September 9

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Whats up people!!! I'm into writing...wrote you a story. LOL ABLE TO LOVE - !SCHOOL - NEW OLD ALL http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=13463

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JesterTerrestrial posted a photo
Sylph - I got some friends in high places!!! This was outside the door of my house. The Multidimensional beings cleaning up some chem trails. It made the chem trail into a shape of a plane and you can see the eyes of the winged being going head to…
Aug 25, 2010
  • JesterTerrestrial Head to head with the plane I mean...not planet!!! This is not the first time I have seen the sylphs either. There are some other photos on the internet. They often make winged beings...others times I have seen dragons...once i even saw them make a…
    Aug 25, 2010

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"Then the guy there in that vid lied to you flatly at concluding end that 'the non-scientists are exited when things turn out to be what we expected, but scientists do the vice-versa since when things turns out to be what we did not expect, this…"
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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion World Cup Football Fanatics / Extremist / Hooligans/ Trouble Makers ..Solution For Them
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"Actually there are two magic wands that the modern scientists waves out to explain everything and to understand nothing. One is 'the accident' and the other is 'the symmetry'. If they cannot figure out how it can have come about via some…"
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Starship Earth: The Big PictureThe circus is in town! Have you seen what’s happening under the big top in Phoenix? It’s a real three-ring circus as the Democrats try to get their fraudulent, blatantly stolen election results certified, but more…
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"“Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

The US Military is being run by woke traitors and creampuffs"
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"Troops have been moving around China in large numbers-Xi is crashing the economy with these ridiculous lockdowns and when the people ris up for real-you can guess the rest-Xi wants to be Moa Cow Dung"
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