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Starseed Waking up to 12 Dimensions

Absorbing the colours evolving in brightness every second one begins to awaken to the consciousness of man other civilizations. Many planets higher evolved than ours in incredibly advanced universes have been planting seed of light in earthlings at conception. Incarnated here from the planet Neron my light being focused through 12th dimension frequencies. Light is what connects all of us in consciousness. We are one in light and frequency!

Light, Life & Frequency


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Chakras how to Cleanse & Activate all 12

Reactivation of the 12 Chakra system is done after the cleanse of the entire body of toxins. Enemas or colonic remove that which coats and sticks to the inside again regaining pure nutrition absorption and cleaning out static, rotting, or negative vibrations. The consciousness your being portals when clean is at much higher frequencies, thus you are more prosperous. The way one visualizes or interprets reality is conditioned by the third and fourth eyes once active.
Wake up, your body is a conscious portal.
Continue to grow out of the systems my friends.
Light & Love
From cosmic awareness
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