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May 12

About Yourself

I have always felt I didn't belong on earth. And everytime I think about what profession I want to be I'm not satisfied for I feel that I dont want to be a 3 deimensional being whatever my quest is it's my challenge to find out. I am from the star family of the Pleiades I believe in the creator and I believe in yeshua.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My star sister jesslie, and miss Cynthia Crawford. My main inspirations are my star families for they brought me to where I am everything im learning is for a reason.

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  I have a problem with never being able to remember my dreams. I don't know if it's because I'm not ready to know what's going on in the dream world or if there is just something wrong with me. I really want to be able to remember them what If I'm…
Jun 28, 2013
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"You're on (:"
Jun 28, 2013

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My interest in babbling about spirituality and metaphysics is at war with those clogging up New Age sosh-mead with dangerously pointed lies.
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Malicious, insidious political machinations are everywhere. I'm terrified that most people don't care enough to notice or sift through them.
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"Re: Bluesword Angel: Be wary of comments referencing a Cabal or aligning Ashtar Command with (American in particular) politics; it's just racism/ethnocentrism (Cabal is often short-hand for warbling about the imagined slights of Jewish people)…"
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""I took the sign and put it down...I refuse to follow this nonsense...Soon I will go to Mount Shasta on my birthday and I am not planning on following this either...Only in a crowded place and out of respect for other people that might be afraid...I…"
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