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September 19

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I think I've answered a lot about myself from responses above so telling you my real name, occupation & past achievements is irrelevant. Where I am right now is where it's at. I feel like a baby that's just been born with much to learn & the ever accelerating data stream that I seem to have tapped into is pure awesomeness. I have learned so much in short space of time but am aware I've only scratched the surface so am currently fascinated with reptilians (all types) & their technology, other aliens, real history, the brain, consciousness, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilbur, Dr. Judy Webb, FrequencyFence, Sonia Barrett, orgonite (and making it), chembusters, towerbusters, my 3 year old son Hunter, the matrix, marijuana, 2012, earthships & sustainable living, Alex Jones, David Icke, Illuminati

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My son, my cat, my environment, inanimate objects, nature, the universe, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilbur, FrequencyFence, David Icke, my family & everyone else I interact with has something to teach me even if they themselves are unaware of the lesson that is unfolding.

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  • and i'm much more curious also, my skeptical mind is always at work and i have always prized it and held it dear, though it is right placing doubt is always a reflection of yourself i think that there is something strange about this whole thing. i have done much research on other subjects that are touched throughout these blogs. i am very open minded, and would love to listen if you have anything to share(: message me sometime. Peace &love<3

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Jamiewon Gentrobe replied to Kiara's discussion Coud he be my Soulmate?
"That sounds awesome Kiara. Go for it. You are creating the perfect experience that your soul needs to experience in each moment. Most people are on autopilot though & do everything unconsciously. A relationship where one can help wake up the other…"
Feb 2, 2012
Jamiewon Gentrobe left a comment for kalopsia
"Oh yeah I just wanted to add because I didn't mention it & it's one of the biggest traps there is...money. I've stopped believing in it. I use it as a tool and have already fallen to their 'debt' trap and work 5 days a week like a slave to give all…"
Feb 2, 2012
Jamiewon Gentrobe left a comment for kalopsia
"I have a skeptic friend. He bags me all the time & tells me I'm wasting my time researching 'unproven' reptilian & interdimensional stuff but you know I love it when people oppose what I'm saying. It helps me understand myself better & the person…"
Feb 2, 2012
Jamiewon Gentrobe left a comment for kalopsia
"Hi kalopsia. i've been looking for someone that can see what I see. I find this whole site strangely hypnotic. i haven't been here long. not sure if i want to spend too much time here. crawling with reptiles. trolling the blogs. first they tried…"
Feb 1, 2012

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...This rich satsang invites us into the ‘Commitment to Self-Discovery’ guidance—a profound sitting exercise from Moojibaba to ‘Just Be’. By focusing our attention on Beingness, we are led from the forest of delusion to the sky of Pure Awareness.…
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"The insurance policy that Michael Jeffery had on Hendrix was worth $2 million, and they refused to pay Jeffery since the coroner gave an "open verdict" as the cause of death (which means the coroner was not sure how he died). Jeffery reportedly…"
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"That's weird Ara-I'm looking at the same Ventusky map and all is well-different layers of the Earth onion colliding when In2thinair was looking? I've clicked on google Earth only to see the world as a group of large islands, at least 5 times."
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