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My Beloved Husband Lem,Sr. and me almost had a kiss with deathlast night(Dec.3,2010).There were already signs sent from Heaven thatwere telling us not to go.But we still managed to continue head on with our decision to go without our kids.We got on board

a Ship(MV Siquijor Island),headed for Lazi,Siquijor,Philippines from our place Iligan City,Philippines for the weekend to do some errand work and

meet my beloved in laws there.During the middle part of it's sailing tosea,the Ship unfortunately encountered some problem as we were alreadyfar off Iligan City.During a Stormy night..the vessel was tossed andturned almost upside down already nearly to be capsized by the ragingwaves.The passengers,my Husband,the Ship's crew all panicked to thepoint of wearing their Life jackets for preparation in facing theworst,the women and children were already crying.My husband wasscreaming at me to wear my Life saver jacket.My FEAR tried to overcomeme,but i just calmly lied down,searching for my INNER PEACE and INNERSTRENGTH and i held my Beloved Husband's hand,as he was already feelingnauseous,sick,terrified of course.I told him to pray with me and closedour eyes,remembering the visions JESUS showed me that night when HEsuccessfully calmed down the storm.We did,we both prayed all the PRAYERSOUR DEAR LORD has taught us.Every word uttered in Prayer were all leftunspoken.God,Jesus,St.Michael Archangel,Blessed Virgin Mary and all theAngels came to help,support,protect and love,i thought of our 3 sonswhom we left behind in our Home,our eldest son who is studying for hisfuture in Silliman University in Dumaguete,another City and our belovedparents and loved ones,if we will have to go,what will happen tothem,.And suddenly as if God was trying to show me a Sign to maintain myInner Love,peace,strength,light and hope, the Good Captain of that Shipwith such an Alert Mind guided by our Angels,decided and announcedimmediately to please not panic and that we will go back to to Port.Andeveryone clapped their hands in utmost joy,especially my belovedhusband.As we were heading back to shore,a friendly lady almost in herforties sat beside me and talked with me about what just happened,stillfearful since the waves were so strong,i saw her praying by herself infront of me.And i continued on praying telling myself to continue while still at sea and not untilwe have reached Iligan and our home safely.I meditated,prayed andenvisioned the Ship in White Light as what Jesus and all my SpiritGuides were teaching me,while calming myself and focusing that we areall home safe.After i did..i asked God if it is already our time.Iwaited for His answer..and He said and whispered to me in bold and whiteletters in my Mind.."No,of course not..Karen,it is not yet your time toleave this Life,you will reach Port and Home safe and sound." Hereassuringly told me in such comforting and loving words of WhiteLight.And just as He promised we all did reach shore miraculously safeand sound.But leaving behind a memory for all of us,that everything elsein this world happens for a reason.And we somehow learned a lessonthere...if God is trying to tell us something,this time we will have tolisten more.But,my beloved husband told me,God also made us go throughthat very Stormy night of our lives..not only to learn to pray in savingourselves but it is in PRAYING for the Good and safety of others andall as well.I admired my beloved husband's Wisdom and Faith there andthe Heroic deed the Alert Captain of the Ship decided upon.That we areall ONE in helping spread the LIGHT,LOVE and PEACE of GOD.The act ofhelping in saving each other,lives and all life.We are all truly ONEindeed.We have been given a second chance in Life..Nature,the forcesthat made this happen are all events that we shall humbly submitourselves to...that anything good or bad can always happen to usanytime,but the when we are all enjoined in LOVE,LIGHT AND PEACE duringPRAYER.We can always overcome the Darkness that tries to envelope usduring Life's storms and makes us all the more connected with theAlmighty ONE who made us all images of His never ending andUNCONDITIONAL LOVE .The LOVE which shines as the LIGHT that flickers inthe DARK.My beloved Husband,as were both lying down in our bedroom inour home sweet home,hugging each other and our youngest son and our 2other sons,we told each other that was an awful mighty fight for theLIGHT,but we were so happy to have experienced help pray for LIGHT insaving others,ourselves and the Ship that very horrifying night of ourlives.Still thankful to the GOOD LORD for all that HE has done for usand being strengthtened all the more for Working for the LIGHT.We areboth so thankful and forever grateful for everything that the GOOD LORD hasblessed us with and to be Warriors of the LIGHT is the most beautifulwork and GIFT God has given us,overcoming all persecutions and always asthankful for every lesson learned and Inner Strength cultivated,It isin Loving unconditionally all Life.I Love YOU,LORD forever..~JESUS,theMost Beautiful Christmas Gift you have ever givenus.LIGHTWORKERS,STARSEEDS,INDIGOS,HUMANANGELS,CRYSTALS,RAINBOWS,VIOLETS,BLUES,all for the LIGHT,LOVE ANDPEACE..continue on carrying your SWORDS of LIGHT up high.GOD is so GOODall the time.Thank you so much~God,Kristus Sananda,JESUS,St.MichaelArchangel,Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Angels.********As i promisedthem that i will spread my story here for all to know how GOD works insuch beautiful,loving and mysterious ways..and it does not matter to HIMof who we are,saint,sinner or not,we are all the same in HIS EYES andHEART..if we are for HIM and the LIGHT,LOVE,PEACE..then we always are,Weare all ONE.GOD IS LOVE~11:11****************** by:Karen MaeCuevas "Praise GOD above all else for every bit ofLOVE,LIGHT AND PEACE HE gives us for it will always surpass allSTORMS.There is no way that every flicker of LIGHT in the Dark goesunnoticed." ~ Karen Mare Cuevas~ Namaste~****
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