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March 31

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I have been activated recently but am almost fully conscious, I could go on 4ever bout how i decoded my DNA, but like all, im still finding ways 2 boost my ascension process. IAM a musician, among many other things. My intelligence has doubled in 6 months and my body is one of a 25 year old. All from balanced Chakras, zero point energy, God Presence, IAM presence, Word of God, Light and Sound waves, Balanced Polarities, The Divine Plan, Sacred Knoewledge. I believe that IAM from the 6th Dimension, but IAM not sure.. I was placed here cause IAM damn good at enlightening the masses, and spreading the Love or Light energy. Its the beginning of Golden Age, or ascension in2 Heaven, for Mother Gaia as well as the Universe, and Planet Earths inhabitants. The duality plan was inititiated after the last cycle passed and the new dark cycle began. 13,000 years ago, half of the 26,000 year Grand Clock Universal Cycle. Eminating from the Gr8 Central Sun!! The Source... Peace and Understanding 4 the things we fear.. Evil is all in our minds...

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Master Maria Jesus Lopez, Arielle, AA Micha-EL, My Twin Flame, Ashtar Command, Master Sananda/Lady Nada, George Washington, Quatzlcoatl, History Channel, Nat'l Geo, Discovery, Sound Frequencies or Music of all Genres, Andromedan family at home in Andromedan Galaxy. Alex the Gr8, Leonitus from Sparta, Cleopatra, Akenaten and son King Tut, Constatine from Rome, Suns energies. All Waters and Animals.. And the internet, and myself most of all. My higher self, or Christ Consiousness, IAM Presence, its all the same..

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  • OH,and a dear friend gave me this on my page just recently.love,light,blessings eve.8114327654?profile=original

  • 8114295855?profile=originalFOUND THIS ON LINE THE NEXT DAY AFTER MY VISION.

  • dear IAM Micha-EL, how are you dear friend( from one Andromeda to another)it has been a while since we have visited each others page,but now,very anxious to see in the spring,which here in the land down under, starts on the Ist September,and with some calling from above,may see some of the Andromeda Fleet craft,just in the past 6-8 weeks,had another remebrance given to me,saying,"you are a fire of god" it was quite alarming i can tell you,but now,just taking it in my stride each day,we shall speak again soon,until then,i send you many rays of light for today,and many more for a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessings eve.8113867294?profile=original

  • 8113657875?profile=originaldear brother,sending you many blessings for the week,and also this beautiful pic of Budda,love,light,blessings eve.

  • The duality plan was inititiated after the last cycle passed and the new dark cycle began. 13,000 years ago, half of the 26,000 year Grand Clock Universal Cycle. Eminating from the Gr8 Central Sun!! The Source."very true indeed" as you have stated,thankyou also for your friendship,and looking forward,to shareing,and exchanging wisdom with each other,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve.

  • Big smile, warm heart. Nice to see (and hear) you again!

  • Micha-el you are awesome. I see you are primed and ready to go. Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen its about to get very interesting....Be blessed. 

  • Thank you for friend request IAM Micha-EL !

    Have much fun here on ACC.


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IAM Micha-EL commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven ~ Love is Your True Test of Reality ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ October 3, 2012
"HEY MEINDERT, its me MichaEL from Extraterrestrials.NING. Namaste!"
Oct 5, 2012
IAM Micha-EL commented on Paulette Redburn's video
"I agree 100 percent!"
Aug 31, 2012
IAM Micha-EL replied to Mysticalflame's discussion Ascension - Your Missions & Agreements
"Rock on Planet earth.. We are ONE and Iam Source.. Starseeds, Indigos, Earthlings, Blacks, Whites, Animals, Mama Gaia, etc.. All that exists is one, not just on Earth, but in all of Creation... Even the bad guys come from GOD!!! Heaven is already…"
Jan 8, 2012
IAM Micha-EL left a comment for Patricia
"Hey Baby, its me.. LOL"
Jan 4, 2012

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