February 25

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Here on Earth I'm a musician who writes music to change states of mind and I'm lookig for the right inspiration to compose music from High Spheres to open my own consciousness as well as others'. When I write music it's not me who writes it down, I'm just a channel that takes dictation from my Masters high above and inside of me. My soul comes from the constellation of Orion, first star in the belt from left to right.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ascended Masters, I don't know their names, maybe Lord Sananda, maybe Lord Saint Germain, don't know who, but I'm sure someone's guiding my steps from my inside. I also took lessons on Hermetic philosophy and rituals.

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  • aw thanks jorge my friend; i will organise those playlists u sent later on, am so busy!

    i'll be posting up new blogs today; so u can check my group in 10 mins ;)

    until then check out these jokes :P



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  • thanks my friend, i know i love these kind of musics :)

    so now u have an idea of my taste



  • enjoy this song my friend... its lovely!!!


  • Dear Jorge, yes i did hear it :)

    La Visita i liked sooo much, so relaxing and smooth melody. Very good work!!

    El Misterio de Oriente , is the type of music i would listen to on the beach , in headphones, !

    Hacia el Cielo is very very calming; and different , i love it!! lo...

    so how do u feel about those comments?!!!

    very good music, love them.

    i want to download actually, am not sure how. i will maybe ask marco? then i can listen to your music whenever i like :) thank you because im a dancer, and also i love music :P


  • :) :) lotus flower power!!!


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  •  A word of explanation The Unified Field Matrix was drawn through me over a couple of years and culminated with the numbers I had written on a 4 5 6 series being Trinary not Binary being fed through a Stockbroking Firm's Computer and it fed out the beautiful pattern you see. Of course after I did this I found the Swarovski Crystal with the Pearl. Now this becomes more relevant with the Fanfare out of Switzerland and Melbourne where I live that they have found the God Particle which I had already done back in 1995.

    The latest one being the 11 12 13 All That Is Heart Stargate Matrix which is a combination of the Symbol of Prime Creator overlaid by the numbers I again wrote and we have a combined Unity Symbol of "Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity" of the Whole of Cosmos. And so on 12 12 12 this year the 12 Dimensions are spliced and we are re-activated with our 12 Strand DNA. I met a Math's Chap who was the top of the University and he said upon looking at this that there is no program That could run this as all 12 fields come into play on a Trinary Level. This is confirmed by a Metatron Article on 12 12 12 posted today or yesterday by Karmah's Helper. Cheers Jorge nice to meet you. I am self taught and go by Intuition as against external Tuition which I every now and then seek. Blessings light love Balance grace harmony kingjeff.

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Jorge left a comment for kingjeff
"Hi Jeff, listen, this is huge information for me in a very small time... I studied civil engineering, I teach since 30 years ago in two universities, and did a postgrade in operations research. This has caused my brain to be "squared" and not…"
Jul 30, 2012
Jorge left a comment for kingjeff
"Thanks a lot my friend for your words and for the pearl which resides in your inner self.
Of course these times are being so confusing, and I've been confused lately. I hope this place can be this oasis you mention, and I'm sure it will.
If you…"
Jul 29, 2012
Jorge left a comment for kingjeff
"Hi Kingjeff, thanks for accepting me as your friend!
I saw the Haendel's picture you sent to our mutual friend Star and I just thought we had to be friends... anyone who knows, likes, and mention something great about a genius like Haendel is really…"
Jul 29, 2012
Jorge left a comment for Marco100pc
"Hi Marc!
Thanks a lot for the advise!
I took it and singed up in soundcloud's page. I just uploaded one of my works, I hope you have the time to listen to it. The link is http://soundcloud.com/orionsmusic I wish you like it.
I listened to your first…"
Jul 25, 2012

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