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June 11

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I live in a beautiful valley and grow organic walnuts and olives with my husband, Richard. I grew up in a very un-spiritual environment but deep down I knew there was much more to life. My journey included some years in a christian fellowship where I experienced the love of God for the first time. We became challenged by the religious restrictions we were feeling and have moved on to further expand our spiritual journey.

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  • Hi Jilleen, thanks for your friend request : )

    It's always nice to meet other kiwis on here and I'm in Dunedin so we're practically neighbours!

    Your organic orchard sounds awesome and I'm envious since you're living my dream : )

    Good Luck & Many Blessings...






  • Thank you for your friendship Jilleen :)

  • hi fellow kiwi

     we joined this site a week ago,we have found it very interesting and informative but there are alot of egos running a muck also, so use your heart at all times to feel the energies, are you feeling the changes to nature in ur walnut and olive orchard ,mother nature is changing rapidly the birds are singing earler in the morning,its lighter earler as well , the sun is not so orange its more white,and our pets arenbehaving more human like like they understand everything we say and do around them , we are very happy to be in new zealand during this time of change


    lots of love to u and ur husband

    ps we r here if u need to chat about any thing at all

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Jilleen replied to Two Feather's discussion Planetary changes in New Members Lounge
"Hi all, I'm also a Kiwi here in Central Otago, New Zealand. Growing organic walnuts, olives and helping horses go barefoot on the earth."
Jun 18, 2012
Jilleen replied to Lorrah's discussion Lorrah
"Hi from a fellow Kiwi :)
Jun 18, 2012

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some really big truth bombs dropped here, enjoy!
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"Ah, Movella can fill you in on such topical applications...She has a degree in beauty therapy....As well as accountancy....
Hehe...What a combination...😄

But, if you would like a tip on dry skin and hair, from the keto perspective I would recommend…"
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"That's the way, take it in stages and branch out, as and when....One correction though, is that the protein should be moderate, rather than low......This relates to the possibility of overloading the kidneys and liver, processing excess amounts, if…"
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"Olive oil for cooking, okay. Not sure about eating it directly. Maybe mixed with vegs or some kind of food dip.

The salt can be mixed in meals, soups and nuts can be salted too. I have sea salt, the pink Himalyan was out of stock.

What is the…"
1 hour ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I have a small jar of organic coconut oil which I have been using for dry hands and skin in the winter. I tried all sorts of organic herbs, teas and oils to deal with dry skin and unruly hair 😄

Last week I bought a larger jar of organic…"
2 hours ago
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"Energy bills in Europe and America, on the rise...?? Hehe..!! Well, not always the case, if you manifest abundance and plan ahead....Personally, my gas and electricity bills combined have actually gone down...From £105 per Month, to £38-19 from 1st…"
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