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Latest Dinar Update - Early Dec. 3, 2013

You can read the full Dinar Update here from dinarrv.org.

The latest news out of the Dinar community continues to be highly positive.  The general feeling is that behind the scenes everything is done.  The IMF is reportedly in control right now.  They should release these efforts to the public shortly.

There may have been a problem with the Chase banks' computers, but that is resolved.  A couple of the Dinar gurus came out and said that the plan has been for it to go today for a while.

We will see if this is just more hype or lies.  When it goes public, this should signal the wider currency revaluation and global reset.

Have a good one out there.

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Iraqi Dinar Revaluation News – Nov. 20, 2013

This is the latest updates from some of hte Dinar gurus and intel behind the scenes people.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation News - Nov 20, 2013

The buzz is telling us that all the hurdles are gone.  Iraq was waiting for the value to reach a certain level because it had to honor oil contracts at that price.

All the outsiders who were blocking it are no longer a problem.  The errors of certain cards being loaded with the wrong prices is fixed.

It seems like all is read to go to bring Iraq back into an international currency.  It also signals the freeing of the Iraqis from western domination.

Have a good one everybody.

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This is a post from my main blog: http://jaredbroker.net

I think that ascension is the wrong term for what is occurring on the planet. It has been important for me lately to realize that English is a vhttp://jaredbroker.netery limited form of communication in all regards. Worthless words and worthless labels.

Many light workers are not going to be comfortable with this, but I think the source of suffering for us in these late stages of the transformation are because we all see ascension as something which will take us away from the planet into a new realm.

This is not the point of the exercise ladies and gents. In my view, we are all descending our higher selves and higher Earth expression into the here and now. This point is repeated endlessly, but I am finally learning to accept this.

Opening and embracing this fact will lessen all of our suffering. Once this is completed on a large scale, then we shall be free to go and do anything.

It is a catch 22 that it takes a long time to release the confines of time.

I am sick of this ascension talk as if we are going to burst into light and “be somewhere else”. It has always been that our job is to bring the higher reality of Earth “down” through our actions and clearings. Maybe once this is accomplished, some will choose to burst into light. That is fine. But, we are still within time.

As we accept and clear all that went before in our timelines, we accomplish this. This subtle forgiveness of the most horrible crimes is obviously the most difficult, but the process demands it. I don’t see an other way forward.

We are all in this together, no matter our roles of light or dark.  We are coaxing the higher realms to this magnificent planet surface through our body/souls.  How could it not?

It doesn’t matter at all to me whether this has been done “before”, is a regular thing, is unique, etc. etc. Time does not exist, so these points seem pointless to ponder. To me all that matters is that we accept every single person as a lower expression of all that is. Will you forgive the crimes of your perceived god or judge your thoughts of the highest?

That is how “I” see “myself” and “others” in these lower dimensions. I have found that being calm and releasing any notions about a future at all is the easiest way forward. And easy is what I am looking for in the here and now. I have had enough of the madness and chaos in self.

The very simple and basic ways of being is what we are all returning to. The chaos of immense change is powerful, but you are more powerful than the highest expression of any being that you can conceive.  This is not arrogance, only the power of imagination.

You are higher than angels, archangels, ascended Ones, Universal creators and on and on. You create yourself and surroundings in any form you wish. When you calmly integrate this truth, you will help the collective to advance “rapidly” and smoothly.

Peace and unity to you all.  Be gentle with your thoughts and blames.

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This is one of my recent short essays about the absurdity of war and violence in these times from my blog: EarthSpore.com.  Hope you enjoy:

I’d like to put in perspective the absurdity of violence and war in these rapidly changing times. The more I learn about the literal connectedness of all things, the more ludicrous hatred and violence between people becomes to me. It is obviously long overdue for this madness to end.

First of all, scientists of many disciplines have proven time and again that we are all part of One thing. Whether this is energetically, chemically, biologically, spiritually, part of one God, or part of one greater consciousness, they all seem true. It only actually takes one of these subjects to be true to make it so, doesn’t it?

It is difficult to fully accept the Oneness with All that is since we are taught individuality and competition throughout our lives. Advertisers want you to believe that you are separate so that you will buy things to be like “others”. Controllers in government and churches want you to be fearful of the “other people” so that they can hand down rules and commands to fight.

It is all illusion perpetrated by media and power centers. Separation and duality has been pushed down our throats so that we falsely believe we need “them” to lead us. I think we will be just fine without any of “them” in the near future.

The idea of separation and distinction between a “you” and a “me” is merely an orchestrated illusion. Let me try to convince you that there really is no such thing as separation.

For one, all matter when you get down to it is vibrational energy. Zooming out from that perspective, everything on the planet is a chemical swarm. Higher up in scale, all things we interact with are a biochemical mix of fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, an incredible array of cells and tissues.

What we think of as our bodies are bathed in this invisible mix of microscopic life. We are breathing them in. They are landing on our skin. Vast colonies of these creatures exist in our skin, eyes, ears, blood, hair, bowels, everywhere!

Therefore, each of us is a planetary body unto ourselves with about 50-100 trillion cells. We could expand our imaginations further and say that each cell could contain a star’s worth of interactions. In this case, then we are all galaxies unto ourselves.

Are you starting to see my perspective of the stupidity and violence of merely believing that we are separate? When you talk of superiority, war or violence against another people, group, nation, or whatever, you are advocating self hatred. I would like to give an analogy of what this is like (keeping in mind that our bodies are such a host of diverse and abundant life).

The Great Finger Conflict

Let’s say that your right forefinger represents a Western country and your left pinky represents a Middle Eastern nation. Our fingers are host to skin cells, muscles, ligaments, bones, hair, microscopic life, nail cells, and all types of different “individuals”. But, my fingers are all part of my body. They are part of me, of course.

When we speak of, or call for violence and sanctions, it is like your right forefinger saying that it wants to destroy your left pinky. Maybe the fingernail cells have taken over by convincing all the other cells that the right forefinger is completely separate from the left pinky.

The fingernail cells are telling the rest of the finger that the other one looks different, is a different size, has different strengths and different functions, and has different fingernail cells, though this is a lie.

The whole “other” finger must obviously be destroyed because of these reasons, even though fingernail cells are similar in that they are deceiving the rest of the finger cells! Has the left pinky really done anything to the right forefinger?

Now, let’s say that finger war breaks out. Please picture this absurdity. In fact, start a “finger war games” right now. Take your right forefinger and attack your left pinky. Try to bend them, scratch, cut off the blood at the hand, or whatever to destroy the other.

Maybe you can wrap a finger around something sharp to gouge the other one. Or, on the other hand (pun intended) are you refusing to do so? Won’t this hurt you and be fucking stupid since they are both your fingers which are a part of the whole you?

This is the aburdity of war and violence in the context of false separations from accepting the fact of Oneness: Your right forefinger and left pinky trying to kill each other or cut off the other’s blood supply.

Since you certainly realize that your fingers are yours, it makes more sense to have them work together with all the other fingers and rest of your body to build something that is beneficial to you and others, right?

Whenever I see calls for sanctions, attacks, or blame, I see very small groups of people trying to control the 99.9% of people.  There are a select few “cells” which benefit and they are being resisted and revealed very rapidly now.  Peaceful fingers are here.  The fingernails have lost!

Originally from: EarthSpore.com

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A Declaration of Intent by a Pillar of Light

I got an awesome comment from one of my readers on my main blog and wanted to share it in a full post.  It is from a Lightworker named Bea van Wierst and is about intending to be a pillar of light to connect the lower dimensions to the higher realms through your own higher self.

Keep Reading: http://earthspore.com/declaration-intent-pillar-light/

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Ascension, Portals, Pillars and Gate Keepers

I have been receiving a lot of downloads of information from higher self (dream analysis, free writing, meditation) regarding ascension, pillars, portals, and gate keepers after listening to the Divine Mother channels from the 2012 Scenario.

Here are my thoughts on this from my revamped new/old site called Earth Spore (here).

I hope this information can help some of you out through these awesome times!

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I have always resonated with the messages from Anonymous.  I think it is a source of information that this community would do well to share and interact with.  Please share this latest message about ETs and the criminal suppression of information:


Many of the Anonymous messages lately have had an "alien" feel to them.  In the early days, it was a group of hackers and protesters cleaving to the idea of the 99%.  The sharing of oneness within the Anonymous messages has evolved as the months have moved on.

If you have read this, you are Anonymous.  Welcome :)

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Evidence of the End of the Cabal

I wrote a little post on my main blog here about the evidence for the cabal being done.

I feel that I have wasted too much energy in waiting and hoping for the mass arrests to be public.  I say wasted because this story has often distracted me from doing positive things in my day.  It has occupied too much of my mind.  I'm trying to be more in the moment, dammit!

When and if the mass arrests happen seems to be a moot point since there is such a wealth of info that shows that it is all going according to plan.  It may even be better that the Cabal is taken out quietly for now since it is tough to tell how the unawakened will react.  

Time will tell, I guess, but I'm not going to let it distract me from trying to inject some positivity online.  Have a great day, all!

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Hey Everybody,

I compiled a feed which mines Google for everything related to UFOs, Ben Fulford, the Galactics, spiritual awakening and ascension, etc. The feed is updated whenever Google finds something new related to these things from around the web.  I know it is time consuming going to different sites.

You can use the free Google Reader and get all the latest news that Google finds by doing this:

2. Hit the Subscribe button on the top left.

3. Copy and paste the feed address: 


I will keep tweaking it to make it more relevant and include more topics, but the feed address will stay the same.

Now you can have all the info in one place!  Feel free to share this feed with anyone interested in these topics and let me know if you want more topics included.


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8108793699?profile=originalIt should come as no surprise that if we truly "are all one", then our personal spiritual awakening is mirroring the planetary awakening and ascension in 2012.

I think of it in terms of the collective mind of the planet cleansing itself of the negativity.  As each one of us allows our negative past experiences to come to the surface, teach us something, and be released into the light, we are participating in a vital way.

As we accept the light, share the light, and hold the light, we each light up the Earth a bit more.  I sometimes visualize that there are trillions and trillions of LEDs blinking on and staying on as more and more people awaken.  It carries unstoppable momentum.

I feel the negativity rapidly releasing since it has to in the face of our collective higher vibrations.  Our own shadows are being bathed with light as the shadow of the collective unconscious is.  Peace, partnership, and oneness are truly winning the day.

I can feel the planet taking a deep breath before its sigh of relief that her shadow has finally been fully held to the light.

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The latest book I am reading is the Tao Te Ching.  It is a wonderful tool that I use to retreat from duality in this lower dimensional "whirled".  I feel that the work by Nassim Haramein in describing nature as inter-connected singularities is the perfect introduction to Tao in a way.  Here is the long version of Nassim laying out mathematically that we are all connected (the math is just multiplication and division).


I say that studying the Tao is a retreat from duality because it emphasizes a nameless and shapeless force which underlies, creates, and is responsible for all things.  This is similar to the underlying structure of fractal (sacred) geometry and singularities.  Duality seems to arise with judgement and labeling, ignoring the underlying oneness.

Nassim Haramein has proven that each proton in the Universe is a black "whole" that is interconnected to every other proton through singularity, including the trillions of trillions of protons that we are each made of.  All of the information seems to be intertangled in greater scales of singularity. 

I like to think of our galactic singularity spinning off our solar singularity spinning off our Earth's singularity spinning off our individual singularities.  All of this information that composes our bodies and stellar objects are in constant communication through a kind of hyperspace that we are becoming aware of.

It could be possible that the Tao that is spoken of is this underlying fractal interconnectedness of the Universe (or Multiverse for that matter).  All of these shapes and forms that reside within it have the Tao, or Sacred geometry as its infinite canvas to play with.  Our own personal singularity also has this unlimited creative potential as well, which is why it makes sense when someone says, "We are all infinite beings."

Peace and light in the continuing shifts!



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I like to see our global awakening as a benevolent octopus which is enfolding the world with higher dimensional positive tentacles.  Why not?

8108788084?profile=originalThe Awakening Octopus has far more tentacles than eight, because it is changing everything about human affairs across the globe.  Here are some of the stories that I have been following which seem to be related to the Octopus improving everything everywhere:

1. Millions of People Awakening: Every day, masses of people are feeling completely different as their energies are raised.  Old paradigms of negative thinking are coming to the surface and being dealt with and turned to the positive.

2. Global Protests: As we are awakening, we realize that we are all one.  Whether you believe this in a scientific, natural, or spiritual context, it really doesn't matter.  The protests are a result of knowing that it has never been religion against religion or country against country.  It has always been the ruling class oppressing the masses and keeping us at each others' throats.

3. UFO Disclosure: Governments across the globe are slowly releasing the information they have about extraterrestrial life and technologies.  Ancient artifacts showing ETs are being shared, more and more people are sharing their top secret knowledge about UFOs, and the masses are rapidly taking up the cry of "Dislcosure!"

The Golden Era on the planet rapidly approaches.  We need to simply keep the momentum constantly accelerating in the direction of peace and partnership with our fellow creatures everywhere.  We are each a tentacle of the Awakening Octopus.

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