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  • My day is going well,thankyou and the pleasure is mine.
  • You Welcome Isis

  • Hello My Biutiful Isis, I got A gif For You,This 3 Pictures Were Taken In Mount Shasta And Is A gift From Saint Germain,The Pictures With The Windows Ia A hotel Room Wher Saint Germain Give An Interview,Take care

  • Poof!!! You are happy!!!......did it work? :)

  • Thank you all for the wonderful well-wishes! :0)
  • Thank you Isis, For The Gift Of your Friendship,i had stop my message because my two kids are going with her mom, and i was closing the door,i hope everything is good with you, take care and have a biutiful like you weekend

  • Oh dame! God, I am so confused!

  • I forgot my pic!
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Everett, WA


October 29

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I am a natural seeker of knowledge and a healer. I'm a relatively happy person, but I know there is more than what the public tells everyone. We only know what we are told....

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"Hi Ranthom! Hope your day is going well. Thanks for adding me as your friend. :0)"
Sep 20, 2010
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"Just a little. :0) Thank you!"
Sep 14, 2010
Isis left a comment for Isis
"Thank you all for the wonderful well-wishes! :0)"
Sep 13, 2010

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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"MD: Judith described it as "non cancerous," so your advice seems somewhat irrelevant...In fact, it suggests that you have some type of inability to read and think clearly....Maybe a dyslexia...? I noted this the other day when you misread my…"
2 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Wednesday, January 19, 2022 By Justin Deschamps Leave a CommentSpread the love (Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford’s report from January 17th, 2021 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. This post serves as a notice that…
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
  The lotus flower sprouts from the mucky waters ( signifying contamination in the material world ) but it remains above it and stays uneffected and uncontainmated ( signifying spiritual above all impurities on planet earth.SO SHOULD ONE LIVE…
12 hours ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Getting Worse: Operation Graphene Skies - Black Chemtrails - Graphene Nano-Bots, Smart Dust and Covid Laced Chemtrails
"I will have to watch the skies as I have not seen black chemtrails nor thought they were being sprayed black"
12 hours ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"Judith. Alkaline diet will kill any cancer. Research alkaline foods. Drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda once per day"
13 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
13 hours ago
judithfaye66 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Perhaps this is not the site to ask this but here goes: Is there a homiopathic recipe for dissolving non cancerous cyst from adrenal gland? I thought I had heard about Tumeric but wasnt sure. If not, thanks anyway. :)"
14 hours ago