November 30

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  • Hi twin flames, Glad you could join us here , you wanted to understand what a walk in is , well i will tell you, it could happen at just before birth in to the earth plane or at the time of awaking , but most times it before birth into this world. it works like this, the baby inside the mother is a kinda avatar until your ready and you walk in to the body , as spirit to grow up as a human being , then when your awaken you learn why you came here your mission and all and your memories come back of who you are star seed and often your star seed family will visit you in dream visions , or just walk up to you in some cases , rear cases i must say .. but it happens. but they will help you learn down lodes lots of information to you , and memories as well , your DNA has always need different , and will be more changed as we get closer to 2012 , And many star seed walk in do activate or awaken as your as 5 yrs old it all depends on the person , arrangements with others as we ll as there twin flames and star seed family , and the soul agreements you have with the family , i know this sounds out there but you asked i told you my experiences , and some of the others i know as well , hope it helps you some .
  • I do not know how Zoe found me but I am grateful. 


    I feel as I am something special too.  Sorry If I am not clear.  I do not get to leave my house often because my husband and I are unemployed and only one car works.  So he gets the car to look for work.  I may be a little out of practice.


    I feel I am a walk in as well.  I wanted to know how she new she was a walk in and how did she figure out from where she came from.


    I do not fit in with my family.  They are all blood type a+ and I am a o-.  I never felt like I fit in.  I love them very much and I feel like they are my caretakers but not my true family.  I have been seeking assistance from the light for years now.  I teach a form of qi kong during my yoga and I feel at peace when I feel my energy.  My family does not even feel this energy.


    My husband and I have crossed paths our entire lives before finally meeting.  He has the knowledge naturally and I had to learn it.  We are two peas in a pod.


    When my dog died I made a pack with her.  She contacts me through the star sirius and I wiggle her collar. 


    Times are really hard here in California USA.  I could use some help.  Anykind.  I offer two free lessons to my yoga and having trouble filling that.  If I have a star friend who was ment to help I could sure use it now.


    Twin flames


  • now go say hi and look at my page hun 8113761092?profile=original
  • our wedding song, and date Beltane, If any thing happins i would like to speend the joy with you and no one ealse? let hope it works out some how yr ? wish soon shore would like to be with you by 2012 .. dec. 21
  • 8113760097?profile=originalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD8laEDPGUw&feature=autoplay&amp... just a gloomy day thinking of my twin wow We really practiced some strong energy transfers , it need to keep building on this julian.
  • 8113761271?profile=original8113760463?profile=originallove you see you in meditation soon , hugs
  • Hi, my beloved, I have been reading some interesting things here about Kundalini, I wanted to comment but it was very different for me , because it was with you it happen , and im trying to understand it , maybe a twins flames kundalini is different , im going to meditate on what i have learned about this tonight , love you twin, XXX 8113763884?profile=originalIm up late , and going to bed now see you in Astra love !
  • 8113762253?profile=originalWelcome my dear, hope you find new out lets of knowledge and friendship here as well , I love you .
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Jules left a comment for Zoe
"this site is very clunky...love the pic"
Mar 4, 2011
Jules left a comment for twin flames
"Hi Twin Flames,
Zoe asked me to come across to your page as I am Zoe's twin flame....how may we be of help?"
Mar 4, 2011
Jules left a comment for Zoe
"good target...our first winter solstice together"
Mar 4, 2011
Jules left a comment for Zoe
"yes we do need to practice those energies...more and more...needs to be on our affirmation list..."
Mar 4, 2011

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"Well as spiritual beings we are way beyond our genetics, but as spiritual beings evolving in physicality, it is in our individual and collective interests, to safeguard our genetics, so that we may each ascend to higher physical perfection, as…"
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"Drekx said: "Human DNA is being impulsed by cosmic rays"

Agarther question: but parts of the DNA can also be activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"
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"The idea of human angels, is actually a misnomer, as I stated last week.....However, as Agarther pointed out, about Islam, and archangel Gabriel meeting prophets, the idea of "angels" providing "virgin births," was actually an Essene community…"
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"The third strand of DNA would be sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation in so-called Human Angels. I kind of read that somewhere. It's been a long time. Isn't that the Bringer of Dawn?"
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"Not certain of their percentages, but the developing third strand, far from being "junk," or detritus, (the medical term,) is an increasingly active, communicator strand, activating transformation to eventual 12-strand DNA........The galactic human…"
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"and Drekx is it correct that the Human Genome Project mapped only 5% of the genes and 95% were classified as Junk DNA because inactive? I read something like that, since you mentioned the limiter gene"
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"The Anunnaki were definitely not benign in ancient times....They did create much ancient propaganda about themselves as "saviours" of humanity, and always depicted themselves with wings, on tablets....It's the Sumerian language and myth....“those…"
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