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what needs to happen in 2013

hello everybody hope you are all doing well just thought i would make a new blog on here alot of questions have been racing through my mind as of late especially alot of when type questions and how can we make these events happen quicker or help the process here is a list of what needs to be done in 2013 yes what im gonna say is the obvious


1 the defeat of the illuminati if those guys are still around we can never end this they are getting weaker and losing ground which is a good sign


2 contact once the dark forces have been beat we need to reunite with our galactic brothers and sisters


3 the truth of what has really been going on for the last 13 millenia and our real history which our cosmic family can teach us


4 clean up the pollution that has hurt our planet


5 ascention return to full consciousness im not sure if this can happen this year or not if not this year then 2014-2015


let us hope these events happen sooner then later we have suffered long enough its time for peace and love to return to our wonderful planet

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speech/tribute to humanity heading into 2013

my speeches arent always the best but ill try my best here it goes back so many millenia ago when the negative events from the dark forses came into effect on us since then it has not been the same and times have been tough but through all the pain and suffering that has been forced upon us humanity has been able to get past every obstacle that has been thrown in front of us heading into 2013 the journey to the return to full consciousness continues and the dark ones continue to lose momentum and control may the rest of the journey be a positive one for all of us as we will soon be victorious god bless everyone of us and our galactic family for fighting to get the truth out and return peace and love to our planet our home have a great 2013 everybody and god bless

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a question about channeled messages

i was curious about what you guys think of the channeled messages on here i personally believe its half half theres some real channeled messages then theres some false ones but i was wondering what you guys think (peace and love)
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