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Holograms are three-dimensional images produced through photographic projection. Unlike 3-D graphics or Virtual Reality or Augmented reality displays where the image is projected in a two-dimensional surface and where the illusion of depth is applied, holograms are truly three-dimensional images that do not need special viewing equipments.

The first hologram was created in 1947 by Dennis Gabor while doing research on improving the resolution of electron microscopes. The lasers needed for displaying and creating these holograms, however, did not exist until 1960.

Categories of Holograms

Holograms can be categorized into reflection holograms that use white light or laser light reflecting off surfaces to create the three-dimensional image. Transmission holograms, on the other hand, create the three-dimensional image by using monochromatic light.

Components of a Holographic Device


Lasers are the main components in holographic equipment, and produce the actual images. The image color will depend on the type of laser used to create the image. The most common laser used for creating holograms is the red laser or helium-neon (HeNe) lasers. A shutter device may also be needed to control the laser beam's exposure. After laser ignition, the laser beam is directed towards a beam splitter.Holograms Holograms

Beam Splitter

A beam splitter is an apparatus whose main task in hologram production is to divide the beam of light that has been directed to it. The beam splitter does this by using mirrors and prisms. The resulting beams are reflected off mirrors to direct them to the correct location.


Mirrors are used to direct the light correctly so that they will hit the intended targets. This component must be kept clean to ensure the clarity of the resultant image, and to prevent heat build up.


Lenses are used in creating holographic images. They spread out the beam coming from the lasers. These lenses take the light reflected by the mirrors and spread out the beam so that the beam can be turned into wide swaths of light.

Holographic Film

Holographic films capture the holographic image. Holographic films are similar to photographic films in the sense that they both have a layer of compounds on their surface that are sensitive to the changes in light. Holographic films differ from photographic films, however, since they are much more sensitive and are able to record minute differences in light over very small distances.

Applications of Holograms

Holograms have many commercial applications. Some of these applications are:

  • Compact disc players which use holograms to process the light
  • Spinning holograms used in scanners in grocery stores
  • Holographic gratings used in high-resolution spectrometers
  • Non-destructive testing of specimens in laboratories using holographic interferometry
  • Prevention of counterfeit credit cards through the use of holographic images
  • Heads up displays (HUDs) used in military aircraft
  • Bar codes in store check-out counters using rotating computer-generated holograms called holographic scanners
  • Phase conjugation studies
  • Femto-second lasers
  • The next-generation hard drives named HOLOSTORE which use holographic computer  memory systems that have the ability to store a lot more information than traditional computer hard drives

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Pulling out the old Oxford Dictionary, I find Angel defined as: "An attendant or messenger of God, usually shown in pictures as a being in human form with wings and dressed in long white robes."

The New Age A to Z has Angel defined much more detailed: "The title of a level achieved in the multi leveled or hierarchical etheric world intelligence. This level of achievement is gained over many lifetimes of purifying the spirit or by coming up through the ranks, first as a nature spirit. Angels are "messengers" as the Greek root word indicates.... Angels don’t have earthly bodies. However, they can lower the vibratory rate of their bodies and make appearances in what look like human bodies. When asked, angels bring help and wisdom to those on earth. They are asked either consciously or unconsciously."

Angels are for everyone!

Richard Webster points out that all religions, and people without a religion, have seen Angels. You will find Angels in every religion and myth.

Angels appear different to different people!

This fact that Angels appear to people differently seems to reflect the expectation of the viewer! Some don’t see them yet seem to be aware of them, often as a small voice that they may see as their conscience.

Angels are not people who died, nor male or female.

Webster tells that us that, besides the prophet Enoch, angels are not someone who has passed on, but are immortal, ageless, sexless and able to make themselves visible or invisible. Sometimes an angel will come in a feminine form or choose to be sexless or male.

Angels act as messengers between heaven and earth as well as acting as Guides, protectors and nurtures. The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, which is derived from the Hebrew word mal’ akh, meaning "messenger".

Don Gilmore, a minister, describes Angels as "forms, images or expressions through which the essences and energy forces of God can be transmitted."



Some Say Angels have their own Hierarchy.

I must say that when ever I have spoken to the Arch Angels, they laugh at this idea of Hierarchy. They say that no one is closer to God than another! The first time a hierarchy is mentioned seems to be in the fifth century by Pseudo-Dionysius. He says there are nine choirs of Angels which are arranged in three groups or triads.

First Triad: 1 Seraphim, 2 Cheribum, 3 Thrones

Second Triad: 4 Dominions, 5 Virtues, 6 Powers

Third Triad: 7 Principalities, 8 Archangels, 9 Angels

The Arch Angels names vary depending on who you ask!

For this information, I went to my favorite Arch Angel expert, John Sackett. John is a conscious channel. As a matter of fact, he is the clearest channel I know!

John told me that the Seven Arch Angels are Michael (blue), Gabriel (crystalline white), Uriel (ruby), Raphael(green) These are the four primary ones that relate to the four directions, astrological elements and such. And then Jophiel (yellow) (my buddy), Zadkiel (violet) and Chamuel (rose pink). These names are the one’s that John has personally experienced and I have also dealt with most of them. Each has a distinct personality and vibration or feel to them.

In Webster’s book he has the same first four Arch Angels but has Raguel, Sariel and Remiel as the last three. Both he and John speak of seeing many different versions.

Arch Angel Michael’s Name is said to mean "One Who Is Like God". Webster said he represents love, his element is fire, his direction is south, his season is autumn, his color is red and his zodiac signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If this is true, Michael would represent the Lion. As you can see there are differences in opinion, so go with what feels the best to you!

Arch Angels Gabriel’s name is said to mean "God Is My Strength". Webster says he represents overcoming doubt and fear, his element is water, his direction is west, his season is winter, his color is emerald and his zodiac signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Gabriel would then represent the Phoenix.

Arch Angel Raphael’s name is said to mean "Shining One Who Heals". I do know that Raphael is very often associated with healing. Wester says he represents healing, his element is air, his direction is east, his season is spring, his color is blue and his zodiac signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Raphael would then represent the Angel Man.

Arch Angel Uriel’s (who is the most funny and easy going of the lot) name is said to mean "Fire Of God" and Webster says he represents clear thinking, his element is Earth, his direction is north, his season is summer, his color is white and his zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. He would then represent the bull.

There is one more important Angel to mention and that is Metatron. Webster says his name means "Closest To The Throne". Metatron is not an Arch Angel, but Webster tells us he is the only human being to become an Angel and that he was formally the prophet Enoch.


How to Connect with The Angels and Hear them Back!

In this section you will learn, step by step, how to start to hear your Angel Guide and write it down!

The Authors include an answer that the Angels gave when asked:

"Angels, how does one learn this skill (of hearing or sensing them c.g.)".

Please note that the italics portions are the angels speaking.

"Practice, practice, practice. Just as you have learned anything. Pray for guidance, insight. Remain open to the skill and allow it to come to you. Remember, all knowledge is already within you... Knowledge will come to you in many ways. Through study. Through dreams. Through experience... In order to connect with us in writing, all you need to do is pray, breathe, listen, write, accept, follow your inner knowing, and trust."

Step 1: Pray

"Ask to be a clear channel and keep yourself out of it. Pray for the truth and the gift of spiritual hearing."

The Authors say that prayer is an invitation to God to come to you. It doesn’t matter what you pray. It is the intention that starts the energy flow.

Step 2: Breathe

"Sit and relax, Breath and become open. Do not meditate. But also do not activate. Just be serene nature."

The authors suggest that you keep your eyes open or you will fall in too deep of a state. They say that you should concentrate on longer and slower breaths.

Step 3: Listen

"We come to you like a whisper. Soft and gentle. It will seem as your own thoughts, but we will stop and start. If you hear three words, type or write the three words. There may be a pause before the next words. But they will come. Do not force it, us or you."

The authors reinforce the idea that the angels are communicating with you. They tell us it is the very same "voice" that has been guiding you all your life. Sometimes the message will come to you as a feeling or knowing. You are not going to hear anything different than you already had.

Step4: Write

"Hear the words come just a second before they are written. You will hear. Don’t worry about it making sense. You do not have to go into some spiritual state. Just write what you hear as you hear it. Sometimes you will receive a "thought sentence" where you know what you are going to write in total, like a story you know already or a phrase you frequently use. The harder you think, the less flow there will be."

The authors tell us the Angels call this "automatic dictation." You are simply recording the information as it is being given to you through your thoughts! You write what you know, feel or hear. The authors also suggest asking a short question and then listening to see what the answer is. They remind us that there is no correct way to receive the answer or information, so just begin and you will develop your own way as you go.

Step 5: Accept

"What you write is what you write, we are guiding you but it will feel as though you are making it up. It may always feel as though you are making it up. Acceptance is the most important part."

They send messages and it is important to remember that the messages are filtering through your life experience, your brain, your personality, your vocabulary and your memories. The authors remind (and very appropriately, I must say) at times you may doubt or question, but remember: the messages are never unloving, unkind or mean.

Step 6: Inner Knowing

"There will be an absence of ego involved. You will not have to "think" about it or "plan" it as you would a paper. It just comes. You will find you don’t remember what you wrote after you wrote it. It will always seem fresh."

Angels are totally without ego. They are honest, sometimes silly or are poor spellers, and some even have accents. You never talk to yourself as they do. They are much nicer. The more you practice and trust, the better and clearer are the messages.

Step 7: Trust

"What we tell you is the best information we have at the time you receive it. We do not want to run your life. This is a guidance to speed you along and to teach you skills you will need in your life’s work. These are spiritual gifts. You did not have to do anything to get them, more will be given you are you progress. Do not dissect for accuracy. Free will and differently time tables create different patters similar to ocean currents."

They are asking you to give your self a little time to trust them. The more you visit and work with them the more they can help and the easier it will be to access them and their assistance.

"Above all, dear ones, know that this is the most loving thing we can do for you and we want you to succeed even more than you do. We will help you grow as fast as it is necessary for you to grow this lifetime. We will do all within our power to aid you through loving education and support."


Don’t expect your hand to move on it’s own. It is more like you are taking dictation or relaying to the paper what you are hearing. After a while the information will just flow in stead of being in relay mode.


Ways To Experience Your Angel or Guide.

In this section you will find different ways to experience your Angelic Guides (as well as other Guides you might choose,) plus the Four Fundamentals of Living successfully while working with the Angels!

Ask Them to Visit: You can ask them to visit you and then sit still and sense any vibration, feeling, emotion or anything that might feel different, sometimes when they want to talk or visit, it feels like they are tickling the top of my head.

Knowing: You may gradually feel more protection and guidance around you. There is a subtle knowing of connection with your angel. You just may feel better knowing that they are around!

Dreams: Your angel or Guide might appear in your dreams.

Thoughts or Feelings: Sometimes we have thoughts that come up on us as a surprise. It isn’t the way we would normally think or a feeling that is unfamiliar! Start to trust this little by little. I find that if the thought or feeling is harmful or negative, it is our own subconscious chatter or inner judge, not our Guide. The thoughts or feelings from a Guide are always positive (even if it is saying not to do something) and non judgmental.

Intuition: Sometimes what we call intuition is the same as our Guides communicating with us!

Prayer: Prayer is a wonderful way to connect to your Guides, especially the Angelic Realm. You can pray that they become more active and noticeable in your life. Ask for your own consciousness to be more aligned and connected to their energy or vibration.

Coincidence, Synchronicity and Serendipity: Watch for your Guides influence on a normal day happening. Did you need to speak to someone and run into them at the store? Did you get a parking spot that was too good to be true? (We all love the Parking Space Angel!) Sometimes it is the subtle connections that make life so wonderful! Remember to thank your Guide when these things occur!


The next set of points about Connecting with Angels comes from the Book, Angelspeake: A Guide by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold. I have often copied the information straight from the books. I have not put quotes on everything, as I have chosen to acknowledge the authors ahead of time. In this case, I quoted and italicized the quotes of the Angels. I highly recommend this book, Angelspeake, if you are interested in going further. Each of the books I have mentioned should be available from your local bookstore.


The Four Fundamentals for Living Successfully while working with the Angels:

Ask: "Be specific" is the first suggestion. Almost everyone who knows or talks to Angels say that They can’t help you unless you ask! They are not allowed to intrude on your free will. Do not be afraid to ask for material as well as spiritual gifts. They don’t mind you asking for parking spots or green lights, especially if it will get you to believe you can ask for things and get them!

Believe: After you have asked for something to be brought into your life, the author’s Guide says it is necessary to believe and trust that it is the right thing for you. They say to expect and believe that it shall be given if it is for your greatest good.

Remain in the Silence and Let it Happen: They say that this step requires patience. Let go and let the Angels do their work. They specifically say to not meddle. Not meddling shows that you believe! You don’t need to repeat your wish list again and again. They heard you the first time!

Thank You: Don’t forget to give thanks when you get what you asked for. Say thank you even if it didn’t come about just as you planned. They gave you what you wanted in a way that was for your highest good.



The Journey To Meet Your Spirit Guides

This section is the actual journey! I highly recommend reading this section out loud into a tape recorder and replaying it for the actual journey! You might want to look at the steps to attract the Elementals for suggestions for creating a sacred space for your journey as well as following the tips for successful journeying found in the previous section!

Start of this Journey

You breathe in and out, and relax. Continue breathing easily, softly, in and out. Before you, you see a familiar path. This path leads you into the woods. As you walk along, you see high grass and trees all around you. In front of you, a sunbeam is shining on a clear, round circle of grass. You step up to the edge of the trees, and you can see the clearing is very soft and peaceful. The soft ray is shining down, making the area very bright. You see seven standing together in a circle. These seven can take on colors; they can take on form as animals or winged ones; they can be sounds that you can recognize as an object; they can be plants or rocks, they can be anything.

The first one you look at is right in front of you. This is your spirit, the one standing right in front of you. Remember what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell. Look at the subject very carefully, for you are looking at your spirit. Look at the color, listen for the sound.

Remember this, then move over to the left and look at the next spirit. The sun shines very clearly on it. Remember what color it is. Remember what it looks like. Remember what it sounds like, for this is the spirit of your emotions.

Move over to the left around the circle, and the sun is shining very clearly on the next spirit. It is very solid and you can see its personality. You can see its color. You can hear it. You are looking at the spirit of your body. Remember what you see.

Move left around the circle and standing there in the green grass is another spirit. Look very carefully at this subject. You can see it clearly. You can hear it. You can smell it. You are looking at the spirit of your mind.

You move around the circle to the left and you come to a spirit that is very strong. You can feel its presence and see what it is—what type of animal or two-legged, or what color the spirit might be is very clear to you. You are looking at the guide that protects and guides you on earth.

Move on around and you have almost completed the circle of spirits. The next one stands very strong You look at this spirit. You feel it, you hear it, you see it. This is the spirit that guides you in the spirit world. It is the one that you make contact with that allows you to go into the spirit world.

Move to the last spirit in the circle. Look at this final spirit and see what it is. You listen to it, hear how it sounds, sense how it feels to you in your mind. This is your protecting spirit. It is the one you use to protect you in all things that you do.

Step back now and look once again at your spirit guide, your emotional guide, your body guide, your mind guide, at the guide you use on earth, at your guide to the spirit world, and at your protecting spirit. Breathe in and out very softly, and remember who they are and what they are, how they sound and how they smell, what color they are. Thank them for being there. Begin to leave by walking through the woods. Turn and look; it is now very quiet in the circle, and the sun is no longer shining down.

As you walk away, feel yourself coming back to your body, the warm, familiar physical presence. You regain yourself, open your eyes, and work with your journal on what you have seen. If you have trouble with any of the spirit guides, you can return through the path to the clearing and call the spirits forth again, and walk through them to find the ones you are looking for.

End of this Journey

You can use this journeying to call on any of your guides. The object is to get into a relaxed position and with intent, call on the Guide that you wish to bring forth. Allow your mind to see what it wants, not what you expect to see. It is good to always have a journal or tape-recorded close by to record what you see, sense, know or feel afterwards. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t literally see something, you will usually get at least a feeling or sensation and you can start with that.


You have permission to reprint what you have just read. Use it in your ezine, at your website or in your newsletter. The only requirement is including the following footer with links...

Article by Cindy Griffith visit for more original content like this. Reprint permission granted with this footer included.

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Arcturians an Introduction....this information will give you knowledge of the Arcturians who are the most advanced in this Universe.
We Are the Arcturians

We are the Arcturians, and I am Juliano, one of the commanders of the contingent that is overseeing the Earth connection. We have a very strong interest in the Earth, for we view ourselves as the midwives of your spiritual birth into the fifth dimension. You would not expect a human baby to be born into the third dimension without assistance to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, we have been designated as powerful helpers for you in your birthing process. We are like a magnet that is attracting your spiritual energy into the higher realms.

Please understand how important it is for you to have this magnetic attraction. There are many distortions and diversions on your third dimension. We know that you experience difficulty when you are trying to concentrate. We are experts on focusing energy into the higher spiritual realms. Our working with you is going to foster and accelerate your development in a way that will help you to move into the fifth dimension in a comfortable and smooth fashion. Thus, we view our coming together as part of your ascension process.

Many of you have multiple, past life connections with different star systems, such as the Pleiades, and other galactic systems that you are not consciously aware of in your Earth knowledge base. I remind you that you connect to the other star systems through the Arcturian Stargate- through us. We are loving beings, serving the highest wisdom. We do not interfere, but only bring you to these planes as your assistants and guides.

Connecting with the Arcturians
It is important for you to learn how to interact with the higher dimensions and how to become more proficient at interfacing with other planetary beings who are in alignment with the goals of your development. This is most important when you are experiencing what you call extraterrestrial beings, for you must be very careful that you align with those who understand and support your chosen path of evolutionary development.

You may think of us as highly developed spiritual beings from the fifth dimension who are assisting the Earth beings in their transition. We experienced our own third dimensional shift, our own ascension, a very long time ago. We have evolved to a higher state of consciousness, a state that many of you very much admire and wish to participate in. This state of consciousness has to do with the overcoming of primitive, basic instincts, and the moving to a higher frequency that will allow you to exist in your light bodies.

This really is the purpose of your evolutionary path on the Earth. You wish to leave the physical and go into the light. What is meant by “go into the light”? It is your ability to be in your light body, free of the physical constraints of the Earth, free of the need for the very contracted aspects of your life, those aspects that have to do with the finiteness of the conception of your existence.

Not only have we worked with many starseeds, but we have also seen many planets go through evolutionary shifts. It is of great interest to us to observe the Earth and the planetary shift that she is currently experiencing. Never has there been as much assistance available to a planet as there is now to the Earth. You need to know of the caring and concern that many higher beings have for the Earth, and you need to know that they are watching over you. They are also participating in the Earth evolution and her new birth. The Earth is literally being “born again”. There is a continuous death and rebirth cycle in the universe. The Earth is going through a birthing process, and you are at the cusp of this evolutionary shift.

The Arcturian Transmissions

We want to discuss with you the nature of our transmissions. First of all, we are studying you carefully, as well as helping you. We are studying your unfoldment as planetary beings. We are studying your resistance, your densities, and your blocks to the higher levels, including your acceptance of our existence. Part of this resistance focuses on your cultural upbringing, and your insistence in the educational process on logical understanding. On the one hand, this has been a major advancement. On the other hand, it has led you to many solid walls in your spiritual development as galactic beings.

We need to remind you of your abilities to transform and activate through light. We can reach you through speech, but part of our major message is also an energy exchange. As we speak, our ships in the fifth dimension are centered over you. Those who are hearing these words and reading these pages, know that you can expand your awareness to the fifth dimension. Know that the light from us and our ships can reach you. Do not be afraid to activate yourselves. You have sought us out because you have sensed a presence from another part of the galaxy within you.

Think of the excitement you will feel when you acknowledge that you exist in a galaxy in which you have opportunities to interact with countless other beings and entities. Just open up to that possibility. When you do, then you can receive transmissions from us.

Our transmissions are on a higher frequency that is still immeasurable by your instrumentation. When receiving us, there is a slight beeping sound that comes into your auric field. This activates special electromagnetic receptors in your cellular structure, enabling you to receive our thoughts. It helps you to “let go” in order to receive these messages. Then you can translate them into your language.

We have learned your language, and we have studied your thought patterns. We are familiar with your methods of deduction and induction. We have studied your fears, your reactions and your human aggressiveness that has been such a problem. Your jealousies, your hatreds- we have explored these through many of our contacts and observations. At times, with the permission of your higher selves, we have temporarily resided in your bodies so that we could go through days with you, or weeks, or even months when that was acceptable. We have observed you so that we could learn more about your emotional states. We have appreciated the opportunity to be with you for such periods of time.

In return, we have offered you the reverse: we have offered invitations to you to reside with us. You can come with us in spirit to our planet, or visit our ships. The reverse, however, has been more difficult, for many of you have not adequately prepared for a higher frequency existence. We have found that, for the most part, you are in need of deep healing. The experience of being on the Earth has been very traumatic for most of you, and it requires some recovery. We are more than willing to make our technology and thought patterns available to you for your healing.

One of our special gifts to you is our thought patterns. We have certain frequencies that can be made available to others. These thought frequencies are not necessarily transmitted in words, although there are sounds that can be voiced. When you are able to exist on our frequency, you can experience an expansion of your cells, an expansion into your light bodies, your light consciousness and your galactic selves. Open your minds to the possibility of being on a new frequency. We will be providing different sounds that will help to activate you to this frequency. If you are reading these words, simply connect with us in your thoughts, and we will be open to working with you.

Just tuning in on our frequency will provide an upliftment and an expansion for you. Frequencies are waves that you can ride. Receive our frequency into your fields. Direct your consciousness to your auras now, and be open to receiving the frequency of the Arcturians. We are peaceful and spiritual. We seek higher development and higher ethereal contact. We can help you transcend your lower vibrations. It is through our abilities to work with frequencies that we can achieve higher states of healing, spiritual consciousness and technological development.

The Arcturian Earth Mission

The Arcturians have been connected with the Earth and the human race in varying capacities for the past 150,000 years. We have been very involved in the affairs of the planet Earth for the last 20,000 years. Some of us were here much earlier, but this is the active phase of our planetary involvement. We have had major contacts with you in your current historic period. We were involved with the Hebrews on Mount Sinai under the direction of Sananda and others. We have been overseeing some of the evolutionary changes that have occurred. Even more recently, we have been able to work with many of the Native Americans very directly. Now, we are again working closely with many of you as starseeds. Thus, you can see that we have a long-standing kinship with the human race.

At this time, we have great contact and involvement with the Earth because so many Arcturian starseeds are here. We work with the permission of, and in service to, your White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood. We acknowledge Sananda to be the Ascended Master of your planet. The guidance that he offers you is from the highest galactic source. We interface with that knowledge, as well as with his work and his great love. We acknowledge all of your religious experiences, only wishing to bring you into the highest interface with spiritual light.

It is true that other space beings are coming to your planet continually for observation. Presently, some are interacting with you. We are interacting only with certain chosen people on a modified level, but we are seeking to create an awareness of our presence. This has been authorized by the highest sources in conjunction with your planetary evolution.

We have not been directly involved in human evolutionary changes or genetic restructuring. Those issues were left up to the Pleiadians and the Sirians. Other extraterrestrial groups have also done these things. We, however, function more in the role of teachers or overseers. We are here to help you graduate so that you can ascend into the stargate, and move into the fifth dimensional realm.

Our current Earth mission is a very broad base mission. It is a mission of love, spiritual evolvement, and learning. It is a mission of connection, and, more specifically, a mission of energy infusion. Ascension is a form of expansion. To expand, you need to hold more energy. This is a universal law. We can help you accelerate your mental, emotional and physical systems through the process of energy infusion.

The Earth is experiencing an interdimensional transition. The locks on the third dimensional realms are being loosened, not only for you, but for the Earth as well. This is allowing a tremendous infusion of energy to occur. If you focus your energy on higher beings, like ourselves, you can work effectively in this new energy. We are very pleased that we can now anchor fifth dimensional energy even more deeply into your planetary system, and help the Earth in her ascension process.

With the onset of this increased energy and the openings into the higher dimensions, you need a focus. That is one of our missions to you- to provide a consistent, etherically pure and high spiritual energy focus for you. We are providing a gateway for you to meet us, just as we have a gateway to the galaxy. This is our gift to you. We want this to be a group gateway, for we communicate and work as a group consciousness.

We want to help you raise your level of consciousness to a point where you can enter the dimensional corridors that are now opening. You can use these dimensional corridors to communicate and interact with us. We can train you to work in interdimensional spaces, and project yourselves through the corridors to our ships, and then to the Arcturian system. We can help Connecting with the Arcturians you to project yourselves to the interdimensional temples located on the beautiful mountains of Arcturus.

It is also our mission to assist you in your purification. Come to us in your consciousness, and know that we will assist you to purify and to cleanse, so you can raise yourselves and your planet to a higher level. We know how to help you purify your thought patterns. We realized long ago that when you refine your thought patterns, you are well on the way towards your spiritual birth.

We are a spiritual race, and we communicate telepathically. We are specialists in bringing you the highest spiritual light, and in utilizing healing chambers in order to provide assistance to you. We bring down a golden blue beam of light for you. This light is sprinkling very powerful rays that will enter your crown chakra. We personally greet each of you with this burst of energy. We recommend that you take this energy into your crown chakra and expand your consciousness even beyond your emerging awareness of the Arcturians.

The Arcturian System
We have a different name for Arcturus. It is in a language you would not be able to understand, but what it means is “the star that gives light” in much the way you look at a mother who is providing life-giving nourishment. It is a well-seasoned star that has been our focus for many eons. 

As you might expect, our years are not like your years. Our planet travels around the star Arcturus once every three hundred twenty-two Earth years. You can imagine the difference in time orientation. We live in a solar system that has fifteen planets, and each planet is in a different stage of development. Some planets exist solely in the third dimension. Others exist simultaneously in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

In the Arcturian system, we live predominantly without a gravity field. There is, however, a slight gravitational pull on our etheric presence.

We are now overseeing an inhabited planet in our system that is third dimensional like the Earth, but moving towards the fifth dimension. We are assisting those souls by helping them to reincarnate through the Earth system, and then use that energy to connect to an access point into the fifth dimension. Many Arcturian starseeds currently on Earth come from this planet.

The Arcturian Culture
We exist in a dimensional reality that is of a clarity that you cannot currently comprehend. The purity and the clarity on our planet would be very refreshing to you. You would immediately sense a personal purification upon initial contact with us. The extra baggage you carry on your third dimensional world would be immediately eliminated.

We have no concerns about physical survival, security, retirement, pension, or even forms of primitive work. These matters are not included in our realm. We devote our time and space to spiritual life. This is not a life without pleasure, do not mistake that. We engage in music and in relationships. We engage in work, but it is not on the primitive level that your culture and society demands. The work is more suited to our individual desires and spiritual paths. This higher concept of work is something that you are now seeking.

We are very focused on the color blue. We focus on intermingling with other dimensions. The whole system of our civilization is based on a group of leaders who are deeply involved in thought projection. They help to maintain the structure of our civilization, its codes, its spiritual harmony and unity. The foundation of the system is maintained through thought projection. This is the true work of our leaders. They are specially chosen, and they are trained to maintain the thought projections of our system.

This allows others to engage in exploration. Our explorers know that they can return to our base of operation. When we travel interdimensionally, it is important that we take with us workers who will continue to connect with our base of operations through thought projections.

Thought projection requires a concentrated effort and an ability to be extremely focused. It is used by the Pleiadians and the Arcturians for the manifestation of objects and tools. We have special training centers that teach thought projection. The first step is to remove attachments, for you cannot do thought projection for personal gain or greed. That is one of the laws of the universe. If the ego is too involved in these projections, then the task becomes impossible. Teaching the principles of thought projection involves instilling the knowledge of how to use this tool wisely.

All beings, including humans, possess a particular frequency that allows us all to uniquely express ourselves in a mission. Your mission is a symbol and a significant sign of your starlight. We attune to that concept very early in our children's development, so that we can immediately provide the highest stimulation and direction for each child. We are not competitive, for we are trained to realize that each of us has a unique frequency, or purpose.

The Arcturians are a very peaceful race. We have not been involved in warfare for a very long time. We do have the ability to manifest in the third dimension. We have the ability to protect ourselves on our ships, but we are not engaged in anything that is even close to any form of conflict. If we encounter a problem, we can immediately dematerialize. Thus, any object that would be projected our way would simply go through us, and not cause us any harm. Many extraterrestrial civilizations have learned how to do this.

On Arcturus, we too experience the death of our form, but our passing is experienced in a much different sense. For it is not conceived as the end, but merely as a transitory state of our existence. Our Arcturian lives are only one of the many different multidimensional selves that is part of our complete being.

The Arcturian Energy Libraries
As your electromagnetic energy fields vibrate at faster rate, your memories will be activated. Go to the libraries of Arcturus in your thoughts. The libraries will be a very comfortable place for you. These libraries are not like normal libraries on the Earth plane, where you go and read books. They are libraries of energy sources. So you must imagine that when you come into a library, you are remembering energy patterns and electromagnetic vibrations.

All of your historic religious masters have had exposure to, or elongated contact with extraterrestrial energies. Some did not even know that they were in contact with extraterrestrial sources. These contacts were experienced as gods or as angels speaking. All of your masters have reached the point of electromagnetic awareness that allowed them to experience a nonverbal, mystical energy. This is what you are moving to when you come into the Arcturian libraries.

The Eckankar is also very connected with Arcturian energy. The light vibration from the Eckankar is Arcturian in source. The light streams in the electromagnetic vibratory arrangements are very similar in frequency to the energy you will find in the Arcturian libraries. The Eck masters have freely come and worked in the Arcturian libraries. Many of them are accessing Arcturian energy from the libraries.

You are very verbal and very literal in your thinking processes, but you can also know and remember through an energy exchange. This has been the basis of the Eckankar process in its pure form, i.e., an energy exchange. This comes directly from the Arcturian spiritual schools where you are trained and taught through energy magnetism. Bring yourself to the point of allowing that process to occur within you.

Form and Appearance
We will send you an image of our appearance. Do not use the Zeta Reticuli as a standard. You may picture a slender being that is a male. In your terminology, he is approximately five feet eleven inches tall, very slender, with flowing hair. He has a cape that comes down to the waist. His face is slender. He has large eyes, eyes that are twice the size of human eyes. His ears are relatively small and slender. His mouth is slender, with thin lips. Talking is not a high priority because we use thought transmission. He is very pleasant. Can you imagine that figure?

We are manifesting our presence to you. We will work through Gudrun for the drawing of the picture, and she will have all the necessary information and guidance. Perhaps this picture could be included with some of the writings, as many people are curious about us and we understand your desire to picture us more fully.

This is the best form for us to assume during a third dimensional interactive state, but we can exist on many levels, and we can assume other forms. To come into this dimensional level, however, we have a specific form that we assume. Were you to meet us on another level, you would interact with us in another form. You would have no way of describing that other form in Earthly terminology.

You would not be able to relate to our pure form now, because you are still maintaining your physical presence. Your physical presence on the Earth requires a certain confinement of thought and energy. When you are able to break out of this confinement, you will know that you are also vibratory beings who do not need to be encased in physical bodies. You are currently evolving toward this perspective. This is also the perspective that is involved in ascension. You must realize that your physical bodies are not required for your continued existence. The goal is to become more wholly invested in your light body, or vibratory form.

You may question our physical structure and our apparent lack of physical strength. Because of our highly developed thought processes, we can use telekinesis and teleportation for moving ourselves and other objects. We do not need to use any form of physical exertion. Mental powers are so much more efficient! We do not need to create objects that are heavy. Our technology is advanced enough to make objects light and easily moveable with the mind.

You can even sense “thought movement” on Earth when you have light objects around, such as a feather or a piece of paper. When the wind blows you know the paper may move. Sometimes you can even encourage the wind to come and that will move the paper. Such an action is a beginning sign of telekinesis. If you are interested in developing your telekinesis skills as well as your telepathic skills, then we suggest you work on very light objects in the early stages. We will not guarantee your success. You have not been trained at an early age to engage in these processes the way that we have from childhood.

Arcturian Consciousness

We are individual souls, but we constantly relate to our group soul. However, we relate to our group soul in a way that is not easily understood by you. You perceive coming into a group consciousness as giving up your individuality. However, coming into the group actually enhances your individuality. We are not advocating that there should be a mass giving up of individuality. We have individual souls, but we are so highly evolved that we are in touch with our group soul constantly.

We have gone beyond the ego boundaries you still experience. We have gone beyond even the physical dimensions you exist in, such as your body form. We have developed techniques for group souls, or extended families, as you have called them. You might think that our individual selves have been given over to the group self. This has occurred in some local galactic civilizations. The Zeta Reticuli have experienced an evolutionary lapse, a weakness in their chain. Because of their complete focus on the group, they have not been able to progress. They have lost too much of their individuality, and they have begun to lose their genetic vitality. Fortunately, we did not have this problem. We were able to encompass and integrate the needs of the individual with those of the group.

Please understand that, in our perception, we are a group energy, and we participate in group soul activity. You ask us if we are mental; the answer is yes, we are mental. We are communicating with you mentally. We are not channeling through what you would consider emotional responses. We believe you can access this emotional energy through your other great leaders such as Mother Mary or Sananda-Jesus. Our role is not necessarily to repeat that message of emotion for you, for there are others who are already bringing that vibration to you.

To assume that when a being is mental, he does not feel love or is not emotional, is not a view we adhere to. How can one exist in a mental framework without an emotional-body presence? We feel that mental energy is not necessarily an energy of detachment. From our perspective, as you rise on the mental plane, you become the observer and the object together, without losing either boundary. It is your philosophy that has perhaps led you to believe that you must give up one of them. Our message to you is that when you merge with your group soul, you are expanding rather than losing yourselves.

We have evolved far beyond the emotional problems that are so prevalent on the Earth. We have the ability to surpass all of the negative emotions that have been plaguing your planet. We know that many of you view us, the Arcturians, as predominantly mental beings. It is true that we wish to help you develop your mental bodies. Yes, we are very scientific beings, but we can also help you to clarify and purify your emotional bodies. Of course, we are not solely mental beings. We are very much attuned to your emotional life and to your emotional well being.

The Arcturian Energy
The Arcturian energy can be described as a crystal light. We are devoted to spiritual enlightenment. We know that the goal of spiritual enlightenment has to do with gathering and holding more energy. Do not think of gathering more energy in terms of having more material possessions. It really involves multidimensional holographic energy inclusion. The energy that we are working with and teaching you about is an energy that comes from all directions. It comes not just from the top or just from the bottom, or the front or the back- it is a total energy. You are not just a front, nor are you just a back. Your soul knows no bounds; your monadic self has no up or down. Your monadic self has nothing in it that you can define in your spatial perspectives.

It is interesting that when you speak of the Mother-Father Creator energy, you often say that you cannot describe this energy. Your monadic self is also indescribable. We have to come into a consciousness that, as close as possible, has no boundaries. In your pure state, you are also limitless and holographic in nature.

We are evolving to that state of total merging into the monadic self. In the merging process, we have developed the ability to transmute our energy into other dimensions. We have developed the ability to travel interdimensionally, both to higher levels or lower levels. When we do that, we must create a portal or a corridor. By entering your dimension, which is much denser than ours, we actually create an opening because we are bringing in higher energy. The Earth desperately needs such energy infusions. Just by connecting with our consciousness, you are helping to stabilize the energy infusion that we are offering the Earth.

Because the Arcturian energy is a vibration that is very light, it is oriented towards a group uplifting. We are experts in working with groups. This is one of the reasons why Sananda has called upon us. We know that the group consciousness generates more energy for you. You can ride on that group energy to lift yourself up. We do not ask that you forego your individuality or your discernment. All we ask is that you come together in groups. Then you can access the group consciousness and the accompanying powerful energy surge. This group energy will help you to overcome minor blocks and detours in your personal ascension process.

The energy of the Arcturian connection is contagious. Most of you who are lightworkers wish to resonate with us. In truth, in other lifetimes, you have been seeking an Arcturian connection. We have been designated as the high energy portal for this sector of the galaxy. It is the sector, or portal, that many have striven to reach. We work with you now to bring you to the highest level of your intuitive possibilities. We know that there are many problems that confront you in the third dimensional existence. Some of these are physical problems of health, some problems have to do with financial matters, and some problems concern your employment. No matter what level of problem that you are dealing with, remember that our energy remains connected to you.

The Arcturian energy is like a thread of light running through your existence and connecting with us. Do not lose your spiritual awareness because of any third dimensional problems. These third dimensional problems do not mean that you are being punished, or that you are somehow spiritually inferior. Different levels and kinds of energy accumulate on this dimension, and it requires a very sophisticated perceptual awareness to be able to dodge all the different densities on the Earth plane.

Eventually, one of the levels of densities will catch up with you. You will run into one. It is not to be viewed that you are not living up to your highest potential. But you can consider it an opportunity for you to infuse yourself with more spiritual light. You may request that the energy be stepped up if you wish to receive a higher infusion of Arcturian light. We will bring you as much light as possible that you can assimilate without losing consciousness or becoming overly burdened.

We cannot infuse you with too much light if you are not able to tolerate the light. If this infusion would make you throw off your commitments to the third dimensional level, then this is not acceptable. We want you to be involved in your third dimensional existence. We are not trying to prematurely remove you from what you are experiencing on Earth. We recognize in all of you that you wish to be taken from your third dimensional existence. We know, for a fact, that if we were able to, or decided to, or were given permission to remove you, then all of you would leave.

Many of you would joyfully give up what you have, because you think you would not have to conclude your third dimensional drama. However, we are also aware that these individual, third dimensional dramas are important to you and to your soul. As much as you may be distraught about that, these third dimensional dramas are, nevertheless, important to you.

When you are in touch with this powerful Arcturian frequency, it does transform you. The Arcturian energy allows you to receive much information from us, and it can act as a healing force for you as well. When you have this Arcturian frequency within you, it will become so second nature to you that you will to be able to easily magnify your spirituality. While those around you are becoming more confused and unable to even hold a candle, you will be able to hold a great spiritual light.

This excerpt is from the book Connecting with the Arcturians, which is available from:
Heaven on Earth Project
PO Box 67
Mt Shasta CA 96067

phone: 877-597-9242

Permission is granted to copy and print this excerpt,
so long as it is done in its entirety (including this page)
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by Sanat KUMARA

Sanat Kumara writes about the development of the heart centre and its role in releasing the light of wisdom from the core of light at the centre of our being.

The Time of Grace

The Time of Grace is now.  For Grace is the gift that brings you into the present.  The gift of Grace comes from the Source of All.  Grace is the knowing of your oneness with the All That Is, which is the outbreath of the Source of All.  Grace is like the still point, the turning of the tide, when all begins to be gathered back in to the Source.  Grace comes when you let yourself be loved.

The past and the future both exist within your energy field.  They are aspects of your consciousness, the aspects you are not yet able wholly to encompass.  As you integrate your energy field, so past and future dissolve into the Eternal Now - the Time of Grace.  It is the Light of Love that helps you to integrate all that you are, and Grace forms an ever-present harmonic within the Light of Love.  The Light of Love contains the Grace that it helps you to find.

For Grace is you, when all that you are is accepted and loved by you.  All of your energy field vibrates to this harmonic, which signals your journey back to Source.  In Grace you move to deeper and deeper states of oneness.  Your consciousness expands to encompass all of the Universe in all its aspects and dimensions.  No longer is the Universe incomprehensibly large and ‘out there’.  Grace is everywhere and connects everything.

Grace is an ever-present harmonic within your energy field too, for you are love.  As you uncover the love that every part of you is, so you bring into consciousness the harmonic of Grace. It becomes a foundation for every movement, whether thought, feeling or action.  Grace supports every movement and carries you towards the Source.  Grace is your communion with Source.  From this communion is derived your guidance.  In every moment it speaks to you of your joy.

For a long time now you have lived in a world of karma.  You have studied the law of cause and effect.  Every action you have taken has had a corresponding effect, whether after a microsecond or after many thousands of years.  ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, has been your study.  There has always been a gap between sowing and harvest, and it has not always been easy for you to calculate what harvest would come from what seed.  Sometimes you have felt the need to disown the seed or the harvest.  What you have disowned has become your fears and your hopes, your past and your future.  As you love all of these, so you move into the Time of Grace.  In the Time of Grace there is no separation into seed and harvest; the harvest is seen in the seed, the seed is seen in the harvest.  There is no separation between cause and effect; the effect is seen in the cause, the cause is seen in the effect.  What is done with love, produces love.  Where love is, love has been.

Where love is, love has always been.  This is how the past is healed.  As you witness your past with total love it dissolves.  It ceases to be and there is only the present.  And the present is the Time of Grace.  Grace transforms time more than any other aspect of the Light of Love.  For Grace draws the past and the future into the present and into oneness.

Observe now something that feels other than you.  Why does it feel other?  What makes it different or separate from you?  Play at loving this thing until you can imagine its separation dissolving.  Let it become a part of your consciousness.  You have found the harmonic of Grace.  It is shared by you both.  It communicates your oneness with Source.

Now think of a person from whom you feel separate, a person you know or someone you have heard of.  Where does the feeling of separation come from?  What is it you judge in yourself or this other person that holds you separate?  Imagine having no judgements about either yourself or this person.  When there are no judgements your soul draws closer.  As your soul you can unite with the soul of the other.  You have found the harmonic of Grace. 

The harmonic of Grace forms a plane of light that links your two hearts with the All That Is.  Imagine this plane of light expanding outwards from the base of your heart centre to the base of the heart centre of the person you are connecting with, and the outwards from your two hearts to connect with everything that resonates with the harmonic of Grace.  From this plane of Grace guidance comes.

Feel again your connection with the person from whom you have felt separation.  Let your soul’s love for this being reveal the plane of Grace that connects you.  Focusing on this plane of light, ask, ‘What is it I can learn from you?’ ‘How can I help you?’ ‘What is it we share?’  Now rest; feel your heart centre.  Observe your breathing and as you do, feel the point at the base of the sacred flame through which you are always receiving love from the Source of All.

Let yourself receive this love.  It is yours.  Very gently guide it to those aspects of you which feel reduced, afflicted or imprisoned.  These are the counterparts of all that you feel separate from in the outer world.  The Light of Love can bring healing to these too.  Gather these pains into your heart.  Nurture what hurts in this space of love from the Source of All as you would comfort a child that has hurt itself.  Let go of all judgement and opinion of yourself.  Pretend you know nothing about yourself at all.

Now allow some particular aspect of your being from which you feel separate to come to mind.  Hold it tenderly in your awareness.  Gather it into your heart.  Notice any judgements that arise.  Let them go.  Find what can be loved in this aspect of you and give it love.  As you did with another person, ask it, ‘What is it I can learn from you?’ ‘How can I help you?’ ‘What is it we share?’  This time it is not another’s heart and soul you are connecting with, but your own.  What was separate becomes integrated, one with the love that you are.

How does this inner separation occur?  Time and space separate you from yourselves.  Events that occur in another time or space are never wholly integrated.  Only that which happens here and now is wholly one with you.  To the extent that you have been unable to wholly absorb your experiences in the here and now, so you have developed an inner sense of separation.  When you draw all that feels separate into your heart, you bathe it in the Light of Love and release it to the plane of Grace.  Thus it is first healed and then resolved into the present.  What hurt becomes a gift of Grace.

Focus again on what you have been healing in your heart.  Find again the love of which it is made.  Imagine now releasing that love out through the plane of Grace to all of the world.  Let the love of your integrated experience be shared.  Everything that you are, everything that you will be, everything that you have been is coming into the present.  There is nothing that needs to be hidden, nothing for you to be ashamed of in the Time of Grace. Grace dissolves all shame.

Grace is the still point between the inbreath and the outbreath of the Source.  It enters your Universe through a still point, a point of balance or harmony.  So when it enters your inner universe it comes through points of stillness.  One of the most important of these lies at the centre of your head, where there is a brilliant light, surrounded by softer light.  You can experience the light of Grace entering your being, simply by requesting it.

Focus now on the crown of your head.  Gently allow this area to open.  Request that the Angels of Grace transmit to you the light they care for.  Imagine a slender ray of light descending through your crown to the very centre of your head.  Move your awareness into the point of light at the centre of your head.  Take your time as you do this.  The light may become brighter and brighter as you go into it.  It has its own distinct qualities.  By degrees and with practice you can come to know this light well.  Enjoy visiting it.

From this source point the light of Grace becomes present everywhere.  In its role as a harmonic of the Light of Love it precipitates from the light at the centre of the head to the heart centre.  Follow it now as it arrives in your heart.  Your heart gathers Grace to it.  They speak the same language; your heart breathes more easily.  It relaxes and sings.  The heart knows no boundaries and Grace is its passport to everywhere.  It travels freely in the Time of Grace with its gifts of love, showering the Universe with its abundance.

Now is the Time of Grace.  You are free to gather up the past and the future and roll them into the present.  Forgive all, especially yourself; for all you witness outside of yourself is a reflection of what lies within.  The Light of Love is flowing into your life.  Within every particle of light is the gift of Grace.  When you discover this gift, you are then free to create, out of the Light of Love, Heaven on Earth.

First published in Paradigm Shift magazine.

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Up to this time it has been stated that there is only one secret city. Recent information reveals that there is more than one city in space. There is one important rainbow city in a fixed orbit which is located not very far from a Starship, about one hundred miles above the Earth. There is a fleet of these ships which remain undetected because of the force fields which render each of them invisible to all human means of perception.

Over a period of time, a number of Earth citizens have been invited to visit one of the cities in space. It is also a fact that many who learned about the hollow earth begged for an opportunity for them to visit such a location.

It must be clearly understood that no one from Earth has ever seen or visited any of these most amazing places except by a personal invitation.



It is quite apparent that there are many curiosity seekers on this Earth. There are actually very few who have a legitimate reason for desiring such a visit. However, time will reveal just who is invited and who is not. The rainbow cities are unique in and of themselves.



The first rainbow city was created immediately following the great flood. If you will remember, Almighty God painted the sky with a series of rainbow colors vowing that He would never again destroy the planet Earth with floods of water. His rainbow in the sky represented His Divine promise to mankind. So the next time you see a rainbow in the sky, remind yourself of this miracle of The Creator.

He then established the first rainbow city which was populated by a number of Noah’s family. They maintained free access between the city and Earth.



Over a period of time, those born in the rainbow city took on positive characteristics of multi-colored skin. Today, in this 21st century, all of the citizens of the rainbow cities have developed this same skin tone. They often visit such places as Las Vegas, Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana, Miami Beach, Florida and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with other areas where they celebrate Mardi Gras or Carnival. This, as you know, is the period of time just prior to “Lent” when people wear unusual costumes, have parades, and generally carry on fun and unusual events. By attending these functions, the inhabitants of the Rainbow Cities are not stared upon as being unusual.

Further, they are human in every respect of the word. Yet, they appear to be much further advanced, Spiritually, than people of Earth. All of them are in very close touch with The Creator and with others who inhabit the SIX other Rainbow Cities.



All of the Rainbow Cities are located in close proximity to Commander Val’s Starship. They each remain in orbit within the one-hundred-mile radius of the “City in the Sky.” The inhabitants closely resemble each other in appearance as well as Spiritual development. They are ALL descendants of Noah. In addition, they have constant interchange with the people in the Seven Secret Cities as well as Commander Val and his crew members.

The population of each city is approximately 300,000 people, including men, women, and children. Just like people of Earth, they are born, live and die. Of course, they are also known for their longevity, just as Noah was. No guns exist in these cities. There is no crime. So there is no need for such equipment.

Life is like a paradise in these cities. Harmony abides in the hearts of all of the inhabitants. The hearts and minds of the people remain one with the heart and mind of The Creator. There are no wars, negativity or evil in the Rainbow Cities.

Young people are taught the Laws of the Universe by the wisest of all the population. The older children sometime teach the younger ones, especially at early ages. No one is considered “better” than anyone else, except for the elderly. Traditions are passed along from generation to generation. This is similar to the American Indian custom of the elders teaching the youngsters. Aged people are revered and held in high esteem, unlike Earth, where our old people are put into homes and sometimes forgotten by relatives and left to die alone.

The scenery is incredibly beautiful. There are mountains, streams, lakes, rivers, fish, flat lands, flowers of every kind and color, and open fields of breathtaking greenery. These are all the same things that we have on Earth, only they are even more beautiful than any place the mortal eye has ever seen. Colors exist there which cannot be imagined by the most creative human mind. If you watch a rainbow in the sky, the colors seem to dim with time. This is not so in the Rainbow Cities. The brilliant colors of the skin of these wonderful people remains constant throughout their lifetimes. It never changes, even with age.



The people of all the Rainbow Cities adore and give constant glory to The Creator. They know His Laws and abide by all of them, always. Sometimes, they are graced with a special visit from Jesus Christ. This occasion calls for a special celebration. Everyone participates in the preparations for this privileged event. The small children make their contribution by constructing gifts to present to the Master. If you recall in the Bible, Jesus said, “Let the children come to me...” In this quote, you can see the importance of youngest ones to The Master.

May God Bless and Inspire Your Hears Through The Lessons Which Have Been Presented To You Today!

The lesson presented here is from a past seminar of the Inner Circle. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact..

© Dr. Frank E. Stranges

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Born and raised in London, England, Panache spent a childhood immersed in an atmosphere of prayer and worship surrounded by his deeply spiritual family. His family had close personal contact with Indian saints and spiritual masters for generations. This cultural lineage laid a foundation for what was to come.

Panache's mother received visions showing that her only son was not an ordinary child. His astrological chart was one of a spiritual leader foretelling a life of spiritual service.

As a child Panache knew he was different. He possessed an innate kindness and love rarely experienced from one so young. He was recognized by visiting monks and teachers as gifted. Always taking special interest, they would shower him with blessings almost quietly knowing what was to come. By adolescence he possessed a profound awareness that he had come to do something special.

During his final year at university, Panache began to feel an inner yearning to leave everything behind and be on retreat. So for six intense months he began a life altering schedule of meditation and prayer. When he finally emerged, he was a different person.

Determined to fulfill his sacred purpose, he told his mother that it was time for him to go into the world and share what he had come to do. Panache moved to America in 2001 and during his travels he met many gifted spiritual teachers and leaders. Miraculously, each had expected his arrival and he learned from their tutelage and wisdom. At this time a powerful expansion occurred within him and he began to remember his own gifts and abilities. His journey culminated in January of 2003 when Panache received a complete transmission of God's love and grace and became the avatar of awakening and God realization that he was born to be.

Panache has committed his life to traveling the world carrying this divine energy to people of all nationalities, all religious beliefs and ideologies. He has activated thousands of people through his divine presence. He is a vehicle of profound peace, love and light.

Panache's website is:


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They are getting closer and closer to planet earth


This group of earth visitors, are a Meta-Light Terrestrial group, which we have direct communication with. They are in more regular contact with earth again to deliver divine translations of events as set within wider Intergalactic world's



They 'The Awesome and Mighty 'Andromedeans,' along with other light-being intelligence's visiting planet earth, require to see true peace delivered from the heart here on earth. They, along with thousands of other visitors, remain on stand-by, ready to help and guide. To secure far finer, healthier, revived planets in exchange for all the suffering clearly monitored from within and out as daily unfolding to imprison ONE as being ALL now on planet earth! We are not alone in divine struggles to address all suffering and deprivation plaguing, even sweeping across planet earth's surface. We have been given millennia to truly address, do something to help ourselves, to use different technologies offered and available to save our planet and all set within it. They require we address all suffering and pain here as the appointed, responsible guardians over a planet known as earth, to accept a unique invitation now on the table, finally.

We have to prove our genuine intent, do something far more positive and constructive, help one another as true societies who care as ONE being ALL. Yes, finally show we care and dearly desire to save our planet! Below is a brief outline of one group of intelligent visitors set to far wider universes, who do indeed care about our world as if their very own creation. Here a rather comforting thought knowing we are once more being taken seriously, but only if accepting responsibility for our own actions. By not only recognising there's simply far too many negatives engulfing a divinely created planet as ours, but then accepting responsibility! That we were delivered back in the 1950's through the Venusian visitors (Stranger At The Pentagon), alternative solutions and answers to save all set on divinely created planet earth. Yes, we need to awaken en-mass urgently as an intelligent design, accept all as fact, rather than burying heads, hoping it will all simply dissolve, go away! For facts as delivered daily here as changing weather patterns, simply do not lie in all truth, as they effect whole lives.

1) We are to witness a great universal force as divine light-entities who travel from the Andromeda Galaxy. These are inter-stellar entities that go or travel in divine light. Their craft have the ability to go in hyper-light so that, in only a matter of moments, they can be here from an entirely different star system if required.

2) These entities are most beautiful and are lithely built and very thin. This race is so spiritually evolved they no longer require a physical body. They are almost beings of light-energy in effect and illuminated in light. They are very tall and stand eight to ten feet in height. In mythology, they were referred to as the Winged Gods (Flying Angels).

3) Their biological system is based entirely different than our genetic system. These powerful entities, display an embodiment that is magnetized in light. They do not eat as gain knowledge and live off of 'Prana,' which is an ancient term meaning ‘TRUTH.’

4) They are beautiful beyond description and mankind shadows fragments of that beauty. They are higher-energies as Celestial Clans linked to the human root races and look over humanity because they consider us as their brothers and sisters. They believe that we all came from the same source and that we were all created in light and so remain the common bond or thread between us and will unite with the awakened soul once more.

5) They have a very great Mother Ship. At night, it is invisible because of the material it is made out of, yet appears as if black. But, if it were to light up, it would be the sun illuminated 10,000 times and is now here in our stratosphere. It moves quietly and stealthily and governments are aware of its presence, yet it is ominous to them.


6) This grand Mother Ship is titled Miria Amour, which means the Silver Light. The ship has warriors on it who defy the imagination. It can blast a continent to the bottom of the sea and can rotate a planet and send it spinning out of orbit. The ship is here because of all the disease, poverty and deprivation now gripping this planet. It is here because of the collapse of consciousness of human civilisation. It is here also because of the changes that need to occur here for sanities sake to live on through all universes. And, it is here because of other forces which have been engaged with our planets affairs for millennia and where all things negative originate from.

7) These beings have inspired profits, in the past, to do wonderful things and preserve the divine seeding of humanity. Its truth and its words have been misused, misconstrued, and taken by powerful influences to merely further enslave people. And, it has simply been allowed to test the human conscious, which in the main to date has been found wanting in favour of out and out divide and rule, along with contaminating greed mentalities and now so plaguing us all. Indeed, a corrosive system now even seen to be sinking a divinely created planet known as earth. Humans have been enslaved, pitted against one another as if a grand competition, rather than complementing each other.

8) These highly evolved light-energies, arrive back to deliver bottom line TRUTHS and without anything else sufficing, as quite the opposite has reigned for far too long now on earth. To deliver ensuing divine light as end results where in truth, virtual law and order on the streets is now even breaking down here.

9) They retain great universal energy aligned powers to hold in position a planets inner-core magnetic field. They link directly as fused calibrations to aligned universal configurations of balance through universal grid patterns or lines to prevent severe future pole-shift. This they did during the East Asian Tsunami of 2004, which event actually measured earth’s polarity having moved by over 1 degree. We owe a lot to the Andromedean visitors for remaining caring friends of all humanity.

10) They will arrive to secure sanity one way or other, even if means affecting ‘A Rescue Mission’ for those having activated a DNA coding through the Crystal Chakra base to within a certain ascension level as deeply encoded universal life patterns set within each individual. They will assist those awakening and claiming back the ‘I AM’ Factor through awakening a human conscious to all injustices. Those who prepare in readiness to ascend the Nextage created realm to an evolving higher dimension positioned far away from a current phantom planet now as existing through manipulated, corrosive earth conditions.




During The East Asian Tsusinami of 2004, planet earth moved some 1 degree, which very nearly took our planet to within an earth shattering pole-shift. It was the likes of these Andromeadeans and by using advanced technology, who kept us in our current atmosphere, otherwise an ever baying phantom black-hole, could well have swept us all away to within ever diminishing darker realities. The more recent huge earthquakes which have transpired around The Gulf of Mexico and Malaysia, just more signs of those trying to harm our planet, and once more our light friends stopped a major injustice of pole-shift occurring. Yes indeed, we ALL owe a lot to the likes of the Andromedean visitors as those remaining caring friends to humanity and planet earth's total creations.

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as free will learning materials.

Good on you for also helping spread the Light for ALL!

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Commander Vrillon of the Inter-Galactic Lightships 

By Ireneaura

Vrillon's energy remained around me for several hours,
while I continued daily tasks.
The message was brief,but I was happy to open the channel,as always.


Ireneaura is a Channel for Spirit and other higher energies. A Spiritual Healer,planetary healer,visiting starseed and Lightworker. More recently involved in spirit releasement. She respect all lifeforms, and that includes gaia, this lovely planet,which is sorely disrespected and taken for granted.

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Dolphins, The Chelas of the Seas

 by hhteam

“Dolphins teach us that in attuning to the rhythms and patterns of nature, we can learn true communication with the wisdom of All That Is and share this wisdom with others.”
~Author Unknown


dolphin-healing_Humanity-Healing-300x203.jpgDolphins are peaceful sentient beings.  They activate and anchor Light grids of harmonic resonance, which are essential elements for the Earth ascension.

They are the Chelas, or guardians, of the Light Temples of the Sea since time immemorial.

Little is known about the interaction from the dolphins with Atlantis except that they were a connective and essential part of that civilization.

Dolphin-Merkabah_Humanity-Healing-188x300.jpgDolphins are known to transmit healing frequencies and vibrations through their Auric fields.  They have the power to heal and clean the dark spots that develop on other beings extra-physical bodies through a very gentle and loving system of Healing.  This is why there are so many therapeutic “swimming with the dolphins” programs.

Dolphins open people’s heart and give lightness to their souls.  Only with an open heart can a person can activate soul communication.  The soul facilitates peaceful coexistence in the harmonic vibration of God/Goddess/All That Is: The frequency of Unconditional Love.

The Dolphins are our active Spiritual partners.  They are Sentinels, keepers of the “old ways” guarding the place between the portals of space-time and time-space.

Dolphins-DNA_Humanity-Healing-211x300.jpgDolphins are the Light beings that have been spiritually entrusted with:

  • Elevating the vibration of the animal kingdoms
  • Moving within the Ebb and Flow of Life
  • Bringing Balance with the Light and the Dark
  • Being the bridge between Humans and the Ocean
  • Rescuing the souls of the Shipwrecked
  • Mediating between the Living and the Dead
  • Anchoring the Platinum Liquid Light
  • Expanding your communication with all of your Being
  • Bringing Joy and Self-awareness
  • Turning Dreams into Reality

“It is an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.  For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much – the wheel, New York, wars and so on – whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time.  But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man – for precisely the same reasons.”
~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Humanity Healing is sharing the meditation, Dolphins – The Chelas of the Seas Meditation and Invocation.  To download, please register for the free basic membership, if you are not already a member, and click: Dolphins – The Chelas of the Seas Meditation and Invocation.pdf

Members of the Online University can download the Dolphin Chakra Crystal Meditation, which can be found in the Meditations section of the Online Resource Center

Video Information

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Written and Produced by Humanity Healing.

Music: “Celestial Waters”, by Corciolli
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Dolphin Speak! ... A Sequel!


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Healing Mother Earth

by VishwaAmara

HealingEarth.jpgImage Courtesy - Visionary-Artist-StoryTeller Saleena Kí aka Joan Ov’Art

Our Earth is the only planet in our solar system where Life exists. This beautiful planet which is a thriving ground for a multitude of life-forms is not a lifeless rock, spinning aimlessly in space. It is a Mother who births and nurtures various living beings  And Man has intuitively understood this and personified Earth in his art, music, stories and mythology since ages. He has rightly called her as a Mother, who cares for her wards irrespective of how they treat her.

The Scriptures, while describing the six qualities of a woman, attribute the qualities of tolerance and forgiveness to Mother Earth. The Love and Patience of Mother Earth surpasses that of anyone else in God’s creation – only She can withstand the horrific abuses inflicted upon Her since ages and still support and nurture Life, with Unconditional Love.

Our Earth is a Goddess at the Spiritual level, who is in charge of all Life on this planet. She’s been called as Gaia in the West and as Bhoo devi in Sanskrit. The Rishis say that this Goddess was brought down from Devi Loka to take care of this Earth and the life here, long back, when evolution attained a particular level and life-forms began to appear. She holds the responsibility for everything that occurs on this planet: if a new energy has to be brought down, She needs to consent and if there’s any calamity, She has to permit.

Our Mythology tells a story where long back, Mother Earth approached God, requesting Him to descend and help Her get rid of all the negativity and excessive baggage that were weighing Her down. When we look around, we realize that it’s true even now: the excessive negativity and atrocities of Humanity have weighed down all Life, and through them, wounded Mother Earth. Countless wars, genocides, hatred and numerous acts of cruelty at the global, soceital and individual levels have left a deep scar on the collective Human psyche. In pursuing our selfish needs, we have disregarded and neglected Nature and other life-forms, resulting in severe ecological imbalances and the extinction of many species.

Healing of Mother Earth

Mother Earth bears the brunt of all these atrocities and cruelty. She has a lot of wounds and hurts because of all the wars, human negativity and environmental destruction — all of which have peaked in the 5000 year long Dark age from which we’ve just emerged. Hence She has to be healed periodically.

The Rishis heal Mother Earth with special healing energies. There are thousands of Rishis, Light workers, Angels and Fairies who are working very hard to bring down new and rare energies, to assist in Her healing. A lot of healing work is done by the Rishis and their workers. All these processes are supervised and guided by Santhoshi Devi, the Goddess of healing. She monitors the type of energy and the quantity that has to be given to Earth.

A batch of Rishis always assists Santoshi Devi. They monitor the different processes and also keep a watch on the surroundings. Presently the Rishi in charge of this batch is Rishi Roganirudhan. He keeps a constant watch on Mother Earth’s health and heals Her under the guidance of Santoshi Devi.

The Rishis recently carried out some works at the spiritual level to heal Mother Earth and shift Her to higher levels of Consciousness. These are part of the first phase of work that happened between 22nd August 2010 (World Healing day) and 30th August 2010 (Opening of doorway to Inner Earth).

On 22 Aug 2010 – World Healing Day

Many processes were initiated on this day. The Goddess of healing, Santoshi Devi and the Rishis involved in this work did a lot of healing work on Mother Earth and humanity. An abundance of healing energies were pumped into Earth which will gradually help to establish positive vibrations on this planet.

To begin the initial healing, Mother Earth was given four different energies from four different directions.

From the top left, a lot of light Blue energies were provided from Vishnu Loka.. From the bottom right, she was given a lot of Green and White energies from Aproopa Brahma. From the bottom left, she was given Pink energies from Devi Loka and Santoshi Devi. And from the top right, the dark Blue energies from Shiva Loka flowed down on Her.

After this, white energies from all the manifested Universes were showered on Mother Earth. This facilitated thousands of new angels to appear and surround this planet. And they began to heal the Earth.

This process also helped Earth to shift to the next level of consciousness.

Earth-and-Heaven.jpgImage Courtesy –

The Period between 22nd August and 30th August

After the initial healing, Goddess Santoshi Devi and the Rishis connected a tunnel from Sirius (our greater central Sun) to our Earth. Through this tunnel, Mother Earth will continue to receive the energies directly, which will help in Her healing.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. About a quarter of the energies present in Sirius aids healing. The energies from Sirius will help heal Bhoo Devi and also help Her to accept the newer energies that will flow into Earth in future.

After constructing this tunnel, the Rishis built 4 pyramidal shaped gadgets in the four directions around the Earth. The purpose of these gadgets is to help the processes of churning out all negativities from our Earth.

Mother Earth experienced severe pain after these gadgets were fixed. It took a few days of healing to help her come out of this pain.

These 4 gadgets that are fixed around the earth will absorb the healing energies from Sirius and store them. They will release these energies to Mother Earth as and when She requires them.

How do these events benefit humanity?

Like any other Lightwork, these activities occur silently, hidden from the awareness of most of the world’s population. But the impact of these works on Humanity is profound. The energies help every individual make a shift into the next phase of transformation with ease. They prepare an important platform for our entry into the Light Age.

Those who are open to these divine influences at different levels will be helped abundantly by these energies. The energies from Sirius are very strong and contain a lot of positive vibrations. They help us to choose the good and positive, to differentiate evil and choose Light. They also help in manifesting love and oneness with everyone.

The energies also work on those who choose to remain closed and block out these influences. They begin to strengthen their conscience. This will help them to make proper choices.

The pyramidal gadgets that are fixed in the four directions will be active henceforth and will play an important role in relation to Mother Earth. With their help, any genuine seeker can link up to these gadgets and directly receive the transformative energies from Sirius.

The new energies and the gadgets have also laid the platform for our Earth to hold a lot of blue energies and healing energies. This will help in better living conditions for all those individuals who choose Light, who choose the New Age.

Healing as a step towards the New Age

The Earth is one with all life it supports—the wellbeing or suffering of life-forms affects Earth and vice-versa. It’s not just we Humanity who are going to make a shift into the Light Age; even Mother Earth and all living beings will be making that shift. So as we move closer to the phase of entry into the New Age, any occasion related to Her healing assumes great importance.

These occasions are not just about passing on some energies or opening of a doorway. The Rishis heal Mother Earth, console and give Her hope and charge Her with new energies. They also help Her to tune up to the new changes that are occurring at present. The changes and healing which She undergoes will also impact Humanity — in Her healing, we too are healed. And through our individual transformation and positivisation, we assist the healing of the whole planet.

The mythological story described earlier says that God promised Mother Earth that He’d come down whenever evil and negativity flourished, and would annihilate them to heal Her from all vices. This is also symbolic! The descent of God is synonymous with the awakening of Divinity in every individual. When we open up to the inherent divine spark in us and remove all negativities within, we do a great service to Mother Earth by Healing her. By allowing our Light to shine forth, we not only make a shift to the New age but also assist Mother Earth to make this shift and ascend.

◊       ◊       ◊

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Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.

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Diversity of human life,alien life,life purpose,ascension is now,so acceptance is needed of who and what we are.
The reptilian creature featured on this video was, 'reported' to be real.
The music,
'Sunrise..Here I am,' from Clubmix.(Ratty)
So mote it be.

Message from Ireneaura

Ireneaura is a Channel for Spirit and other higher energies. A Spiritual Healer,planetary healer,visiting starseed and Lightworker. More recently involved in spirit releasement. She respect all lifeforms, and that includes gaia, this lovely planet,which is sorely disrespected and taken for granted.

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This is a very interesting article on Earth Changes.

Earth Changes Part 1: The Cosmic Events

by VishwaAmara


Change is an inseparable part of life, the very fabric of Existence. We experience changes in every detail of our lives. While we label some as good and some as unpleasant, every change at every level is a part of our evolution, a part of our growth. These changes can be seen at the level of the individual, the society, humanity at large and even at the level of the Planet.

Our Earth, along with all life on it, is presently going through many transformations. All these can be collectively called as the Earth changes. These changes happen all the time but at certain periods, when the shift occurs from one Yuga to another, the changes will be maximum and sweeping. In a relatively short period, major transformations happen on our Earth where, the values and way of living of one Era are replaced with those of another Era.

There are many levels where these changes take place. They can be grouped together as:

a)    The changes and alignments at the Cosmic level.

b)    The Earth changes at the physical level

c)    The Earth changes at the spiritual level

d)    The changes at the level of the Individual.

In this article, we try to understand the Major events and alignments occurring at the cosmic level and their impact on our Earth.

Importance of this Transitory period

We’re aware that the dark age has just ended on our Earth and we’re in a transitory period before entering the New age of Light. In this transition, the ways and values of the old age will be replaced with those of the New age, and the old energies will give way to the New energies. Such processes happen in every cycle of Yugas on this Earth.

However, the transition we’re going through in this cycle is special for many reasons.  In the very near future, many major events are scheduled to occur almost simultaneously in our Galaxy. The impact of these will be huge for many reasons. Also, the Rishis have recently discovered many Manifested and Unmanifested Universes in God’s creation and have gained access to the immense Energies from those Universes.

The simultaneous occurrence of these events and the access to the New Energies have given the Rishis an opportunity to reduce the duration of the transitory period, and speed up our progress into the New Age of Light. And this has also allowed them to start an entirely new experiment on our Earth, which will later be implemented in all other Earths in our Material cosmos!

Let us understand these cosmic events in brief.

The Major Cosmic Events

Our Earth along with other planets revolves around the Sun. The Sun, along with 6 other stars, inturn revolves around a bigger star, Alcyone, also known as the Central Sun. Alycone revolves around a much bigger star, Sirius, which is called as the Greater Central Sun. This system of stars revolving around one another, is a feature found in all galaxies in our Universe where ultimately, each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, revolves around its own centre. The Milky way galaxy, to which our Earth belongs, has billions of such stars and planets, all revolving around a massive star in its core, called as the Galactic centre.

a) Galactic Alignment in 2012

As the Sun and other stars revolve around one another and move in their orbits, they come in various alignments with each other. On 21st December 2012, two alignments are expected to occur in our Milky Way Galaxy. One, our Sun and the entire solar system will come in direct alignment with the Galactic equator. And two, the Galactic Centre, the Greater Central Sun and the Central Sun will form an equilateral triangle in space at the same time.

Our Earth receives energies, both physical and subtle from the Sun as well as other stars. To receive the maximum amount of Energies, it has to come in a proper alignment with these celestial bodies. For example, during an eclipse, where the Earth, Sun and Moon align with each other, very rare spiritual energies flood our Earth because of this alignment. Hence the duration of eclipses were considered sacred and were spent in meditations and other spiritual activities, to make the best use of these subtle energies.

An alignment occurring at the level of the Galactic centre will have an effect which is many, many times higher in magnitude. When our Earth, along with the solar system aligns with the Galactic equator, it will come in direct focus of a huge amount of subtle energies, which emerge from the Galactic Centre. And the triangular formation of Alcyone, Sirius and the Galactic centre in 2012 brings a massive amount of spiritual energies from these Stars to our Earth. This rare celestial occurrence has also initiated many other events, which will be explained later.

b) Photon Belt

When the Sun moves around the Central Sun, it passes through various energy fields in space. One such energy field is the Photon belt, which is a spiritual field, which came out of the Greater central Sun, Sirius. The Photon belt is a field of very high vibratory frequency, which enhances the spiritual condition of our Earth when we enter it. If we’re spiritual evolved at that time, our evolution will be magnified by many folds. And if our spiritual growth is negative, we go into a very fast downward spiral, as it happened during our last entry, nearly 10,000 years ago, when the great civilization of Atlantis was destroyed.

Our Solar system has begun its entry into this field. Our earth is under the direct influence of the Photon Belt from Dec 21st, 2009 and the effects will increase in seven stages. We are now in the third stage of this influence. This entry of our Earth into the Photon Belt, which coincides with the Galactic alignment happening on the same day, will have a massive spiritual effect on Humanity.

c) Completion of cycles

Our Sun takes nearly 26,000 years to complete its orbit around Alcyone. This completion of cycle coincides with the year 2012! And the Central Sun, Alycone which takes millions of years to revolve around Sirius, also completes its orbit in the same year. At the physical level, this brings about huge changes like the interchanging of the magnetic poles of the Sun, which in turn will trigger similar changes on our Earth. Such a massive change will have a huge bearing on humanity and all life that our Earth houses.

d) Second Sun

Our Sun has a twin, another star, which is called as the Second Sun. This is also referred to many as Nibiru and Planet X. This star exists at a subtle level and although it usually isn’t visible to the naked eye, it sometimes becomes visible to those who are spiritually evolved and has been photographed.

Since the Second Sun exists at a higher level, it supports life of a higher order, that is, the life in the New Age. As we go into the New age, we’ll use more of the energies from the Second Sun. These Energies are expected to become more prominent post 2012, because of our entry into the Photon belt and the Galactic alignment. They help us in our spiritual evolution and in opening up to newer realities.

Effects of these Events

When important events happen almost simultaneously at the cosmic levels, the effects will also be huge and long lasting. The events which are scheduled to occur after 2012 are going to release a huge amount of energies, both physical and spiritual, which will have massive effects. Some of them are:

a. Reduction of the Transitory period

The 5000 year long dark age ended on this Earth on 14th April, 1974. Before the New Age of Light begins, a transitory period of 432 years is usually provided, for humanity to make a gradual shift from the beliefs and values of the old age and rise to the higher values of the New age. This is also the period when the Rishis invoke many processes at different levels to help us make this shift. One of them is the intense churning process called as Pralaya, which was to lasts for 49 years. The Pralaya began in 1987 and was supposed to continue up to 2036.

The unprecedented events which are scheduled to occur at the cosmic level in and around 2012 have given us a rare opportunity to speed up this process and make a swift entry into the Light Age! The gradual transition which we were supposed to make in 432 years can be hastened up and reduced by many folds, because of the intensity these cosmic events create in our lives at all levels.

The Galactic alignment between the Galactic Centre, Sirius and Alcyone begins in 2012 and will continue upto 2032. Like the duration of an eclipse, the spiritual effect of this alignment will be present for these twenty years. Among other things, the Rishis have made use of this opportunity to drastically reduce the 432 years of transition and the 49 years of Pralaya, to ease our suffering and take us quickly into the Light age. As a result of this, the Pralaya process will end by 2015 and we’ll enter Satya Yuga in 2018! By the time this alignment ends in 2032, the New Age of Light will be firmly established on this Earth.

b. Removal of Evil from this Earth—a New Light Age.

Our Earth is a planet where there are equal opportunities for the forces of Light and Darkness to manifest and take effect. These are evident in the 4 yugas, in which Light reigns supreme in one, darkness in another and a shade of these two manifest in the other two yugas. However the reign of darkness has increased over the course of many Mahayugas, resulting in an imbalance in creation and more burden on the Rishis who take care of God’s creation. The Galactic alignment and many other events occurring this time has enabled the Rishis to initiate a very great project, which will not only set right this imbalance but also remove Evil completely from this Earth. This project has been named as ‘Pavitrena Karyam’.

The aim of this project is to ensure that darkness and evil are not only made dormant but also removed completely from this Earth. This also means that the other three yugas will no longer be present on this Earth henceforth and there will be Light Age all the time.

The Galactic alignment and the huge surge of Spiritual energies it brings about have enabled the Rishis to initiate this experimentation on this Earth, from this Light Age onwards. Also, this is the first time that the Rishis could visit all the Manifested and Unmanifested Universes and  also enter the realm of the Primordial God, Mula Brahma.  The access to the energies and knowledge from all these Universes is another major reason for the initiation of this experimentation on this Earth.

c) Further Effects of the Galactic Alignment

The Galactic alignment of 2012 has enabled energies of very high frequencies to be released from the three sources which are coming together in alignment. It is also helping newer energies to come into our Galaxy. All these Energies are already reaching our Earth and this will increase as we move towards 2012.

Normally the Energies are released in the form of rays or spirals. Now the new energies in shape of ‘X’ and ‘Z’ are getting released. These new energies are being released from eclipse which occurred between 31st December and 1st Janurary of this year. The alignment has eased the process of anchoring these higher energies on our Earth.

These new energies are first absorbed by the Photon belt and then released to our Earth. The first impact is the increase in the vibrational frequency of our Earth, resulting in a lot of positive churning to take place at all levels. This churning helps every human being on Earth to deal with his own negativity and get over them, in order to move into the New Light Age.

This alignment has also brought in new knowledge and is helping all humanity to become aware of newer possibilities of life and creation. It has enabled a major push and growth in the whole galaxy. The new experimentation, ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ has become possible because of this growth.

The Galactic alignment is slowly increasing the pace of rotation of the entire Milky way galaxy and will help it shift higher to many levels of consciousness. This alignment is so powerful that it can shift the entire Material Cosmos to the next level of consciousness. But since this is not the right time for such a shift, the Rishis headed by Vasishtha Maharshi are monitoring the entire process with great vigilance to keep such huge effects in check.

The Role of the Rishis

The Rishis are playing a major role in minimising the harmful effects of the alignment and other events, and in enhancing and deriving the maximum benefits from them. Their main work is the co-ordination and guiding of the entire process, to benefit life forms not only on our Earth, but in all other Earths in our Galaxy, which will be affected by the galactic alignment.

Our Earth will be affected by many external bodies like the Sun, the Second Sun and the Photon belt apart from the three Stars which are a part of the alignment. The Rishis are strengthening and tuning up these bodies with more of blue energies. The blue energies are stronger, purer and help us cleanse and purify faster. They act very strongly against the dark energies on our Earth.

The new experiment of removing evil from our Earth was initiated at the highest level by Vishwamitra Maharshi. It is also simultaneously implemented in a few more Earths in our Galaxy. If this experiment is successful, then it will be spread over to all the Earths in the Milky way Galaxy and then to the entire Material Cosmos. These processes are being monitored and guided at the level of our Galaxy by Vasistha Maharshi.

On our Earth, the processes of these changes are monitored by three personalities — Lord Mahavatara, Lord Parashurama and Maharshi Amara. Lord Parashurama, who’s an earlier incarnation of Mahavishnu and is an immortal, is an expert at drawing special energies and storing them. Presently he’s involved in extracting some rare, important energies from Sirius, Second Sun and the Manifested Universes and anchoring them on our Earth. He also manifests new chemicals of a spiritual nature from these energies and stores them.

These energies and chemicals are released to the entire Earth on special occasions like world peace day, world healing day etc. Many angels are involved in this process of spreading these energies to various places and people. They also pass on these energies to Mother Earth with minimum pain and discomfort to Her.

During the release of these energies, Lord Mahavatara, Maharshi Amara, and their assistants keep a close watch on the entire process.


The processes of Earth changes have already started to bear fruit, although many of the major events are yet to take place. The first visible change is the awakening of people toward Light and in resisting darkness. Even though we still witness acts of terrorism, violence and many calamities, the positive forces are also slowly uniting. There’s more Oneness now, with people having an increased tendency to help others.

Whenever new energies and chemicals are injected into our Earth, the dark forces are rendered a little powerless. This weakening of the dark forces also happens everytime people reject violence and hatred at the thought level.

Although these major events were scheduled to occur in the year 2012 and they were supposed to herald the Light Age, the dark forces on our Earth are very united and are posing a strong resistance.

Hence the effects of these events have been postponed, as of now, to the year 2015–which is the year when the Light Age begins to dawn before starting fully in 2018!

The Galactic centre is dormant at present with respect to our Earth. The Rishis are waiting for a few more processes to culminate on our Earth, after which, the Galactic Centre will be activated. This is expected to occur in the next month. When this happens, the effects of the new energies and the work that’s done towards the shift becomes more evident.  This will help humanity make the right choices and reject darkness at all levels.

*     *     *

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Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.

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Matías De Stefano is an Argentinian 22 year old, who could be described as an Indigo child. He has been allowed to activate the area of the brain where all the Cosmic memory is registed. His purpose in life is to share his memories with the people, helping these to organize their own information.

There arte 8 Videos to watch but VERY VERY INTERESTING....pity his knowledge is not availabe in text e-book form or Book as the INFORMATION IS FANTASTIC

Note: if you can´t see the subtitles press the CC button at the bottom right of the screen until it goes red and then it will be activated.

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Ashtar Command




Please click on the link will connect more with ASHTAR SHERAN and you may be beamed up to one of their Spaceships surrounding the Planet Earth...tonight.... wishing you a safe journey


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The Command does not wish to be glorified nor draw attention to themselves. They are HUMBLE, Servants of Humanity and Peaceful Illumined Worlds... They do not Communicate through channels. One exception was Tuella and yet she also communicated with them in person.

And these are not called channelings but transmissions.

When they speak there is no embellishing of words, no flowery stuff. They speak with Love but there is no fluff... So watch out for writings, videos and such that say they are channeling Ashtar or anyone of the Command or The Ascended Masters.

They do not have that pattern of speech.

The Command does not have the time nor need to communicate through a channel.

There are certain ground crew commanders that do communicate with them to get instructions - that's it! It is not to put the message about CONTACT or a Ship that will arrive on Oct 8th or when they will arrive or about the world's conditions, etc.

This is NOT the Ashtar Command and it usually is the ones that are of lesser density pretending to be the Ashtar Command or Federation of Light.


The Command works quietly, very quietly.....

Anyone making the Command obvious is not of the Command nor represents the Command but is an imposter!




Video details:

Announcement for the opening of the Cosmic Portals of the Ascension for the Planet Earth - Synchronization of the Cosmic Portals with the energy anchored in the ethereal field of Planet Earth - CHANNELED BY AILA - February 5th, 2011 -  ASHTAR COMMAND DO NOT CHANNEL MESSAGES ......SO WHERE IS THIS PERSON CALLED AILA GETTING HER MESSAGES FROM??? YES NICE FANCY VIDEO BUT THE POINT IS THAT ASHTAR SHERAN / ASHTAR COMMAND DO NOT CHANNEL MESSAGES.




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Light Age: An Introduction

by VishwaAmara 


A revolutionary once said: ‘I am a soldier so my son can be a farmer and his son, a poet’. His words stand as an example for the optimism and hope that characterises Human nature. Inspite of a hundred trials and difficulties of life, humans have never lost hope in a better tomorrow. They’ve sat through dark nights, knowing that there’s a dawn waiting at the horizons.

All cultures and religions speak of a golden future, an utopia in which there’s only peace and love and no place for any suffering, wrong or evilWhile some have a judgement day, others speak about the second coming of a Prophet or Avatar, who will put an end to the evil of the world and guide humanity into an age of peace and abundance. Even those who dismiss these prophesies as wishful thinking would definitely hope for such a future, which is different from and better than the world we live in at this moment.

The Spiritual Masters who’re aware of the higher truths and divine laws reveal that humanity is indeed moving into such an age in the near future. This Golden age of divinity is called as Sathya Yuga or the Light Age.

Cycles of Time

Time moves in cycles—both small and big. While the scientists have identified the shorter cycles like day-night and seasons of the year, the Spiritual masters have recognised and recorded the larger cycles in which Time moves. These cycles are called as Yugas and the Rishis have identified  a cycle of four Yugas, which is called as a Mahayuga, which runs for nearly 51000 years.

These four yugas are the ‘Sathya Yuga (Golden Age)’ which runs for 20,000 years, the ‘Treta Yuga (Silver Age)’ for 15,000 years, the ‘Dwapara Yuga (Bronze age)’ for 10,000 years and the ‘Kali Yuga (Iron Age)’ for 5,000 years. The Transitory periods between these yugas makes up for another 1080 years.

The difference between these time-periods is best illustrated in an allegory, in which a sage has a vision of Truth and Righteousness in the form of a cow. The cow first walks on four legs, then limps on three, then on two and then hops on one leg. The age where values such as Truth and Love are at the highest level is the Sathya Yuga. These values dilute when Time moves into the Treta Yuga and further degenerates in the Dwapara Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the dark age where all values collapse and humans, having lost all contact with the divine, live a totally material existence devoid of values and filled with corruption, hatred and other vices.

The Spiritual Masters or Rishis have also revealed that humanity has just passed through the 5000 years of the dark age (which ended on 14th April 1974) and is going through a transitory period lasting 432 years, where the lower ways of living will gradually be replaced with the higher ways of truth, love and equality.

New Revisions

The four Yugas were created differently so that there would be equal opportunities for Good and Evil to flourish. While Goodness and Spiritual glory flourished in the Sathya Yuga, it would be the reign of darkness and  stark materialism in the Kali yuga, with some shades and combinations of these two forces in the other two ages. The Supreme Intelligence—God, who created these forces of Good and Evil, ensured this division of time for the play of these forces on our earth, as in the rest of His creation.

The balance in creation which existed because of the interplay of these two opposite forces was gradually eroded over a period of many Mahayugas, because Evil began to gain prominence and started dominating the forces of Goodness. This domination has increased this Kaliyuga onwards. And God observed that the Rishis, who govern and take care of the entire Creation on his behalf had to work beyond their capacities and expectations in order to set right this balance. This necessitated a revision in the laws of creation.

The Supreme Intelligence had a meeting with a batch of select Rishis – Maharshis Vishwamitra, Vasishta, Mangala Brahma, Vajreshwari and Kapila. It was concluded in that meeting that the repetition of the four Yugas would result in more harm and further damage to our Earth. They decided to abolish the other three Yugas and have only Sathya Yuga or Light Age on this earth henceforth, from this transitory period onwards.

A New Light Age

Duality is one of the main characteristics of God’s creation, where the good and the bad exist together. We value good more so because of the existence of evil, because of our capacity to rise above evil. Joy is more joyful because of the sorrows of life. If there’s only goodness, virtues & positivity, and all evil is removed, then there would be no challenges to overcome and no thrill of triumphing over negativities. Further down the line, there would be no value for all the goodness, beauty and virtues in God’s creation. Without exaggeration, Man would take goodness for granted, if there were no evil in this world.

To prevent this dilution of values in the New Age, the Rishis have decided to introduce variations within the Light Age itself. The New Light Age would be divided into 7 phases as mentioned below:

1. Sathya Shudh Yuga
2. Sathya Shudh Ardha Yuga
3. Sathya Ardha Yuga
4. Sathya Pralaya Yuga
5. Sathya Pralaya Ardha Yuga
6. Sathya Nyaya Yuga
7. Sathya Nyaya Poorva Yuga

(The details of these phases will be explained in the next article in the ‘Light Age’ section)

Characteristics of the New Light Age

A number of changes have been made in the laws of the Universe; hence the exact characterisitcs of the New Light Age are not yet known. The Rishis have given a few glimpses into some of the decisions that have been taken at the highest level regarding these laws.

They are:

1)  In the New Light Age, only Love and Peace will prevail. There will be no place for any Evil. The Individuals who live in Sathya Yuga will not have the challenge of overcoming evil but will have to face…
a) Tests of Surrender
b) Tests of Truth and Equality
c) Test of Humility and the willingness to work for God.

2) In all the phases of the Light Age, people will draw the life-force(pranas) from the Second Sun. They will be able to communicate with God directly.

3) This system of the New Light Age will first be experimented on this earth. If this succeeds, then it will be implemented in others earths in this Galaxy & Universe and in other parts of God’s creation.

4) Although mankind has experienced Sathya Yuga many times before, this New Light Age will be an entirely new experience for them because of the seven phases. The Rishis and God will protect and guide every individual who surrenders completely to God.

5) God will take birth amongst humans in these phases but it will be different from his earlier incarnations(Avatars) that we’ve understood so far.

The Coming Earth Changes

A transitory period is provided between two Yugas so that the change from one Yuga to another is smooth. The usual period of the transitory period from Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga is 432 years, so with the Kali yuga having ended in the 1974, we were expected to enter the New Age somewhere in the beginning of the 25th Century.

A number of extraordinary events at the cosmic levels have drastically reduced this transitory period, the result of which is that we’re at the threshold of the New Light Age. As our Sun moves on its orbit around the central Sun, Alcyone, our earth and the entire solar system will be entering a spiritual energy field called as ‘The Photon Belt’, in the year 2012. A number of cycles also complete in that year, the most prominent being the completion of the 26000 year revolution of the Sun in its orbit. Also our earth will come in a direct alignment with the Galactic centre on 21st December, 2012. These events are expected to cause major changes at the physical level, most notable among them being the reversal of the magnetic and geographic poles of our Earth.

The physical changes are also accompanied by changes at the Spiritual level, with the Photon belt acting as a filter to prevent and eliminate all negativities on this earth. When we enter the photon belt, a shift in consciousness is expected to happen, by which all human beings will move from a third dimensional existence to the fifth dimension. With the revision of the Universal laws at the highest levels, the Rishis have decided to reduce the transitory period of 432 years, to accelerate our advance into the New Age of Light.They have revealed that the year in which the New Light Age will begin is 2018!

To Qualify for the Light Age

The changes that have been initiated on this earth are so massive and colossal that we cannot cope with them by any physical means. We are already encountering these changes in our daily living, to some degree or the other–whether it’s the financial meltdown, the terror attacks, war, peak oil, rising prices or global warming. These processes are accelarating and as we move ahead towards 2012, we’ll have to face more challenges with the possible breakdowns of the existing systems and disruption to our way of life.

Transformation at the spiritual level is the only way in which we can withstand this turbulence and move into the next age. Meditations and spiritual practices sharpen our intuition, open up our hidden faculties and connect us to the Divine– with these, we’ll find proper guidance and will be able to take the right action under any circumstances. Instead of fearing the Earth changes over which we have no control, we can welcome them and make positive efforts to transform ourselves

We have to understand that these massive changes are not accidental. The purpose is to purify our earth of all negativities–at the individual and global levels– and assist us in choosing right over wrong before the Spiritual age dawns. We can enter this Spiritual Age only when we manifest the qualities of the Spirit in our daily living. For that, we have to shed the ways of the dark age which we’ve emerged from and replace them with the principles of love, simplicity, honesty and expansion.

These principles can be summarised as follows:

  • Be simple and honest at all levels–in thoughts, words and actions.
  • Love everyone and everything. Manifest Love all the time.
  • Be happy and content with Life. Serve and help others with love and happiness.
  • Treat everyone as your equal. See Light in everyone and feel Oneness with them.
  • Live in the awareness of Light(God) always. Spread Light, surrender to this Light and Love it.

We are not alone in this hour of need. Thousands of Rishis and Light workers, many of them living at the physical level, are working over-time to prevent mass sufferings and help humanity make a smooth transition. The pure Spiritual energies which are flooding our earth are initiating massive changes and also helping each individual cope with these shifts at all levels.

By practicing the above principles NOW, we can assit this shift and add to the easy transition into the New Age. We can start living in the Light Age this moment onwards, by making these principles an inseparable part of our daily living.

Copyright © 2010 VishwaAmara.
Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free


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Message from Ireneaura

Ireneaura is a Channel for Spirit and other higher energies. A Spiritual Healer,planetary healer,visiting starseed and Lightworker. More recently involved in spirit releasement. She respect all lifeforms, and that includes gaia, this lovely planet,which is sorely disrespected and taken for granted.

Spiritual healing is about creating wholeness,not magic
by Ireneaura..16th April/2011
This channelling came today like,'hallo!'
We are here,we are the Sirians we want to talk.
So this is their message.
I knew someone was knocking at my door,they come in peace and love.
The music.
The Hidden Valley.. from the album,
Meditation for the Millenium.


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Rishis – The Light Masters

by  VishwaAmara

A-Rishi.jpgThe name ‘Rishis’ brings to our minds the archetypal image of old men, with matted locks and long beards, sitting in forests or caves in deep meditations. Or we may think of them as characters in our epics, involved in some spiritual activity, but mostly living in seclusion, away from the society. In the west, maybe we associate similar characteristics to Saints or Mystics. Our imagination hardly takes us beyond the movies and story books, which feed us with these pictures and characters since our young days.

A Rishi is much, much more than any of these characterizations. To understand the Rishis is to understand the possibilities of Human endeavour, the heights that man can touch, the greatness he can achieve. Rishis are truly the pinnacle of human evolution at all levels — physical, astral and spiritual.

Who is a Rishi ?

A Rishi is a Spiritual Master who has mastered the Spiritual sciences through his long and persistent efforts. He is a person who has experienced God and because of that experience, is able to manifest God’s qualities in his living.

A Rishi’s language is Love. He always radiates Love in his thoughts, words and actions. Whoever comes in contact with him will be touched by this love. It’s no exaggeration that in ancient times, when the Rishis lived in forests, the entire atmosphere would be infused with so much of love that even wild beasts would walk around tamely, without harming others. The depth of their unconditional love can only be known by experience.

A Rishi is the personification of all the Spiritual qualities – Love, surrender, humility, detachment and accommodation.

A Rishi’s higher experiences makes him one of the wisest people in the entire creation. He manifests that wisdom in his living, in his interactions with others and in guiding them. He can understand others and accommodate them completely. He has tremendous patience and expansion.

Because of their higher spiritual experiences, the Rishis have access to very rare knowledge and powers that are not available to anyone else. Their wisdom enables them to use these for the welfare of everyone instead of for their individual benefits. Because of their intense love for God, they selflessly serve His creation.

The incarnations of Rishis

Rishihood is a spiritual state that is attained after the inner awakening, when the seeker chooses to guide others towards their liberation. A Rishi is free from the cycle of birth and death and though he can go back to his source at any time, he chooses to stay back for the benefit of others. Because he has transcended death, he can continue to live in the same body for thousands of years, without ageing, if that is required for his work.

In Himalayas and other places, there are innumerable Rishis who’re in deep tapas for eons, gathering and holding special energies. Yet, there are Rishis who choose to give up their bodies at death and take birth again. The reason could vary from one person to another — it could be to take birth on a different earth in another part of creation, or to take birth on this earth itself, in another part of the world, for a different purpose. This choice, like others, will be according to the divine plan and the Rishis follow the instructions of the SaptaRishis, the seven masters who’re the supreme administrators of God’s creation.

All the Spiritual Masters of Mankind like Christ, Plato, Swami Vivekananda, Amara, Max Muller, Ramana, etc were great Rishis. These Spiritual giants have also incarnated as important people throughout history, to advance civilization, to establish kingdoms, to invent and discover a thousand useful things, to reform society and to advance the area of fine arts like art and music. They’ve taken birth as inventors and scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Einstein to advance the frontiers of science. They’ve come down as reformers like Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela to serve society and help those in need. As artists, poets, sculptors and musicians like Davinci, Michealengelo and Mozart, they’ve added new dimensions to human culture and finesse. And many times, they’ve taken birth as ordinary people, not known to many but impacting the lives of those around with their ideal living and personal qualities.

At the physical level, these great people may not be aware of their spiritual roots. A Rishi who incarnates in this way, usually connects to the higher realms at a deeper level and brings down very special knowledge in that field, which is relevant to the times. He may not manifest all the qualities of a Rishi in that incarnation, as it may not be required too. So he’ll often lead a purposeful but contradicting life of a genius, focussed on his work, so that the knowledge of his true identity doesn’t disturb his work.

Capacities of the Rishis

Rishis are the highest beings in God’s creation. The direct Wisdom, Energies and Guidance from the Supreme Intelligence Himself gives them tremendous capacities and enables them to carry out unbelievable feats. Some of their powers are truly breathtaking, which they use only for the execution of God’s work.

Some of their capacities are:

  • Rishis can travel from one universe to another and from one manifestation to another. They can transcend time and space and reach any part of God’s creation. They can even go to the Unmanifested part of creation and return.
  • They bring new knowledge and energies from these places for the benefit of Humanity. Before releasing them to others, they conduct a lot of tests and implement these on themselves and the team of workers under them. After releasing these new energies, they continue to monitor the changes there.
  • Rishis can communicate with millions at the same time. For example, the Rishi who’s in charge of the works on this earth can communicate with all the people here simulatenously.
  • They can teleport, bilocate or even multiply themselves into many bodies, depending on the requirement of the work.. All the faculties like telepathy, third eye, astral/soul travel and innumerable other siddhis will be fully operational in them. They use these for the service of others.
  • Rishis gather a lot of energies over thousands of years of intense Tapas or when they experience God. These energies enable them to create new galaxies and some masters can even create new Universes. They usually store these energies within themselves and release them at appropriate times, using it for God’s work whenever required.

Categories of Rishis

Rishis are the administrators of God’s creation. They take care of his manifestation and govern it on his behalf. They are involved in all the decision making and governance processes. There’s a huge network of Rishis which spans all the planes and dimensions. At different levels, they have different roles and responsibilities.

The Saptarishis are a batch of seven Rishis who are directly in charge of the entire work under God. They have millions of other Rishis and workers to assist them in this work. They report directly to God and take important decisions pertaining to the administration with His consultation.

The Saptarishis are not a permanent batch — the Rishis of this batch keep changing over a larger cycles of time known as a Manvantara in Sanskrit. They are known in different cultures as the Hierarchy, Council of Lights, Light Masters etc. The present batch of Saparishis are Maharshi’s Brighu, Atri, Angirasa, Vasishtha, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu.
On this earth, they are assisted by a batch of 1,44,000 Rishi-workers, spread across different cultures and countries.

These are Rishis of a particular order who have done intense Tapas and have been serving God for millions of years. They take His advice and execute His work. Depending on the work, they can go to all the Manifested worlds and Dimensions and even to the Unmanifested part of creation.

The Maharshi’s usually work under the Saptarishis but some of them choose to work on their own. Usually they work from the astral planes but sometimes they take birth on this plane, depending on the requirement. There are some great Maharshis whom even God consults before taking important decisions. These great masters bring down rare knowledge and energies for the benefit of Humanity.

Rishi Workers
These are the masters who are responsible to execute the divine work at the physical level. Usually they work as a batch on a particular earth. Many of them will be of the order of Maharshis and they specialize in working at the physical level, like Maharshi Amara.

The Rishi workers will be trained for thousands of years across many lifetimes for the work. Many will also be working for many cycles. They are trained for working in very adverse and difficult situations. Hence they are always able to accept the situations they are in and wait patiently without losing hope to continue their work.

Rishi workers usually experience higher spiritual states at the deeper levels, which they manifest in their work here. All the qualities they manifest for the work like patience, accommodation and inner strength comes from their Love; their Love for God and his creation.

Light workers
These are also great spiritual masters who work for God’s creation. Unlike the Rishi workers, they are not a permanent batch of Rishis on any earth. They go to a particular earth when more help is required, like during a transitory period. And they’ll also have different masters other than the Rishis to guide them in their work, sometimes.

The work of the Rishis

Much of the work of the Rishis remains hidden partly because of their humility which prevents them from talking about it. The scriptures which capture some of their works are also incomplete and have been distorted over time. A few records of the workers and psychics give us a glimpse of the immense work which these masters have done silently over the eons, without the expectation of any reward or recognition.

  • Rishis have gone out of their way to save Humanity from many wars and natural calamities. For this, they’ve spent their personal spiritual energies (tapas shakti) which they’ve gained over thousands of years of intense meditations. Inspite of their herculean efforts, we had to go through a few wars and natural disasters because people did not choose and transform.
  • Rishis have brought down many rare energies and injected them into all humans, along with other living beings. They use occasions like Eclipses and star alignments to release these energies. They also make use of opportunities like peace rallies and candle-light marches to heal people and the place. These energies help humans to transform, if they’re open to them.
  • Rishis work hard to reveal various spiritual truths like the details of God’s creation. They’ve taught meditations and other practices to help people find liberation from the cycle. Though the spiritual truths are present in the scriptures, whenever these masters take birth, they simplify and explain this knowledge to the people around. Most of the times they also add new knowledge to the ones that already exist on this plane. The knowledge helps everyone overcome their ignorance and grow.

Rishis’ work in this transitory period

Postponing the third world war:
Many psychics like Nostradamus had predicted the third world war by the end of the 20th century and it was supposed to happen as per the destiny of this earth. And we have been at the brink of this war several times. But the Rishis, out of their love and concern for humanity have managed to postpone the war, in order to reduce the pain and destruction. They’ve released a lot of their tapas-shakti and have prayed for grace to alter this destiny.

Until now the war has been postponed, also because a good percentage of Humanity doesn’t want it. But if people un-choose or continue to manifest negativities, the Higher intelligence may be forced to allow another World war.

Reducing the duration of Pralaya and the Transitory period:
Our Earth was supposed to go through an intense churning period (Pralaya) for 49 years and a total of 432 years of the transitory period before ascending into the Light Age. Now, with the grace of the Higher Intelligence and the work of the Rishis, we’ll be finishing all of this by the year 2018.

Another important highlight of this period is that we go through less commotion and also have the maximum opportunities to make faster spiritual progress. What used to take lifetimes of great effort can now be achieved by an individual within a few years. This is because of the help provided by the Rishis at different levels to transform, grow and manifest Light.

One example of their work during this transitory period is their work during the 2010 FIFA Worldcup: Africa is very dense with its karmas, problems and very gross energies. A lot of help is being offered from the spiritual level for the growth of this place.

During the recently concluded football world cup, the theme song was ‘Waka Waka’. The Rishis mapped ‘Wa’ to Water and ‘Ka’ to karmas and released a lot of energies at the astral level. Whenever anyone repeated ‘Waka’, a little of their karmas were washed away. And the football finals which coincided with the eclipse was fully utilized to release a lot of new energies and do a lot of astral work in Africa.

We may never know most of the works or sacrifices of these great masters, who’ve moved the wheels of civilization and helped humanity at all levels — material and spiritual. Understanding the immensity of their work helps us to develop love towards them and also cultivate humility. These are the qualities which help us establish contact with these masters, so that we find guidance on our spiritual growth.

Anyone can grow and become a Rishi on his spiritual journey. When we transcend the desire for our individual growth and decide to help and serve others on their journey, the Universe helps us to attain Rishihood. This selfless quality differentiates a Rishi from a spiritual aspirant.

Image courtesy – Robert Donaghey
copyright © 2010 VishwaAmara.
Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.

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2012 – Other Events

Submitted by VishwaAmara 


The year 2012 has been eagerly awaited for many years — with excitement, expectation, even dread. The news of its postponement will surely be met with disappointment rather than relief. Many of us would want pralaya to end soon, so that we can move fast into a new age, into a new way of living. Yet we need to remember that any lasting change cannot be abrupt — it has to occur gradually. There are higher laws to be followed and the New age cannot be forced before its time.

The major events of 2012 have no doubt been shifted to 2015. There are many other events which are silently occurring all around us, and which are heralding this new phase in Humanity’s evolution. The Rishis and the Supreme Intelligence are working in unknown ways to help everyone cope with these changes. Also, we are not driftwoods in this great flood of change – each one of us have a choice, a responsibility and the ability to participate in this shift of cycles.


Being aware of these events and the ways in which the Higher intelligence is assisting us can help us equip ourselves to face the challenges of the coming years.


Present day changes

Our world is undergoing major changes in every area. We can observe these shifts happening at the individual, societal and global levels. It is obvious that ‘The apocalypse isn’t in the future, We are already in the middle of it.’

Millions are affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities all over the world.  Many others are facing the heat of terrorism, wars, political dictatorship and denial of their rights. Although the politicians and economists assure us otherwise, we’re yet to recover from the financial meltdown and its effects on our individual and collective economy. The environmental degradation has hit a new low with the recent oil spills across the globe. There are new scams every other day, exposing the corruption and low standards to which our governments and self-centered leaders have fallen into, which makes it evident that they aren’t equipped to guide or lead us ahead in these turbulent times.

Never before had humanity faced such challenges in so many areas. And when we realise that these events can only accelerate in the days to come, it’s easy to feel depressed and lose hope. But we need to look at the bigger reality — that these changes are part of the ‘Pralaya’ processes, that are being monitored by Higher intelligences, to purge our world of darkness and take us into an age of Light. In the face of increasing struggles, we need to constantly remind ourselves that this is the final battle between two polarities — darkness and Light – on this Earth.

In this background, 2012 plays an important role in this shift because, by then, the negativity in individuals and systems will totally be exposed! New energies that were anchored recently on our earth are working at different levels to bring out the true nature in everyone. Such an exposure will accelerate as we move ahead towards 2012.

The distinction between good and evil will become clear by 21st Dec 2012. Then onwards it will be a decisive battle between these two forces.

Other Major Events

The natural calamities we’re witnessing these days will increase in the coming years. There may be floods, earthquakes, droughts and volcanic eruptions in a number of places which harbour darkness. Although it results in destruction and pain, these events are required to remove the hold of darkforces in many of the places across the globe.

Many Rishi workers are already taking birth across different parts of the Earth, especially in areas with too much of negativity. They will work to remove the darkness from these places, from the people around them. The new born babies of today are spiritually more advanced and carry a lot of Light. They hold a variety of new energies and have a lot of information about God and other higher realities. These babies are known as ‘Indigo Children’ by the New-Age workers.

The Solar flares are expected to increase in the coming years. They play an important role in our shift because they carry higher energies from the Sun. Also, the pure spiritual energies which the Rishis store in different parts of our earth can sometimes be destroyed by the dark forces. The solar flares, on the other hand, carry energies of higher vibrations which everyone will inevitably be forced to absorb. These energies work on those who choose Light and help them grow. And they have an adverse impact on those who do not make this choice. The Rishis also use other events like acid rains, hailstorms and comet showers to release many more energies.

Events after 2012

In the aftermath of our entry into the Photon belt on 21st Dec 2012, the darkness will be clearly exposed in all areas of our lives – in commerce, finance, politics, society etc. The unethical parts of all these systems will collapse because of this expose. The systems as a whole may not collapse – they’ll continue to exist but many spiritual values will get incorporated in them.

Commerce will continue, but the corruption and greed that exists now will be removed. Politics or the real administration will continue wherein the people will work genuinely to help the people of the world.

There may be events like collapse of communication and electrical systems. At the same time, there will be alternate systems working. Post 2012, our inner faculties like telepathy will begin to get activated easily and many will begin to use this faculty.

There will be a push towards renewable energy and free-energy.

There will be changes in our entire galaxy. The Milky way galaxy which is spiral shaped now will gradually become an ellipsoid (egg shaped). The processes for this will be initiated by the Galactic Alignment. This will take thousands of years to complete.

The rotation of our earth will not stop drastically and change directions. It’ll be a slow and steady change.There will be similar changes in our entire solar system.

The Second Sun, a twin of our Sun and currently existing at a subtler level, will become more prominent and will shine with more of its energies. Since it carries a lot of blue energies. our daylight will be blue instead of the golden yellow light we see today.

Help from the Divine

The Rishis are engaged in many activities at other levels to help humanity sail through the coming years. It is through their effort that the intense churning period of pralaya and the entire transition period has been drastically reduced. Many Rishis and Yogis have been in deep tapas over thousands of years, holding the beam of pure Light within, to release to Humanity in the New Age.

The Light workers and Rishis are gathering energies and storing them under the Earth at various places. The vibrations of these energies help people to tune up to the changes in their lives. New Energy grids are being built to carry these energies to all places on Earth. And new Light Cities are being anchored onto the physical plane by the Rishis and their workers. These will act as the nodes from where Light will spread to other places.

A huge amount of activity is happening at the astral levels. The Rishis are contacting every individual at deeper levels and equipping them with the knowledge of the events and many other higher truths. They are advised on how to remain calm and transform. Many people are also being healed at different levels. The Rishis are training those who are interested in helping them in their work.

Many Rishi-workers have already taken birth in different parts of the world and have begun their work. Many more of them are expected to descend in the coming years.

One great Master, Vishwamitra Maharshi, has done a lot of work at the higher levels to reduce the chaos and damage, and minimise the suffering. But for his efforts, we as humanity would have had to go through many wars and calamities.

Responsibilities of Individuals

When sweeping changes occur at global and cosmic levels, it makes one wonder if we individuals have any role to play in these changes. It appears as though we’ll be swept away in the flood of these drastic events. But entering the Light Age is a choice which every individual has to make for himself. Whether we survive these events or sail through them and enter the New Age, depends entirely on each person.

The destruction which is occuring at present and which will accelerate in the coming days is just a part of the process. It affects those who do not choose Light or who resist these changes. Those who choose Light and align with these changes will sail through this turbulence.

The Individuals should not panic when calamities occur. They have to go on with the normal flow of life, attending to all their duties and responsibilities. Each one has to positivise himself completely at all levels – thought, emotions and deeds. He has to develop spiritual qualities of Love, Truth, Honesty, Simplicity and Surrender to the higher forces of Life. Being aware of the bigger picture and having a clear idea about the higher realities will help us remain unperturbed in any situation.

Having a strong link with the Rishis or our own higher aspects is one of the most important factors which can help us sail through these difficult times. And it’s possible for anyone to contact the Rishis and higher beings and get guided by them directly, in every area of their lives. Spiritual practices like meditations help us in establishing this contact and get clarity within ourselves. But the most important requirement for such a contact is purity, a clear intent and unconditional love towards others, towards all Life.

Surviving the changes

A ancient saying goes: ‘We can run out of a burning house to save ourselves, but when the whole earth is on fire, where do we run?’. The events of 2012 and beyond may not be as drastic as some doomers would want us to believe, but the changes they bring about are definetly huge and lasting. While it may appear scary, it’s also exciting to be a part of this momentous event in the history of mankind.

There’s no place we can hide from these events. The state of our living, our purity levels and the connection we establish with Spirit are the factors which can help us blend with these transformative events.  When we love and accept these changes without fear, we will be assisted in shifting our awareness to higher levels. These great changes will then transform us and guide us in stepping into the New age of Light.

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