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Medium Visits Afterlife Death Zone

Clairvoyants have been peering behind the veil to gain genuine insight into the afterlife, this is the death zones once you have passed earthly existence, for centuries. Mediums journey to the life after death zone and bring back useful information on loved ones that have passed. It is nothing new. In fact psychics are used everyday to gain information on the afterlife and on death and dying. Here is more about mediums and the journey to the afterlife.

1. Materials Afterlife. The only material one takes with them to the afterlife are their memories of their past life on earth and their spiritual body. This is not for any religious reason but strictly because the density of the matter that can travel to this realm must be very fine. Only the spirit can maintain this fine vibration of energy. It is natural when the physical body has ceased to function and returns to dust here upon the earth plane. But the spirit being of higher vibration lives on. Humans are immortal in this sense.

A person has everything they need inside themselves to make the journey to the afterlife zone. Sometimes astral helpers will come and assist and show the tunnel of light which is the doorway to the celestial realm.

2. Afterlife Review. Once the soul is finished with its earth existence it then reviews all of it previous life experiences it had here while living upon the earth. It looks over, in detail, the entire human life cycle from birth to death.

Being pure spirit it is able to see all of its mistakes, opportunities missed, and regrets made but the one passed also sees its acts of kindness and compassion acted out while living here on the earth plane. It does not judge but merely wants to evolve and to learn as the spirit needs to grow. This all happens during the life review, after death, in the afterlife zone.

The one passed, now in this psychic afterlife zone, reviews all past life actions good and bad. This is a spiritual act of purification. It is also an act of soul empowerment for the one now in the dead zone. The worst kind of energy he or she will find while in this life review are the acts he, she, had generated by hatred and fear while living on the earth plane. These are the two main enemies of the human race and corrupt many who seek a better manner of living. The negative energies these two emotions spawn are terrible and often goes unnnoticed by the one who created them while living in a phsysical body. Part of the human experience is to overcome and learn the lessons of letting go all hate and anger. This is an act which sets you free.

3.The way a medium can contact the spirits in the afterlife area are by going into a trance and this allows communication to take place. To communicate with the dead you must have the same brain vibration as they do. They are using the spiritual sides of their energy so mediums must tune more and more into spiritual methods to let the communication to take place.

Like a radio dial that tunes into a radio satation the act of communicating with the afterlife deceased needs to use a raised vibration, a higher frequency, and then spirit allows contact with the ones in the afterlife realm.
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