September 28

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  • Hi Jean.
    Sometimes I can get messages,but it's not so easy.Just now I feel they have forgotten me and left me alone here.I feel I will be given a command soon about some work in this area,but I don't know when and about what. Love and Light from me.
  • Thankyou Jean.Light and Love from Chaymara
  • cool...i just realized how blurry it looks ...i must update...namaste
  • i think some still unconscious but i am transforming, awakening, going thru awful rough time i think i am connected to jupiter i have poems about it...love gina
  • Love is Beautiful and Amazing*
  • I am marvelous, thank you. How are you?
    I know not yet of any home. Where are you from?
  • Thanks Jean!
  • Butterfly Glitter Graphics
  • Hello Jean,
    About Indonesia....it is a beautiful country and the people are friendly and hospitable . We are rich in our resources like Gold, Copper, oil . But unfortunately the country also has much corruption going on, our richness is not distributed evenly to the people.
    I live in the capital city Jakarta. Its very modern and International .
    I have an Aunt living in Nice she married a french man (Bonzoumet). I have been in Paris for a couple of times, its very beautiful and romantic city.
    Thanks for your interests Jean.
    Love & Hugs......I AM*
  • Ohm Shanti Jean Martineau,

    Love..Harmony..Cosmic Enlightenment. I AM*...Dewi
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Jean Martineau left a comment for damay
"Dear Damay, it's so good that we are friends. Love & Light for you sister......JEAN...."
Nov 15, 2009
Jean Martineau replied to Marique's discussion Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent says Obama
"Om, all this is possible and we hope for peace on earth.
......Love & Light............."
Oct 24, 2009
Jean Martineau left a comment for Elena Wood
"Om, dear Elena, I didn't know ( as strange as it may seem) that we were friends. This is a wonderful surprise as I've been looking for a long time for a friend in the USA. Love & Light for you, Sister.......JEAN from France."
Sep 16, 2009
Jean Martineau replied to Ben-Arion's discussion What do you think 2012 is all about? in Mayan 2012 and Beyond
"Om, this is for all the sisyers and brother. Since the Beings of Light visited me a few years ago, I truly believe that SOMETHING REALLY BIG WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON, THE DEADLINE BEING 2012.

Sep 13, 2009

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