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Will we ever go home!!!?

I always wanted to go home when i was little i never wanted to stay on earth i always feel that im trapped in this evil world why would i come here for to make myself suffer all my life ? i cant enjoy life but whats the point of me suffering here ask yourself why would i come here to change world or what? we cant change world 144.000 k vs 7 billion is nothing i would never choose for myself to be human please trust me family of light and many others why would we want ourself to do bad everyone would like to enjoy life and be happy not to come to this world and to suffer and why we dont get a real date when we will return home where i belong so i can find out the truth for myself because i know im not from this world and i know who im ! im just trying to get out truth out dont ban me pls i seen some people have been banned for thinking they been trapped sorry but i would never go here myself not for anything i love myself and i wish not to harm myself nor do you JUST ASK YOURSELF WHY IM HERE? when world is just getting worse and worse no money no jobs i lost my job and now im suffering like always i just cant be happy not to tell i was raped when i was 12 by some idiot who is in prison now i just cant believe someone would go here himself to do something or to feel something this world is full of evil forces bad friends everywhere cant get real friends all is shit evil i would never ever choose to go here in this world please trust me and ask your self again why would i do this to myself please tell me why there is no date when we go home ??? im scared of death i dont want to get old and than die when i dont see a stupid date all was fake 21 dec 2012 my biggest hope is gone and i just cant kill my self :( please give me another hope i just know i been trapped here i dont belong to this world nor anyone do i love family of light but those who put us dont love us but want us to suffer i suffer all my life i just cant never be happy i put smile on my face so i look happy on photos but im not please tell me if i ever will go home i just will die here working is hard for me and i dont want to live free but i just cant tell me why would i do this to myself it just makes me weaker not stronger for those who say it makes you it stronger im so scared now i dont know what to do with my life i just dont want to die !!!

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