May 26

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I have a nine year old daughter and I have a couple of business's so this keeps me pretty busy. I like to escape so I read Angel cards and meditate. I am always searching for answers. I learn the Russian language and I love to read.

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I am hungry to learn, so I listen, read and absorb.. I learn off many different people and love to hear diverse views so that I can question and take their ideas on board and hopefully exchange them with my own..

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Julia posted a blog post
Consider a time when you worked hard and saved up for something. Made sacrifices and had patience until it was possible to attain the object of your dreams.Where is that object now? do you still have the same sentiment for it? chances are that you…
May 25, 2010
Julia left a comment for Diamond Jo
"Hi Goddess Joya, Thankyou for your welcome message, I am just finding my way around here at the moment xx"
May 25, 2010

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AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"simple question-if AIs replace white collar jobs-and robot AIs replace blue collar jobs-where is the money going to come from for useless humans to buy stuff?
34 minutes ago
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"trannies going insane;
transgender protesters swarmed him cursing and screaming before assaulting him several times as police looked on
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"Well, cave cheeses are great to consume and we have many in the UK, such as Cheddar, cave aged at Wookey Hole caves...
I would suggest that milk is OK here....I believe it's the US that put too many hormones in everything.....But if you want to…"
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"To answer the question: There are many good types of cheese. Try cave cheese. It always tasted really good. Do you know these tick tock videos? Someone throws a cheese with holes on a book page with many words and takes the words as an oracle. He…"
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RichRaelian posted a photo in Ridge Meadows Light Community~
There is plenty to be thankful here.
8 hours ago
RichRaelian left a comment on Ridge Meadows Light Community~
"Hi! I'am not a awake soul but I do have a awake supra-consciousness as a aspect of infinity."
8 hours ago
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I like what a farmer said about the Roswell accident victims in 1947 he said and I quote,"Well there not green."
8 hours ago