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Hello, My name is Phoenix, Age 37 Trans-Female. Started this journey around 2011. after a near death experience i had a vision of myself in the form of an angel. stilling in a Zoo watching the creatures locked in their cages but that is a story for another time.. i'm a wild hippy gypsy child all my life iv been granted more energy then i know what to do with. When I dance I become a conduit for that energy to flow through me into this world. iv been away from this spiritual path for a few years dew to my life falling apart as well as drug addiction, Now clean for 5 years. Now im trying to find my path again

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Me lol iv spend my life teaching myself, Searching for answers. that said.. i did have a Spiritual mentor for a time, tho we no longer talk dew to our different points of view. i cant give one source for my learning's. iv spent the better part of 10 years researching and learning everything i could find. so id have to credit everyone who has published information on the spirit world.

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