November 6

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I have always considered myself to be an open minded person, and have always believed that we are not the only beings in or outside of our galaxy. I also know in my heart that we all have some connection to each other, not only in this dimension, but conections also to our brothers and sisters in the higher dimensions as well. I feel more and more strongly about this each day.

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  • Well, we hope to get in every country volunteers who are willing to maintain the energies connected with the Earth.... So, it is essential not to have a heavy earthquake in your country.
    Yes, do contact Goedele about it!
  • Hey Keith! I have heard this weekend you did very well!!!! Would be great when you, Nina and Motto could form a Japanese Gira team for the future!!! Think about it! And if you are willing to, contact Goedele about it.
  • Hi Keith,

    Well done! Try to find more people in your region who are willing to focus their energy at a specific time together with us, here from Europe. I 'll probalby also post a request on the Ashtar forum.... The expected earthquake that might happen will be less dramatic.... However, it will not be undone. And the broken line actually needs to be repaired before 23 september... That is what Goedele told me about it. Anyway, try to arrange the date + hour with Goedele if you can. She is doing the coordination in our project. Kind regards!
  • Hi Keith,

    Our earth-healing website still needs to come online.... We formed a team with a geo-physicist. Underneath the email from our project manager Goedele. Please, pick up contact with her via email!!!

    SUBJECT: URGENT - your help as a Japanese citizen to reduce the imminent earthquake in Japan


    GIRA is a global project team, working on the restauration of Mother Earth's energetic lines.
    In this time of great change (now through roughly 2010), we focus initially on the creation of a protective coat around Terra. This, among other things:
    - reduces global warming
    - reduces significantly the strength of earthquakes

    As for Japan, we are aware that a major earthquake might be expected in the second half of September 2010.

    We would very much like to travel to Japan and intervene, as this is the best option. As a team of volunteers however, we have very limited funding and cannot afford the travel.

    There is however an alternative solution, with the help of the Japanese people themselves.

    How does this work:
    1. A lot of people from the Japan region should focus on the thought "We want help from the GIRA team"
    2. This will create an energy ball above Japan.
    3. Once the energy ball is strong enough - which GIRA can evaluate remotely - the GIRA team will link its own energy ball up to the Japanese ball.
    4. This large energy ball will distribute the Dragon energy of the imminent earthquake over a large region, large enough to reduce significantly the earthquake impact to an acceptable level.

    So, if you are living in the Japanese region, and you are willing to help your country, then we want to ask you to focus very hard on point 1 in the coming days.
    Can you please send us an email if you are participating ? email: gira@inorbit.com (www.gira-inorbit.net)

    Thank you for your help, both from the GIRA team and from Mother Earth.

    Warm loving regards
    Goedele Louwagie
    GIRA project manager
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  • One more information to understand me, please read my English blog below;

    A Study for Truths of the 911 crime, 10-14-08event and 2012ascension
    From here and there; From earth to cosmos, From now to future and past.
  • The earthquake information exchages between me and earthanimal had begun from the followingg my message sent to her on 9/18th;
    At 10:13JST=01:13GMT today 9/18th 2010, I uploaded the planets location of 9/21 21:07JST to my Japanese blog, because I got to know urgent warning of M8.0 to 9 class earthquakes and Tsunami, which had been released on 8/25 2010 as follows;.

    Your message may have some meaning with connection to this warnig, I think.
    end of copy-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Thanks again for your comment to me yesterday.
    let me explain why i joined to this site last month.
    As written in my profile, I wanted to add my comment to gunner's articlie titled as Hatton, and did it as follows;
    This Matthew message was released originally on November 19, 2009 as below;
    Without no credit you posted it here as if it is new message.
    A famous Japanese internet translator twited as "emergency messagea" and began to translate it to Japanese.
    One person researched and found the last year article and advised him.
    What is your intent to make this post without any mention about original source? "
    Reffer to below;

    No reply from gunner.

    After adding my comment, I could have several friend requests and now enjoying surfing this site.

    Most recent and important exchanging informations has been done with "earthanimal" about urgent warning of M8.0 to 9.x earthquakes.

    Please read the exchanged comments between me and earthanimal these days.

    She seems to have special ability to sense special energy, although I have no special power.

  • "Happy Birthday!"
  • wellcome on board
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Keith Patrick Gerard left a comment for janvier
"Thank you for adding me as a friend Janvier! Love and Light to you!"
Feb 20, 2012
Keith Patrick Gerard left a comment for Sam Stavreski
"Thank you for your friendship Sam! Also thank you for your kind and loving message. Yes, it is very sad to see what has happened here and see all of the people who were effected have to suffer through this. I and my family are safe so far and I try…"
Mar 15, 2011
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"Hello Richard! Thank You for adding me as a friend. It's nice to have a new friend to go through the acension process with and reconnect with our star families again in love and light."
Oct 6, 2010
Keith Patrick Gerard left a comment for Motohiro Furukawa
"Hello Motohiro! I have a little better understanding of what I and especially all of us should do that are here in Japan to help lessen the impact of a big earthquake hitting Japan. We should try to focus our energy to Japan along with the Giro team…"
Sep 23, 2010

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