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Now on this planet a human being that use the homa therapy to make service to our mother Gaia and humankind, a lot of hobbies like photography, arts, music, an organic farmer, astrology, healing with yantras, stones and mandalas. www.transmisionesdeorion.blogspot.com www.fractaltime2009.blogspot.com www.agnihotra.org

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Shree Gayanan Maharaj, Shree Vasant Paranjpe, Jesus, Buda, nature, mother Maria,and all angels and devas.

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  • Hi. Thanks for the friend request. Love and Gratitude, Happy :)
  • Hi Juan Carlos, I just wanted to drop by to see how you are doing. I worry about you because I heard that your country had a lot of swine flu and I am hoping that you have been well. I myself have been ill for several months but am feeling better now, and getting on with life full swing. Mostly I have been reading everything I can get my hands on and trying to raise my vibrations through meditation and yoga and studying all I can about ascention and spirituality. It is such a wondrous journey and I learn more every day and am filled with love and such joy and peace, and of course curiosity and impatient for the earth to move forward and for the dark to find their way to love.

    Well I just wanted to tell you I am thinking of you and sending you my love.

    Take care dear Juan, and have a wonderful week.
    Love, Marique


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    The Tibetans wrote these esoteric words on every stone in their land to sing the Truth all of heaven;
    "Within yours heard is a lotus, and within this lotus these is a diamond".
    This diamond is the source of Creation.
    And in all of Creation, there is only One Lotus.

  • Sending love, peace and happiness your way.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Hello Juan Carlos,
    Thanks a lot for your friendship. Sending you light and love
  • Hi Juan, long time no talky. I have been up to my butt in boxes. I got all moved in here in Florida and loving it so much, but trying to get this house in order has been a full time job. I have way too much stuff and even though there is a lot of square footage, it is an open floorplan so no place to hide anything, no attic, no cellar....so it has been a legistics nightmare, but I am nevertheless thrilled I finally was able to sell the house in Maine, and get back to where it is warm. It was 91 today and felt sooo grand after freezing all winter. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. Can you tell me more about Shree Mararaj? I have been trying to find out more about ascended masters and their teachings. I see he is someone you have mentioned. Just curious. I am try to expand my horizons and growth as I seem to have hit an impass in my spiritual grow, hit a lull where I don't know where to go from here.....ever been at that point? Oh well forward is always a good direction.

    Love to you dear friend.


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  • Namastè

  • Dedica este instante a valorar cuán preciosa es realmente la vida.
    Siente, por un momento, una felicidad completa, profunda e incontenible.

    Comprende, en este momento, que todo lo que pudieses
    necesitar o desear ya está a tu disposición.

    Que Dios te Bendiga...

  • Hi, I am just dropping by to say hello and that I am thinking of you. Have a wondrous week.

    Love to you my friend

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Juan Carlos Aguilar Pantigozo posted a video
Nov 2, 2020
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"Hi Happy!!! I would like to see your jewel creation. I makes somes too. like mistyc jewelery..
welcome !!! and have a nice day
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"Thank you shasta for your lotto flower!!!
have a wonderful sunday...
Aug 16, 2009
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Jun 18, 2009

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