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Pursing Our Passion Community Project

Hello Everyone,


I've been struggling for several years to pursue my own part-time work building a home business.  I am really shy but very ambitious.  I have some wonderful talents and gifts I would like to share with my community but have not moved it out into the public arena.  My biggest challenge has been vision, being able to see myself successful working for myself.


Do you have the same challenges?  Maybe we can work together and help each other.  Have you started your own home business and found success?  I would love to have your support.  I am very interested in working with you all until my feeble knees stop shaking.  Will you stand with me?  Below is a painting I did of myself.


Love Blessings, Knowah



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Here is a very intriguing article in the San Francisco Examiner regarding one engineer's account regarding his experience with alien abductions and his documentation of UFO activity over Washing D.C.

I will openly admit that after listening to his radio interview (post linked to in the article), and viewing the movie "The Fourth Kind", I have had to wonder if I have not been abducted. I really don't believe I have, but then again, I wonder.

The gentleman being interviewed is Mr. Wilbur Allen. He mentions the technology that enabled the extraterrestials to immobilize and implant him. This same technology removed his ability to scream. This brought back to my mind my past experience with the shadow man and the invisible man. How I was immobilized and unable to scream. How my life has become extraordinary and how my children have had similar experiences. What is really going on?

Read the Examiner article. Listen to the radio interview. Keep the information in your personal files. The truth is coming out and we are closer than ever to Open Exclosure. Will it happen in 2012? We will soon see. Much love.


UFODC-Obama adviser says documented UFO/ET landings on U.S. Capitol “could destabilize society”

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