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Astroid to be destroyed before it hits earth by ETs

Astroid to be destroyed before it hits earth by Ashtar on or after Tuesday  March 26, 2013 near Alaska

The Galactics have reduced the speed of the astroid. Now there is no telling when they will destroy it.

I am sure there is a good reason for it. We shall see how this plays out.


Two websites have confirmed that this astroid is on its way and will  be destroyed by Ashtar similarily like the astroid that was  destroyed over Russia last month, February 15, 2013. Zorra of Hollow Earth  claimed credit for destroying it with his space ship. You  can listen to the conference call at: (scroll down the page for March 23  Conference call. You need to listen to the audio conference call to hear the ET comments)

The second website also confirming this is Tree of the golden light  go to free teleconference calls for March 21, 2013. (You need to listen to the audio conference call to hear the ET comments.

See original article on Before it below:  (Note Raymond is unaware of the Galatics helping us)


faxes came through from our U.S observatory.This object, half a mile  wide is heading for earth and will hit Canada or Mexico in the next 7 days.  Exact time and day will be added here later. This will be an extinction level  event


Hopefully the Chemtrails will not block anyone from video taping it.  Maybe the rain will clear the skies for a clear view.

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ET Destroys Astroid over Russia

FYI, Hollow Earth ET Ashtar claims credit for destroying Astroid.

(Ann from Hollow Earth Network wrote)
I just spoke with Zorra  a few minutes ago. He asked me to take a look at the video of the "meteorite" being "shot down" by a UFO.  Yes, by now we have all seen it, including the unidentified flying object approaching from the rear and the resultant explosion of the "meteorite."  I opened that video and said, "Oh yes, I have seen that, but I didn't see any reason for me to post it ... it is all over the Internet."
Zorra said, "It was MY ship that entered the tail of the ASTEROID.  I entered the tail and came out  the other side."
"Wow!  It was YOUR ship???  How did you do it???"
"By morphing.  I morphed us dimensionally right into the center of the asteroid ... then, expanded our force field which blew up the asteroid and you can see me coming out the other side."
"Zorra ... how big is your ship?"
"It is the length of the Titanic ... but much wider in circumference, of course."
"How did you get alerted to arrive so quickly?"
"We were in orbit.  I saw it coming in on my monitor.  It was sent to my monitor by Creator, and Creator told me to destroy it.  And it was an asteroid, NOT a meteorite."
Did a UFO destroy a meteor in Russia??  Check it out. Only a minute long video.
This is just one more example that ETs and God are protecting us.  Remember your free will to pray for protection.
This had the force of a Atomic Bomb. Have you seen the damage of 300 building affected and 1200 people injured?
The Galactics also claim to be preventing any more Nuclear Bombs to be used in killing human life. I beleive it.
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