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  • :o)

    Thank you .. and indeed may you forever be filled with Love neverending eternally... may you feel Joy and harmony and bliss.. my beautiful sister and beautiful brother.. Jas&Chad.. peace and divine happiness to you.. warmest wishes of pure Love your way.. forever .o)


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    .. Hi Guys :o) .. Love forever and ever... and ever .. and ever.. and ever.. and ever !


    .. with Love :o) .. may you feel Joy, peace, harmony, bliss, happiness, everything positive and uplifting ..warmth.. soothing Love...

    always... eternally.. forever .o)

  • Hello Jas&Chad,It's good that you are here.It is my hope for you that in these coming times you will receive all of your hearts desires.In Love,Light and Service....stay blessed,


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October 20

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Jas- i enjoy art, beauty and spending time with my familiy. Reading and researching on the internet. I do not believe in any specific religion, i believe in love and light. Chad- i love nature and helping people. I enjoy researching spiritual topics, and i would like to learn more about our universe and the Galactic Federation.

Jas&Chad replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion This 3d world seems stupid to me...
"OMG i had this last night!! I found out i am a Pleiadian starseed. In the evening during a reiki treatment i drifted off to the Pleiades and saw the same things you described, i met some of my star family and it felt so good, i'm so happy for the…"
Oct 6, 2011
Jas&Chad replied to Olga Van Karnig's discussion UPDATES FROM Ashtar Galactic Command / Cmdr. Lady Athena & Pleiadian Message From James Gilliland
"LOL i like it, i like it, i'm coming too!!!"
Sep 27, 2011
Jas&Chad replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Three Days of Darkness - What to Do and How to Prepare
Sep 25, 2011
Jas&Chad replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Three Days of Darkness - What to Do and How to Prepare
"So what about the babies and children during all this??? Are we being realistic about the"
Sep 23, 2011

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"If you say 2+infinity=infinity, you cannot say 2=infinity-infinity. Yet such is how the math physicists do the calculations!

They say the zero point energy in vacuume is infinite! But ask how we measure such, they say we actually measure the…"
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I had not known of the recent muon g-factor measurement. But your link did not contain anything. There is an error.

If you follow more on this, you will find that the supposed experiment does not challenge quantum theory (actually the…"
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