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channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 14, 2013
first published in English on September 19, 2013 in

Translated by Björn Kurt

How is it possible that many people are reading the messages of light yet their lives remain unchanged? It is possible because the subconscious of these people is blocking those passages, which the human being still wants and needs to experience on a full human scale. This means furthermore, that these lines are simply not being registered, are being skipped and therefore have no meaning for the individual. This man, himself, lives in the assumption of adjusting according to the messages of light and believes that he is honestly working on his transformation and shows an unconditional will to throw off all that is hindering his Ascension.

So what is the solution? Discover and experience what the subconscious is hiding from the awareness! There is no other way for these humans. For the clear look on the topics must be practiced, and this exercise is being neglected by most people because it is an initially uncomfortable situation to hold up a mirror for oneself in a relentless way.

So they refrain from real introspection and read in those messages only what they want to see, which is mostly what they already have attained and overcome. Or it is about minor knowledge which has barely an effect on the process of evolution of their soul.

This selective perception is widely spread among the light warriors, which are failing now. So that the total awakening will be provided by events which were bred by the unconscious. As long as a person is not able to look relentlessly at his actual state, any deeper awareness and insight is absent, for how can one know what to change if one does not know what IS?

In summary, there are two ways of transformation:

1) Awareness attained by relentless introspection, unconditional transforming even if the first look at themes hurts – to get on the track of the unconscious.

2) Wait until the transformation imposes itself as the pain grows to become unbearable and you must look at your actual state for there is NO other way in order to heal.

Loved ones,

so the world goes on for those who are under the illusion, they are already enlightened and the world goes on up to the point, where the messages of light are not only read and partially understood but until they are integrated word by word into the daily life, for the people will have dropped all fear to start their own transformation.

Distrust those full of complacent pride who recite the word of God by the letter. They are not more than intercom machines that are parroting what others detected or what had been given to others.

Beware of those who read, but bring nothing of what is read into their own lives. And take heed as you meet the priests who praise God in a grandiose way but have only one intention: Namely to drive you in new dependencies, to tie you into their aura and therefore to keep you away from your own actual transformation.

So it happens now that everywhere truth asserts itself and many light warriors are being exposed to what they are: deniers of life because the life – which is promised to them after their completed transformation – is being disregardedand denied.

Living dead! We talk about those who day by day let things slide and meet the approaching time with a backpack full of unredeemed topics. We talk about those people who expect the guest of honor unprepared and with worn out clothes.

We talk – possibly about YOU.

In infinite love I am with you. And I expect your call from the deepest soul, so that we may redeem your heart from all topics which are slowing down the moment of your ascension and drain your life force. The grace of God works – possibly also within you.

I am


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by Georgi Stankov, August 9, 2013

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the biggest U.S. bank of the Rockefeller family and the Orion-Reptilian Co. has announced that it is under federal criminal investigation for practices tied to sales of mortgage-backed bonds that the Justice Department has already concluded broke civil laws. This is known since 2008 to the broad public and many years earlier to the specialists. Why this criminal investigation now? I will give a succinct answer below.  

This development was anticipated by this author in his previous article on the impending bank crash of HSBC, the biggest Reptilian Bank of the GB cabal belonging to the Rothschild shape-shifter family. Now this prosecution has been extended onto its US counterpart, the Rockefeller family, which the Rothschild family helped establish its financial empire in the New World in the 19th century. There is no coincidence here.

This trend became cogent when the criminal Obama administration announced its decision to get rid of its liabilities from all mortgage-backed securities with the total amount of 10 trillion USD issued by the bankrupt state-owned financial giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and to force the private banks, embroiled in this mortgage fraud, to to be made responsible for these huge state liabilities against the rest of the world, where these fraudulent financial products were mainly sold.

In a speech next Tuesday in Phoenix, Obama will call for transitioning the business model of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into a system where “private capital must be wiped out before the government pays on any form of catastrophic guarantee,” as a senior administration official announced on August 5th.

JP Morgan and all the other big US banks were fully involved in this biggest financial fraud in the history of the banking system that led to the notorious subprime mortgage crisis in the USA. This horrendous bank scam not only ruined the vast majority of the American population and made millions of its citizens homeless, but also wiped out the (in)famous Wall Street Investment banking within one week in October 2008 and  ruined many big European banks that suffered huge losses due to worthless subprime mortgage financial products, which the rating agencies, such as Fitch and Moody’s rated as “triple A” in another gargantuan criminal act in cahoot with the big Wall Street banks.

Since the outburst of the subprime mortgage crisis, these criminal deeds of all big US banks are well known to the experts and at that time were even broadly discussed by the mainstream media in the aftermath of the biggest financial depression since the Great Depression.

However, until now, almost five years after this crisis, there has been no legal prosecution of the perpetrators of this huge financial fraud – the big US banks belonging to the ruling Orion cabal in the USA. They were protected under the most insidious public lie, which the dumbed down US population has ever swallowed without any objections: “too big to fail“.

This excuse was actually nothing else but a mafia-like menace of the Orion /Reptilian financial cabal to close their banks and ruin the US economy as initially planned for 2008 with the primary goal of installing the NWO, if they were prosecuted according to current US laws. Some of you may remember the clandestine hectic meeting of all senators with the then financial minister and Goldman Sachs stooge Henry Paulson, the chief of the Fed, “Helicopter Ben” and representatives of the ten biggest US Orion banks, when this menace was strongly delivered to the politicians.

After that the senators were so scared that they voted in a docile manner for two huge bailout packages and a third, still ongoing, unofficial bailout by the Fed of totally 2 trillion USD. This all, at the expense of the US tax payers that made this former world power to a large extent a nation of poppers (90 million US (28%) citizens now live under the official poverty margin, but the real poverty rate is much bigger).

All these events are closely related, although they have been forgotten by the US public due their notorious short memory (extremely high degree of collective amnesia) and profound ignorance in assessing properly ongoing political crimes and financial Ponzi schemes, which are always very closely related.

The recent events in the financial sector, as reported on this website, are not haphazard, but follow a simple inner logic. The US government /states (and also GB) are illiquid (bankrupt) and can no longer print money out of thin air as the rest of the world has stopped accepting US dollars as international currency of payments. The total debt in the US – fiscal, bank, private, municipal, corporate etc. has skyrocketed in the meantime to more than 300 trillion USD, from 200 trillion in 2008 at the height of subrime mortgage crisis as calculated by renowned financial experts.

To this we must add the more than 500  - 700 trillion CDO obligations, which are currently (and have always been) worthless. All these fraudulent “financial weapons of mass destruction” were invented with an unprecedented criminal energy by the ten biggest US banks and sold to the rest of the world. As these banks are currently illiquid (and this practically since 2008), they cannot back up these virtual financial products with any real assets.

Only JP Morgan sits on 73,5 trillion CDOs according to Bloomberg below and on more than 90 trillion according to the information of this author. However the capitalisation of this rotten bank on the NY Stock exchange is currently less than 200 billion or just 4,5% of the total sum of its CDOs. The outstanding CDOs of JP Morgan are but only one form of collateralization, which this bank has to pay back to its clients when a bank crash comes. It also owes trillions of USD of other assets, for instance in the gold and silver market to external contractors, etc.etc.

What do all these facts tell us? The US and the world banking system is already in a free fall and can collapse any minute from now on. It could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This is known not only to the perpetrators of this biggest Ponzi scheme this earth has ever seen, such as the chief Reptilian bankster Jamie Dimon, but also to Obama and his administration. They know very well that they are already bankrupt and that their power is dissipating every second and will dissolve within the blink of an eye, when the Event, about which the Elohim speak, will commence.

Now the Diadochus fights between the criminal US government and the criminal big Orion banks have exploded for the little financial value that is left after the US masses have been impoverished through the current insidious Orion monetary system and the political power in Washington is in a rapid dissipation, the magnetic pole reversal (MPR) is looming on the horizon, and ascension of Gaia and the enlightened portion of humanity is already visible in the skies and audible underneath.

One must be deaf and blind not to register these final dissipative processes in a highly unstable disequilibrium system as the current Orion monetary system is. The holographic model of the old Orion matrix, on which the present-day financial system is based, has been eliminated energetically from the new grid of Gaia several months ago and thus there is no longer any energy now from the higher realms that support this failed system of human enslavement.

Its collapse will not depend on what the dark cabal on power and in the financial sector will do or will refrain from doing – the outcome is predetermined. The current fiscal system based on fiat money, worth less than toilet paper, will be abolished for ever and it is unlikely that any money will be used on the ascended 4D earth after the ID split, which the PAT supernova will unleash in the coming days or hours as just announced in a channeled message.

Below you can read some more details about the criminal investigation against JP Morgan that has been just opened in the USA, published in the classical Orion mass media organ Bloomberg, which is already a very significant fact:

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Cosmic Awareness Newsletter October

In This Issue

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The 12 Primary Aspects of the Soul -8
What Becomes of the High Self after Graduation? -10
Imagination and Manifestation -11
Will Nibiru Have Positive Effects As Well? -13
The Paths of Alchemy, Service and Suffering -14
The Eternal Now -16
More on Releasing Karma -17
Rudolph Steiner Was a Crystalline Being -18
We Have All Had Dark Lifetimes -20
Embracing Our Own Darkness -24
The Pyramids of Montauk -24
What Exactly Is Original Sin? -26
Time to Put Aside False Documents -26
What Is Christ? -27
You Are Independent in the Creation of Your Reality -28

Please go to this link to view the above items:

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Greg Giles disinfo

At this stage we are not sure what has happened to Greg. 

His last message reads like typical dark agenda disinfo and should not even be read and hopefully not posted anymore. 

In this case I think the dark agenda has likely achieved what they came out to do, and that is to frustrate lightworkers and turn some away from enlightenment and spirituality to go back to the old "3D matrix" conditioned way of life.

The way they do this in the channelings, and I am now talking of many channelings that are posted on this website, (as about 90% of channelings are tainted to some extent or another), is to build up expectations towards an event, only to then disappoint, in that the prophesized event never occurs. I am talking of these false hopes of disclosure, distribution of Nesara funds, mass arrests etc. 

Interestingly, in this last message they have admitted to having no souls, so they admit to being dark beings, possibly Archons, and also not being of the GF as they had claimed to be in the channelings. 

I was one of many who protested against GG's messages, although I did this in a friendly and unoffensive way. I have send Greg numerous "warnings" to distance himself temporarily from "channeling" in order to clear himself first, only then to attempt to channel light sources instead.

So IMO Greg did knowingly serve the dark agenda, as he certainly knew what he was doing. The dark agenda is attempting to harvest as many souls as possible for the catastrophic 3D earth that will exist after mass ascension, as they will be in charge of that planet again just like the current one. All baby and young souls are destined for more 3D experience there along with sleeping mature souls and lightworkers. 

So, I hope that this saga will serve as a wake up call to Greg's fans and to those who think that they can catch enlightenment only from reading channeled messages from the internet. There is not much time left now, maybe go the book store and read a few books on spirituality, there are hundreds of good authors. Then, most importantly is to do the inner work such as clearing of dross, forgiveness, self love, journey into childhood, ego management etc. 

It is very important to keep guard as to what thoughts one lets into your mind. Keep out thoughts of anger, jealousy, victim consciousness, better than, less than, or any other negative thought patterns. Replace them with love, desire, grace, non-judgement and other lighted thoughts.

The intention to ascend does not automatically make it so, if the vibration is not matched. 

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Earth Star Network is an earth-based communications network for the spiritually awake, who are fulfilling their mission to shine pure love and informational light into the collective consciousness of humanity.  


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NSA contaminates channelled messages

Battles for control can be fought on many fronts.  Specifically, we would like to shine light on a little known battlefield within the vastness of Internet communications.

In an effort to exert maximum control over the flow of information regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings, there is an ongoing disinformation effort which needs to be exposed.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and its mighty fingers of control are fully aware of the plethora of channeled messages being posted on the Internet.  NSA data show that such channelings are being read by ever-growing numbers of people.  Therefore, the NSA has been responsible for distributing disinformation through channeled messages.

In some cases, distorted information is being beamed into the minds of established or well-recognized channels.  In other cases, illusions of newer channelers have been created and promoted throughout the vast network of the World Wide Web. Through these efforts, fear is magnified.

Seemingly contradictory information also is being disseminated.  Because of this, many channelers’ prophesies fail to come to fruition.  In this way, it is hoped that the influence of channelers will be undermined and therefore truth from true channelers will be dismissed.

True channelers are unflinchingly aligned with the Divine Energy of Creation and daily ask for that protection so that only truth comes through their messages.

It is a challenge today for the readers of channeled messages to distinguish nuggets of gold from fool’s gold.  This requires that the readers of channeled messages ask for Divine protection and discernment so they may distinguish truth from the deliberate barrage of disinformation.

This is a joint communique from the Bearers of Light
who have come to Earth on a rescue mission.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Wired Magazine as well as other sources, the new NSA facility in Utah will be connected with established listening posts throughout the world.  The facility will essentially be a bottomless storage of everyone’s personal data since birth including content from private emails, phone calls, Internet searches and purchases.  This information quickly can be pulled up, as accurately demonstrated by Tim McGee the computer guru on the popular television show “NCIS.”

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