, that is now obsolete in this current energy level, even if it “appeared to be working”, is getting an overhaul, evaluation, and massive transformation.

Remember that this is your inner spirit navigating you through these changes, in ways your mind is not necessarily thrilled with at the time. Shifting your perspective to look at these opportunities to learn, strengthen and grow beyond your current belief systems to expand consciousness, is what the purpose of this time really means. Have comfort in that knowing, that you are Rebuilding Foundation, if you are having a difficult time during these life altering changes.

Changes are “Johnny-on-the-Spot”!

Once again, the more adaptable, flexible and fearless one is in the face of massive transformation and change, will be the relative experience one has while the dust flies and the energetic chaos continues. It is similar to a set change or location change on a movie production set. (Prop master and gaffer, where are you?) Massive reconstruction is happening now in the field and that lends to more surreal, weird and unusual experiences.

However, many of us that are seasoned on the ascension path, are not new to this type of paranormal phenomena, it’s another day in the life of a light-worker. However, these powerful forces bring a new sweeping wave of people getting a fast shake down into the “awakening fold”. This intense current is moving very fast and it requires spontaneous acceptance of massive life altering changes. In fact “spontaneous” may be an understatement, this time requires “now moment” life changes in a split second of which directions are laid out on the spot. Some of us may still try to register to the brain what is happening, but by the time it registers, the change is already been made and gone.

Those of us that have developed the ability to listen and follow the inner spirit without hesitation are marvelling at the new energetic efficiency of changes being made. The energy available to us now makes it quick, rapid, efficient and crystal clear!

However, many humans are not well equipped to counter and neutralize the kind of stress that these changes and their events, exert on the individual person. These types of life altering patterns without evolutionary context and tools can be experienced as traumatic and painful. That means fear, chaos, despair and trauma are very high in the collective fields, and we have many confused people wondering what in the heck is happening. Many people identify with these fear forces and negative feelings as stemming from their own internal misery and that is not exactly an accurate perception. The collective human energetic weight can feel like a crushing density without some development of inner foundation and inner clarity. This confusion is also transpiring in many extra dimensions outside of our 3D fishbowl, adding more intensity to the entire melting pot of transformation.

The Melting Pot

The fiery heat of the melting pot is the necessary process of synthesizing the opposing forces in our life, and as we move through this end cycle, we undergo the forging required through the “remixing” of these forces. Like hot metal being forged into shapes, the spiritual forging of a human being produces a host of new characteristic human strengths, that “forged” human has the capacity to evolve into a superhuman through the biological ascension process.

Through the spiritual ascension process, we are exposed to great internal heat, environmental shifts and energetic catalysts to effect a deep chemical change, a change so profound on our being, that it has molecular and atomic consequences. Ultimately the consequence of all of this pressure in all of its forms, as it is applied internally, and externally, has a profound impact on one’s consciousness. As an example to understand this archetypal pattern, the tarot card of Temperance represents this same alchemical mixing and blending to achieve equilibrium, ultimately as a result of the joining of forces. Those feeling the weight and density of these life changes may feel empowered and lifted to reflect or meditate on the meaning of Temperance in your life. Many times when we have context for change the suffering is removed.

“Temperance is almost invariably depicted as a person pouring liquid from one receptacle into another. Historically, this was a standard symbol of the virtue temperance, one of the cardinal virtues, representing the dilution of wine with water. In many decks, the person is a winged person/angel, usually female or androgynous, and stands with one foot on water and one foot on land.”

This most certainly is our theme this year with the Hieros Gamos, the necessary return of balancing inner and outer forces, and that process is especially being enforced now, in every area of our lives. If there is a relationship or organization we are involved in that is not flowing in the same energetic stream, that situation is gearing up for completion and the redirection of its resources. This is also serving as an energetic alignment and convergence of congruent timelines, for each being and its circumstantial level of growth.

The areas that we are not balanced or in congruent flow with our inner energies, are generally viewed from the perspective of pain and suffering. Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, can be very present in the body now, and that gives one the opportunity to address that pain and do the work necessary to transcend that pain. With an evolutionary context and some basic tools, this pain will lead us back into balance with ourselves, as we apply a proper perception with a positive attitude.

With an evolutionary context, we can begin to comprehend our larger connection to the macrocosm, or Universal forces, and we can allow ourselves to relax into that Universal flow. Once we can see our existence as a higher self within a larger group consciousness, our individual issues fall away and we cease to be so absorbed in our perception of personal suffering. Yet, the suffering experience can be productive when inquiring on the nature of the pain. Where are the areas in your life you feel pain or suffering, and what message is it giving you? Let this lead you to a new version of yourself, when you are free of internal fear, you are free to move away from suffering. This allows one to converge with others who are sharing the same energetic alignment path, which creates more balanced energy and value exchanges through the interaction between more congruent parties. There is no bad or good, it all comes down to resonance, inner congruency and the proper alignment of mutuality. Seeds must be sown where they can grow and flourish. We do not expect to grow a harvest from the bedrock of stone. One must till their own soil no other can do that for you.

Restructuring Fields

August’s magnetic peak was a pinnacle movement in the extra-dimensional fields, which like the domino effect, has created a “spiritual diaspora”, many entities and energies are dislocated from their time and space continuum. The phenomena of collapsing time and space fields has been transpiring gradually for a very long time, and rapidly gaining acceleration. Many other planes of existences and the content in those fields are undergoing: dimensional shifting, displacement, ascending in octave, time/space collapse, negotiations, surveying damage, rehabilitation and re-assignment.

The mechanics of the consciousness fields being restructured are at the highest intensity we have known on the planet now, as frequency fences, quarantines and membranes that were in place in between many other dimensions are gone. The restructuring fields are moving planes of existence and the beings living within them into different coordinate locations.

This is the necessary movement for evolutionary change involving many variations of consciousness levels that exist on earth and extra-dimensionally. Like the notes being played in a musical scale, we are playing a massive game of Universal “musical chairs” that has its players running all over the room to find a place to sit down.

This brings the quality of extra-dimensional forces, entities and disincarnates much more present to the awareness of human beings that have some degree of neurological and energetic sensitivity. Naturally the humans plugged in the most this way, are genetically pre-determined, and are the Starseed’s, Indigo’s and planetary light-workers, whether they know that is their role for incarnation on planet earth at this time, or not. We see many advanced souls still grappling mentally or emotionally to comprehend who they are and what they are truly capable of.

Any one that has been spiritually awakened is feeling, sensing and interacting with these restructuring energy fields, and lives this every day as a reality experience. Depending on one’s development to trust the inner guidance, each of us has to find our own inner truth to bridge the mental body and spiritual body experiences. That begins by forming some kind of cohesive context and language to express that experience. However we are aware that the mass majority is still not sensing most energetic phenomena, in any kind of spiritual or evolutionary context. All human beings have this capacity to access higher sensory perception, yet, very few are using that capacity.

The challenges of our human community continues with forming language, context, communication and ways to express the status of our ascending planet, and open the dialogue to discuss these great challenges that humanity faces now. We have many people operating at many more diverse levels of consciousness, and serving different roles, than ever before.

This makes intentional exchanges, clear language and communication skills extremely important as a type of energetic currency forming in the shifting paradigm. Not only are we being moved into developing greater communication skill with the incarnated human family, we are having communication with many more levels of existence, as their reality crashes into ours, and all parties involved are confused.

The confusion is how we all can openly communicate with the realms opening into the human world, and not be scared, in denial or persecuted for doing so. Our light family is needed to be supportive, inclusive and tolerant of the different ways of perceiving language and ways of communication. How do we do find the most compassionate language to draw boundary distinctions required to hold energetic space integrity, create value exchanges, and yet, feel open and inclusive to all? As we interact with these restructuring fields and the entity displacement it causes, how can we best be productive and of service?

Issues of Spiritual Diaspora

As the magnetic peak gave way to many openings in the planetary dimensional structure, this allows many more people to be exposed to these energies, elements, disincarnates and many other types of extra-dimensional activity. Multidimensional activity on earth is rapidly accelerating, and still there is not much information available to the masses about what it means to become a multidimensional human being. This leaves symptoms that people do not realize are multidimensional or spiritual- energetic issues, as they have not been given a context for multi-dimensionality, or spiritual ascension.

Many people’s bodies are having reactions to environmental energies, and their body is searching for homeo- stasis, a way to achieve balance between the changing bodily systems. As the environmental energies become more chaotic, the energy body is being exposed to many different forces, and spiritual housecleaning is not something that is taught or readily available. As light-workers, we may be helping more people to understand the necessity of energetic self- clearing, through whatever way that person can accept that communication.

It is truly critical to know that everyone has the power to call upon and run life force, to shield their body, as well as remove blocked or harmful energies from impacting their aura, as well as how they experience those energies in the environment. If one is empathic and feels geological pain and trauma, they do not have to hold onto that pain inside their body. There are many re-educational materials and ascension tools to prevent that from happening.

Most people that are seeing things in their bedroom at sleep-time, watching orbs or seeing UFO’S in the skies, do not realize that many times, they are seeing something existing in another dimension. Much of the phenomena that humans perceive more of now, has always existed at some level of interaction with that person or our planet, we just did not perceive it as existing yet. When we become multidimensional, we start to perceive things that exist in other dimensions.

Recent sequential events have changed the portal access points and removed some of the dimensional blocks that existed between the earth core and between all the subsequent dimensions 1-5. Many of those spaces have an underworld quality, some consciousness has been trapped there, and these spaces are required to be re-structured in the way they interface with the planet, and human consciousness. Guardian architects and Aurora networks are performing systematic survey of damage in these areas and a mission re-assignment is underway within the needs that are specified to create the most beneficial changes to outcome.


One byproduct of this dimensional shifting is that more people are feeling energetically slimed while visiting or moving through certain land demographics. Additionally, people are becoming more aware of the various levels of energetic attachments that come from the land mass and are getting stuck on their aura. Many light-workers already are well aware of this issue and have a regular spiritual housekeeping regime to keep their energetic aura clean and clear.(Such as the 12 D Shield) Many others have not felt this as a major issue until recently.

As our planet undergoes great polarity amplification from massive frequency and dimensional shifts, there are areas on planet that are increasingly capable of holding higher frequency, while others are not. More of us can feel these frequency differences existing in the different areas. (ascending and descending hubs) There are great energy schisms existing in some places, and grid-workers will be called to visit many of these spaces in the coming times.

Environmental harmonization is greatly needed and that is a primary role of the Starseed and Indigo families. As we are called to these places, many times the high density and reversal life force is contributed towards by trapped energies and entities in that area. To run life force throughout the grid, we must remove the blocked or dead energies first, and that includes attachments. ES community had such a project while in Bali last month.

These attachments can be a part of the following: elementals, dead energy, demonics, earth bound souls, collective thought-forms, fragments, ancestors, etheric weapons, geo-pathic stressors ( curry lines or static energy fields) and just plain bad energy ( reversed life force) deposited into the land mass, in houses, places of worship, or any other space a person walks around on the ground. This kind of negative energy can build up in a person’s aura and make one feel physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually sick.

This is similar to understanding if our life force and aura are not circulating properly we can have “clogged pipes” that make us feel “un-well”. If we have an entity attachment in our aura it can make us feel sick, slimed, and not “ourselves”. Most humans are not aware if a massive trauma happens on a land mass at any point in time, that energy is stuck there until “someone” cleans it up. If no one does, it lingers and attracts more negative energy. Generally this creates an “unhappy” space, and a sensitive may feel this energy and want to run away from it. (Hopefully, a light-worker notices it and places heart energy and living light into the field to override the heavy energies.)

Many times one may notice a place where trauma has been, such as a suicide, a person was murdered, or there is depression, just how heavy and sad that place will feel. This is called astral and etheric residue, and many of us already sense and feel when that kind of negativity is present. Thoughts and emotions are things, and leave energetic imprints and residue in everything. To an unconscious person, they pick up on these external energies and think it is coming from inside themselves. Many times the person will act out the same energetic pattern without even knowing about it.

Additionally, because we have so many displaced entities, many light-workers with a strong light aura, are attracting extra-dimensionals as well as trapped or confused human souls. They are coming to you for the light and for help. Tools will be provided in this newsletter to begin to support the land, nature and any beings that may be confused and/or stuck in that land/place/house or space. Many beings get stuck or attached to an “object” and cannot leave on their own. With this tool and an open, loving and sincere heart, you can help comfort, transit and guide these energies in a way that is good for you, and good for them.

To continue reading the tools:-  LIGHTWORKER INVOCATION COMMAND.


Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path, be kind to yourself and each other.

Love, Lisa


© 2009-2012, Lisa Renee

Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright and include the ES website url.

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Selected E-books

by Mary Mageau


Preparing For Ascension is a wonderful collection of Mary's extensive writings on Ascension and spirituality.

Preparing the Body for Ascension has a specific focus on the body and the things we can do to take care of our bodies and have them well prepared for the work in preparation for Ascension.

Journey Into Meditation is a brief, yet focussed and powerful entrée into the world of meditation. Mary has distilled great wisdom into this excellent guide.

Our Chakra System - A Portal to Interdimensional Consciousness

Mary describes the chakra system in detail and introduces the reader to the power of these energy centres.

Mary has been actively walking the spiritual path for many years and has written articles for many on-line and off-line magazines and newsletters, including her own. She has extensive knowledge and she has shared a lot of valuable information in this excellent e-book, which she is generously making available free of charge.


To download a copy of: "Preparing For Ascension",


To download a copy of: "Preparing the Body for Ascension",


To download a copy of: "Journey Into Meditation",


To download a copy of: "Our Chakra System",


To access Richard Presser's e-book "The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare for it", which provides a scientific and spiritual context for Ascension, go to the Home page.

Richard has also been working closely with Carolyn Evers on bringing forth key information regarding what awaits us at the end of 2012 and beyond. See

Other sites where you will find aspects of our work are:

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Extraterrestrial Contact: Visiting Robots

Many astrophysicists have suggested that if we meet travelling extraterrestrials they are likely to be robotic in form. Why? Artificial intelligence (AI) would not have the demands of biological intelligence in terms of biological needs. AI could be designed for travel. In space that is critical. The more mass you want to move, the more energy you need to move it. Life support requires plenty of stuff. AI wouldn’t need traditional biological life support and thus could travel in a much smaller and lighter vehicle. Because it doesn’t need fragile biological life support AI could also better withstand the dangers of space travel. Perhaps most importantly, AI could potentially travel for an infinite period of time, if it knew

Many astrophysicists have suggested that if we meet traveling extraterrestrials they are likely to be robotic in form. Why? Artificial intelligence (AI) would not have the demands of biological intelligence in terms of biological needs. AI could be designed for travel. In space that is critical. The more mass you want to move, the more energy you need to move it. Life support requires plenty of stuff. AI wouldn’t need traditional biological life support and thus could travel in a much smaller and lighter vehicle. Because it doesn’t need fragile biological life support AI could also better withstand the dangers of space travel. Perhaps most importantly, AI could potentially travel for an infinite period of time, if it knew how to protect and repair itself.
AI of an alien manufacture would likely be much different from what we would design. Just as we put anthropomorphic characteristics into our robotic design, aliens would probably do the same, but from their perspective. I think there are a couple of things we could assume about travelling AI. There would have to be a reason for the travel. You don’t expend time and energy travelling through space without a reason. Perhaps there could be multiple reasons for travel? However, it seems likely there would be one primary reason. It could be the search for other intelligent life. It could be an exploration of parts of the universe of interest to the alien designers. Perhaps it’s a religious quest of some sort? You could speculate endlessly about the possible reasons for travel. One thing is certain: there would be a reason and we would want to know that reason quickly if we were to meet such travelling robots. AI could be a threat. Perhaps the primary reason is to extinguish competing life forms? Or to secure new planets for conquest? Those are certainly the favourite scenarios in Hollywood.
The other thing that we should expect from AI would be logic. It might not be logic that we would fully understand, but there would have to be some underlying system of logic. You would assume that AI would also need the ability to learn, which is what artificial intelligence implies. It would be tough to travel the universe, encountering new things at every turn, unless you had the ability to learn and adapt. That’s a good thing because it could provide a way for us to communicate. Even if such communication was not part of the original programming or mission, AI with the ability to learn could learn to communicate.
I’ve said before that machine intelligence would be one of the tougher First Contact scenarios. We’re suspicious of AI. It’s a relatively new concept in human reality even though it has been chewed on for decades by writers. The plotlines are usually not kind in fiction or for that matter in fact. The New York Times recently pointed out how robots are replacing humans in manufacturing at a greater and greater rate.
It might be tough for biological creatures to have a relationship with artificial intelligence, especially if that intelligence came with advanced technology. It’s one thing to feel dumb compared to biological creatures, how would we handle our inferiority to machines? I suppose we can hope for robots with compassion and plenty of patience.
Join the conversation on the Alien First Contact Facebook page.
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Beyond the Fear of Living Without Money | in5d.comby Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Living without money is an issue that many are concerned about but not many people are talking about solutions. Many of us already live in either poverty or near poverty levels.  Is the answer found in government assistance and the material world or is it found in going beyond this ego-centered, materialistic world and finding a new way of living?

The world’s economy is based on economics, which is backed by the banking system that is designed to create debt.  For example, imagine that I am your local conglomerate bank and there was only $100 in existence. If I lent you that $100 and expected you to pay me back $110, how can you possibly do this when there is only $100 in existence?  Where are you going to come up with that $10 extra dollars that never existed? This is the global Ponzi scheme that banksters have been playing since the inception of currency.

The mainstream media continues to push ego-centered, materialistic programming while its advertisers support this mentality.  In the meanwhile, we are blinded by reality as we play into the system that has entrapped us as being economic slaves to the elite.  It’s a no-win situation.  The rich get richer at the expense of our hard work. Is this our true, divine reason for being here?

To put things in perspective, if a UFO were to land in your backyard, there are two things the extraterrestrial wouldn’t have:  a bible and money.

The current financial system is not backed by anything such as gold or silver, so there is not much difference between the cost of printing a $1 bill or a $100 bill because it's just paper, yet for some strange reason, we place a high value on this paper backed by nothing. This is insane!

Ask yourself this: The Roman Catholic Church has enough net worth to feed, clothe and shelter every person on this planet, so why is there starvation and homelessness? How can anyone truly feel happiness while knowing their fellow citizens are starving? How blinded are we by the main stream media?

So, how can we live in abundance without money?  Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project has all of the answers. 

Is this the reality you are creating and envisioning?

The only people who NEED money are the same people who made us their economic slaves. It’s time to break those chains.

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UFO Sightings illustrated by Michael Schratt

This is Aerospace Historian Michael Schratt's lecture at the UFO Crash Conference in Las Vegas in 2009, titled - Bombshell UFO Case Files Revealed: Excerpts from the CUFOS Archives. Michael covers dozens of UFO case files adding his own Auto-cad illustrations of the UFOs as described by first hand witnesses.
Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) presents a fully illustrated and well documented lecture using technical engineering drawings and full color visual aides, specifically focusing on the most shocking UFO case files originating from the CUFOS archives. Cases covered include: The 1972 "Fiery Ellipse" case over Venezuela, the 1968 "Vent UFO" case over Saskatchewan, 1976 Dana Point CA "Fat Frisbee" case, 1972 Long Island "Flying Iron" UFO case, 1964 Cisco Grove CA "Bow and Arrow" case, 1988 "Conning Tower" UFO case over Gresham OR, 1967 Ririe ID multiple occupant UFO case, The 2003 "Flying Truss Bridge" case over Helena MO, 1966 encounter between a ¼ mile diameter UFO and a USAF B-52 over South Vietnam, and dozens more. Strap in and prepare yourself for a rapid fire whirlwind tour of the most significant yet buried UFO cases ever to be revealed outside the "Blue Room".

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UFO Sightings 12 Year Old Johny Zoltkowski Builds Communication Device To Speak With Inter-dimensional Beings! Join Third phase of moon in this exclusive interview in regards to HOLLOW EARTH BILLIE WOODARD and Crystal Power Communication Device! Click Link for more information!


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